Human Values and Astrology

Overview of Values

Sun and Planets

The five human values given by Sathya Sai Baba are composites of human qualities and behaviours. Truth is the basis of the Universe and all other values. All the worlds rest on truth, it resides in all times, time past, time present and time future. As such, it is an eternal value, innate, knowable by all, and able to be elicited from within.

All planets are gods; all planets are embodiments of the Universal Creator and deliver the harmony of the universe through the seven rays. The light come to us through the Sun which is the source of all life. From the Sun, the light is split into seven rays, which is reflected by the nine planets. All planets reflect the paramjyothi - the supreme light in their duty of delivering the cosmic harmony of the seven rays.

Each planet in its orbit both gathers in and gives out forces, transmitting a particular wavelength of energy necessary for the order fo the solar system. The Planets are perpetually flashing forth with different patterns of energy, weaving the web of life and creation. So also, the Planets influence both educare – eliciting the resident values within – and the practice of the five human values.

Lord Krishna teaches in the Bhagavad Gita, that life is but a preparation for death. Sathya Sai Baba teaches we should die well, in order that we not be born again. What happens at death is different for every person; the attachments and hatreds, along with the unfulfilled desires all rush up to the mind; mind is joined to the Soul, and these together go out of the body to the afterlife.

We are born again, womb after womb, caught every time in the birth snare as Mirabai (Bhakta Meera) put it in one of her poems. It is the duty of the planets to take the seven rays, and use them in various amounts and blendings to deliver and proclaim, along with Lord Brahma—at birth—the number of breaths to be taken, the predispositions, the needful body, the events that will occur, the occupation, the spouse and children, the wealth or lack of wealth, the family, and the death of the body. All this at each moment of death, the planets deliver. Also delivered are the eternal capacities within, the five human values, Sathya - Truth, Dharma - Right Conduct, Prema - Love, Shanti - Peace and Ahimsa - Non-violence. All these capacities are latent within, resting in the intellect, placed there by the various combinations and recombinations of the seven rays, given by the planets to the sheaths surrounding the human form.

These values have to be elicited. Educare means to bring out that which is within. We may look at the five values of Truth, Right Conduct, Love, Peace, Non-violence and their sub-values (behaviours, attitudes and choices which embody these values) and consider a different kind of planetary remedy, sadhana and personal effort, which may take up and implement the energies of these planets in a totally different manner.

There may be questions as to how astrology is relevant to the practice of human values. The law of macrocosm and microcosm teaches that everything that exists in the vast reaches of the universe, the macrocosm, also appears in the microcosm, the internal cosmos of the human body. What is within, is reflection of what is without.

The seven planets and the two nodes (Rahu and Ketu) are a group of powerful which inhabit the corporeal planets in the same way that human personalities inhabit physical forms.

While the planets move through the skies and give the ups and downs of life, their physical forms mete out the changes which result in the quality of our awareness - the most important faculty of the planets is their ability to direct energy which creates "impressions" within us -- which will affect our ability to act and react as designed by our individual horoscopes, which form the book of our lives.

By taking up the practice of human values, the energies of the nine planets within us induce within us those thoughts which inspire actions which our karma requires of us. However, the influence of the planets can be mitigated and their energies harnessed in a most beneficial manner if we but take up and internalise the five human values -- and their sub-values -- with integrity: unity of thoughts, words and actions. We commend to you Astrology and Human Values for your benefit.

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