108 Names of the Sun: Surya Ashtottara Shatanamavali #10

Om akhilajnaya namaha, Salutations to the Sun who is who is the embodiment of knowledge, all-knowing.


akhil Hin. akhila San. adj. whole, entire, undivided, complete; universal; all.

akhila—of the universe
akhila—all around
akhila—all kinds of
akhila—all sorts
akhila—all that be
akhila—of everyone
akhila—of the entire universe

jñān Hin. m. jñāna San. n. (from jñā – to know) true intuited understanding; spiritual wisdom; higher knowledge. ‘What use is information which does not bring about transformation?’ (SSS) ‘Jñāna is that which is beyond mind and speech. What the guru says through his mouth is not jñāna but ajñāna. Just as one thorn removes another, the guru’s verbal teaching (ajñāna) removes the veil of the disciple and the result is jñāna – pure knowledge.’ ‘Jñāna is not something to be attained; it is eternal and self-existent. Remove [ignorance] and what remains is jñāna.’ (SSB) (Pronounced gyān in Hindī)

The Sun illuminates everywhere and its light is in everything; it is unaffected. The light of the Sun, the Paramjyoti it is ominipresent like Akasa or Ether; it is even beyond the Akasa; it is the Akasa in the Chith or the Universal Consciousness; so it is referred to as ‘Param’ or Beyond; it is described in the Sruthis as ‘Asango-ayam Purushah’. “this Purusha is unattached”.

Caught up in the coils of change, it is very hard, well nigh impossible, to realise one is just the witness of all this passing show. So the individual soul, the jivi must first try to practise the attitude of a witness, so that it can succeed in knowings its essential Brahmam nature. Getting a glimpse of the king inside the fort does not help the beggar acquire wealth or power; so too, the Jivi must not only know the Sakshi, (the Sakshi, more ethereal than the sky, beyond the three-fold category of knower, known, and knowledge, eternal, pure, conscious, free, blissful) but must become the Sakshi. Till then, the Jivi continues as Jivi, it cannot become Brahmam; it cannot be like the Sun, all-knowing.

Light is wisdom. Without Light, all is Darkness. If you have not secured the lamp of Jnana to illumine your path, you stumble along in the gloom with Fear as your companion. There is no falsehood greater than Fear, no Ignorance mightier than that. Decide therefore to travel in the daylight of Jnana and appreciate the light, akhiljnanaya, of the Sun.



Om akhilajnaya namaha, Salutations to the Sun who is who is the embodiment of knowledge, all-knowing.


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