Notes on Crop Circles and the Solar Eclipse

The Great American Eclipse will carve a path of totality – darkness – across the North of the Americas on 21 August 2017. This eclipse has been signified in many crop circles and in this note, we look to some other crop circles. The time of Ascension and the higher dimensions is now, and the crop circles portend a wave of uplifting energies coming. There is light at the end of the tunnel.


Crop Circles are messages from Star People in higher dimensions to the Earthling. The messages are crafted and the stalks of crops are bent – but not damaged. Crop circles can appear within seconds or minutes, with vessels imprinting the circles on crops either being visible or remaining in the 5th – or higher – dimensions. It is known and understood among the crop circle community that crop circles are repeated at intervals until the message is understood and received correctly.

Summers Lane (1), Nr Broad Hinton, Wiltshire.

Two crop pictures which were drawn near one another, at Summers Lane on May 28, 2017, point to an upcoming total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017. They even provide a schematic “night sky map” of that “Sun-Moon” eclipse and two nearby bright objects (“Regulus” and “Mercury”), in the local landscape where they were drawn! The first of those two crop pictures resembles another “eclipse” style image which appeared near East Kennett on July 22, 2011:


© “Red Collie” (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

Here the eclipsed Sun and Moon have been drawn as thin circles within a five-layered “ring”, perhaps to suggest a “diamond ring” effect which is often seen during total solar eclipses (see or total-solar-eclipse). This first crop picture at Summers Lane also provides a metaphorical depiction of that eclipse as a “Seed of Life” from sacred geometry.

Oxleaze Copse, Nr Stitchcombe, Wiltshire.

A new crop picture at Oxleaze Copse on May 21, 2017 shows the “bright Sun” and “crescent Moon” symbols of a “solar eclipse” (see oxleaze comments). Furthermore, it closely resembles another “solar eclipse” crop picture which appeared near West Kennett Long Barrow on July 13, 2004 (see

When we go back in time to find out which solar eclipse was predicted by that 2004 crop picture, we find a 93% partial solar eclipse on October 14, just 93 days later, as shown in the upper part of a slide below:


© “Red Collie” (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

Then when we go forward in time to find out which solar eclipse might be predicted by the 2017 crop picture, we find a 100% total eclipse on August 21, just 92 days later, as shown in a lower part of the slide above. In summary, both crop pictures from 2004 or 2017 (i) look similar in appearance, (ii) seem to describe the same kind of astronomical event (a “solar eclipse”), and (iii) were drawn at almost the same interval of time before a near-future solar eclipse took place (93 or 92 days respectively).

The Vedic Month:

This eclipse takes place in the vedic month of Sravana; one of the main meanings of Sravana is ‘to listen’; it is a time for commencing education and it is sacred listening that is called for. We keep in mind that the Vedas are sruti, that which is heard; it implies that different levels of consciousness have different levels of hearing. As it is the time of eclipse, what is it we are supposed to listen to here? We look to the presiding deity of Sravana – the Moon, who also happens to be the presiding deity of the mind; we look to the ruler of the month, Sridhara, which is Sri Vishnu as the bearer. What is it that Sri Vishnu holds up, is bearing? This is the principle of opposites making up the basic order of the Universe, Sri Vishnu is the bearer of Sri Lakshmi, the feminine divine principle within. We are called to awareness of the divine feminine within the mind as the foundation of balance, order, structure.


 Murthy (idol) of Vishnu as Sri Dhara


We know that eclipses are times of great change; inner change in your personal life, and outer change, in the external world and the nation’s fortunes, in trade, industry, commerce and financial institutions. The crop circles seen at this time suggest a much wider change, planetary-wide. The crop circles herald significance for the Earth and its peoples. Crop circles are messages from the star peoples. What is it they are trying to share?

It is known that time is speeding up. It is also known that since 21 December 2012, when the Mayan Calendar, the Solar System crossed the plane of the elliptic and the Sun came into alignment with a core of suns, leading back to the Central Sun of all Creation. New energies flood to the Earth and enter via stargates, places where energy and light and stepped down to a level which can be accommodated by the Earth and all that live on Earth. These energies are called the 5th Dimension, entry of all life forms into the world of light.

The crop circles are messages from the world of light, the higher dimensions. They message the continuation of human life on a higher level, they are the voice of a symbolic oracle, the voice that promises a future of peace, harmony and cooperation. The language is the language of the heart; the message is the message of love, the mode is the mode of understanding the other and accepting differences. The new energies are an opportunity to “wipe the slate clean” and start a new page, a new page free of the chains of the past wherein we repeat the same patterns of conflict over and over again.

Free from conflict, free to tolerate and accept difference, free to use love as understanding, this new dimension of peace and harmony will raise the human to the 5th, 6th dimensions and higher. The crop circles herald this energy as that which is reaching the Earth from a core of suns going right back to the central sun of all Universes. It is a time of light.


A Signal Message



Finally, some days prior to the Great American Eclipse, news comes of a new crop circle appeared at Sutton Hall, Nr Rochford, Essex. This was reported on 17 August 2017. The design clearly depicts Sun, Moon and the path of totality (shadow of darkness) which will cross North America. Within the path of totality, sigils and other symbols suggest new energies will be released, activated, enlightening human beings at large who they truly are. There are other sigils within the crop circle connecting to an earlier crop circle and eclipse cycle 12 months earlier. This goes back to another crop circle cycle of 2012 suggesting that this eclipse is the fulfilment of a long cycle and procession of energy from the Stargates.

The stargates criss-cross the earth and were lowered at the Fall of Atlantis as a form of light shield keeping the prevailing energies within the earth plane and preventing extra-terrestrial communication and contact. The earth had fallen out of the 4th dimension back to the third dimension and was covered in darkness – darkness from the clouds and volcano when the artificial satellite tumbled out of control and plummeted into the Earth. The earth nearly died; it was a cataclysm that lasted thousands of years and brought disasters that drove mankind back into the caves. All recorded history tells of a great flood with darkness for many days.

As we shared earlier in this article, the Solar System crossed the plane of the elliptic and the Sun came into alignment with a core of suns, leading back to the Central Sun of all Creation. New energies flood to the Earth and enter via stargates, – this crop circle very clearly indicates the inflow of energy from the stargates to the Earth. Stargates are vessels, structures, points wherein the light energies, the angelic beings and the higher devas and angels enter the earth plane on the 3rd dimension and go about their work raising the energies of Earth to 4th, 5th, 6th and higher dimensions.

The zig-zag symbol at the end of the crop circle signifies the rune by name sowehlu. It represents the Sun and LIGHT and suggests the need for strengthening our chakras and improving physical health and vital force, and it stands for the right use of will, and the need to follow a moral code. These matters – and more – we attend to as we partake of the Ascension energies offered to us.


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 crop cirlce shows phases of the moon around the Sun


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