Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, February 2017

We have the first set of Eclipses in 2017 when a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse will be on Feb 10 or Feb 11 depending upon where you live. The Annular Solar Eclipse will be on February 26th. As the Moon is the presiding deity of the mind, care must be taken with respect to decisions during the time of eclipse.


Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, London

The London lunar eclipse will commence at 10:43pm on 10 February 2017; eclipse maximum will be 12:43am and the eclipse will conclude at 02:43am London time.


 view of the Moon at eclipse maximum

The astrology chart is set for eclipse maximum at London Greenwich. The Sun approaches the border between Capricorn and Aquarius. Saturn is despositor of these two signs and is gandanta, tied up in a karmic knot. Jupiter is close to exact trine the Sun, bringing small relief from the challenges of Saturn and Sandi, depletion of energy as planets change signs.



The Moon is in Leo, in Magha, conjunct Rahu. Magha nakshatra is normally ruled by Ketu. In this instance, we have a parivarthana, exchange of lordships between nakshatras as Ketu is in the nakshatra of Rahu (Satabhisha) and Rahu is in the nakshatra of Ketu (Magha) and so the lordship of the nakshatras is temporarily exchanged. Rahu is now lord of this nakshatra and so when Moon is in this nakshatra it will temporarily behave like Rahu. Rahu is chalakaraka, giver of fraud and deception, and so it would be good to delay important and long-term decisions until the eclipse is over, or better, until Moon moves out of conjunction with Rahu, late Monday evening, 13 February.

Those who have Magha rising or Moon in Magha in the birth chart would do well to look to integrity (unity – coherence between – thought, words and actions) for the next six months as eclipses spoil nakshatras for a period of six months thereafter. So a bit of a challenge is present, nothing too hard. We can all rise and meet our challenges as we have intellect, the faculty of decision making, which is nearest the soul and derives over 80% of its illumination from the soul. We can rely on the help of the soul to stay on the right track.

The other interesting thing to note in this eclipse chart is that the two guru of astrology, Venus and Jupiter, aspect one another. Venus is exalted and conjunct Mars in Pisces, Jupiter is retrograde (meaning stronger, more powerful, do good) in Virgo. Venus is guru of worldly wisdom, street-smarts, making your way through the world, acquiring whatever you want, like this. Jupiter is guru of higher wisdom, philosophy, religion, understanding the law, courts and jurisprudence. Perhaps it would be wise to take up what both these gurus have to offer by looking to several options when making decisions.

We could use the z-model of decision making to take up what both exalted Venus and retrograde Jupiter have to offer, amid the fire energy of Mars. The z model first looks at the facts, and then discerns (1) what the facts are and thereafter (2) all the options around what the facts imply and possible decisions we might encounter. Then (3) we consider the impact of the decisions on people and their situations and finally (4) we apply our feelings and values to the decisions so that the head and heart and both involved.

So we keep in mind that where eclipses are concerned, the moon is the presiding deity of the mind, and eclipses involve diminution of light. Where the light is dim, we have to take care of ourselves, not make rash decisions and stick to our common sense and our spiritual sense. No rash decisions, is the best advise for the time of eclipse.


 The Moon will skim through the edge of the Earth’s shadow, termed the penumbra.





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