Vedic New Year

Vedic Astrology is actually vedanga, a limb of the Vedas. The Vedic New Year starts with the New Moon in Pisces, when the Sun is in Pisces. In (many) days to come, when the Sun is in Aquarius, we will call it the Age of Aquarius. In this day, this age, at a place called Uluru in the heart of Australia – and on the ley-line of the heart of our planet, Uluru entered the Vedic New Year at 12:27pm Central Standard Time on March 28, 2017.


First Impressions of Vedic New Year

It is Taurus Rising, moreover, it is the time cast with the energy of four-legged creatures walking, organic matter, soil, vegetation, etc. The nakshatra is Mrigashira, ruled by Mars. It is of a tamasic nature, seeking appetite fulfilment and rest, slow to move and while Mars is ruled by fire, it seems a place where energy is consumed and stored as fuel for futher action. Aspected directly by (malefic) Jupiter, it could quickly turn to energy stored is run to fat thus placing pressure on the heart and slowing the organism down. Balance and careful self management of appetites is indicated.

Nonetheless, Mrigashira is of a mild, tender nature, it engages in maintenance or preservation (Taurus is a fixed sign), and lends itself to light enjoyments, travel, exploring, sex and artistry. As Venus is lord of Taurus and – as Ascendant Lord – is also Year Lord for this time, this place, the heart chakra of our Mother Earth, it is also a year of artistic creativity, nurturance and sustenance.


Planet Venus as Hindu God
 Venus is lord of Taurus and is also Year Lord for 2017


The pillars of the astrology chart are the kendras, that is, the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses. These are called Visnhu sthanas, the residence of Lord Vishnu in the chart. In this instance of year 2017, we have Jupiter retrograde in the 4th house, Virgo. Saturn is hovering around the galactic centre in Mula nakshatra in Sagittarius (7th), while Sun, Moon and Venus reside in Pisces, the 10th house. This adds a certain strength to the chart, as Jupiter aspects the 7th house (adding a certain softness to the malefic moon and retrograde Venus) as well as aspecting the 1st house.

In the 12th house, we have the conflict of a weak Mercury conjunct enemy Mars. Phala Deepika tells that the expressions of the 12th house are misery, leg, left eye, loss, last rites, poverty, sins, financial loss, confinement (as in hospital, sanitarium) and imprisonment. Mars is in its own sign, fire planet in fire sign; Mercury at 1°26′ of Aslesha nakshatra is both weak and malefic as it takes the nature of the planets it is conjunct with. Mars as great enemy to Mercury is certainly generating misery for Mercury and the loss of rapid delivery of information and knowledge will be apparent. Mercury is unable to perform its usual task of quickly transferring knowledge and energy about the other signs.

There are other matters about what this loss signifies. Whereas Kerala – the most literate state in India, has just declared Internet access as a basic right for every citizen just like food, education and water, the basic right to access the Internet may well be under threat. Mercury signifies fast transfer of information, and also has to do with computers, communicating through computers (email, websites, social media etc.) and is also an indicator of cell phones. Where loss is indicated, there may be loss of transmission, loss of energy to drive the transmission (i.e., renewable energy) all of which are significations of Mercury. Due conjunction with Mars there may be temptation to return to fossil fuels in time of loss of data and knowledge and the ability to do business as energy pervades all compartments of our lives.

Outer Planets:


Outer planets are thought to have little influence on public and personal affairs, except for when they are changing signs. Uranus will transit from Pisces to Aries on Arpil 8th. Uranus is currently in gandanta location: “anta” means end of, and gan means “tying a knot”, indicating that this period of transit between fire and water signs exposes a particular knot, a challenging part of the personality. This gandanta area between signs represents specific challenges.

Uranus signals unpredictable, sudden occurrences. Uranus planet rules electricity, shock, the nervous system (sometimes heart attacks) computers, inventiveness, social activism, revolt, friendship, humanitarian motives. Uranus also signifies eccentric behaviour, alertness, genius and divergent thinking, gentle kindness and dictatorial tyranny. The last time Uranus entered Aries was 1933. That was the year of the New Deal by President Roosevelt; Gandhi was jailed in India for civil disobedience and fighting on behalf of the untouchables; the first alleged modern sighting of the Loch Ness Monster occurs. On July 13, 1933, the use of “Heil Hitler!” as a greeting and as a closing in letters, and the “Nazi salute”, with the right hand and arm extended upward, became mandatory for all German government employees, by order of Interior Minister Wilhelm Frick.

Aries rules war, assertiveness, new growth, exploration, armies, fire, explosions, machinery/engines. The transit of Uranus through Aries coincides with the given teaching of the Angelic Realms that we will experience world peace at the end of seven years; the eighth year will be a year of peace. It may be that the developments in Norway to go entirely green with energy (and its cars) and the car that drives itself, that is currently going through massive testing, will become a part of all our lives at the end of this transit. There could also be difficulties; Aries is a fire sign, conveyances are ruled by Mars here, a pitta planet, so there could be a number of fire-related incidents in the development of the safety of driverless cars. Think back to the invention of the auto-mobile, and the lack of safety glass … a lot of people received facial injuries and eye injuries from glass in early auto-mobile accidents …


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