Looking at Climate Change – 10th House

The Tenth house is a strong house in the zodiac as it is a kendra (square), it is a wealth house (artha), and it is the signification of how wealth is earned in the workaday world. We seek to know the effects of the 10th house, its Lord, and climate change …


The Tenth house is traditionally the sign of Makara – Capricorn – lorded by Saturn with Aries Lagna. Facing south, Capricorn as the traditional 10th house observes the waste of resources; it is of movable nature, is Earth focussed and is of a cooling nature being of earth element and vata dosham with some pitta. The Tenth is an earth sign, movable, it is a kendra (square) house – the strongest of the kendras – and is upachaya – a house of gains in old age. Other designations for the 10th house are even, female, benefic nature, vata (air) and facing south.

When we are considering Vedic Astrology and climate change, it is important to examine the effects the different houses of the zodiac. Capricorn as 10th house is of vata dosha (air nature) with some small amount of fire element also present. Capricorn – traditionally the strongest of the kendra (square) houses is also the house of wealth – artha – for it signifies activities we engage in that generate wealth. Capricorn has Saturn as Lord: giver of patience, self-discipline and self sacrifice. It is also indicated that the 10th house signifies leadership, governance, public duties, executive authority, iconic-symbolic high-visibility public command roles. In this Prashna (moment), Ketu is in the 10th house, definitely not friends with its lord, Saturn, and ungrounded with regard to the qualities given immediately prior.


 10th house signifies leadership, governance, public duties, executive authority …

Of Mineral Nature

All signs in the zodiac have a specific nature, mineral, vegetable, animal; these ‘natures’ are allocated in sequential order from Aries. The 10th house is of mineral nature. Minerals form the basis of fossil fuels. Fossil fuel is a general term for buried combustible geologic deposits of organic materials, formed from decayed plants and animals that have been converted to crude oil, coal, natural gas, or heavy oils by exposure to heat and pressure in the earth’s crust over hundreds of millions of years. These are among the mineral nature referred to in the tenth house.

The 10th house is a house of wealth. Much wealth has been made by extracting fossil fuels from Earth and use of same for generating energy, heat, friction reducing oils, and manufacture of iron and steel and goods therefrom. Yellow cake is extracted and mined to produce U-235, which can be readily split and generates much energy. There is much debate around the use of U-235 and generation of energy by nuclear means. In many places it is asked “Is it safe electricity if it is generated by a nuclear power station?”

It is noted that digging holes in the ground, extracting natural resources and spending resources for generating energy and goods and services is an unsustainable activity and is non-renewable energy. Once used, the resource is gone forever. Such activity is against the right order that exists within the Earth – called adharmic – and damages the Earth.

Nowadays, many educated persons immersed in Vedic and Sastric knowledge, and classic scholarship have lost faith in the texts of which they are masters; they have become afraid to stick firmly to Dharma, for it is being laughed at by their cynical friends; they have yielded to the crooked arguments of critics and sold their heritage for trivial returns; they interpret the fast as one of the means for regulating health, the waving of the camphor flame as a remedy for asthmatics, breathing as helping digestion, pilgrimages as educational tours, charity as a means of self-advertisement… thus demeaning and desecrating the eternal injunctions of Dharma.

Due this being the age of Kali Yuga, many will find arguments to continue with mining, extraction of oils and fossil fuels from the ground and under the oceans, and wealth will rule men’s minds and actions. Presence of Ketu in the 10th House indicates that corporations will be ungrounded and disconnected from ethics. They will have a scattered approach to leadership, and further lack of groundedness and disconnection from government.

Capricorn as the natural 10th house is ruled by Saturn, who will impose strict order upon Ketu; Ketu is nearly always disconnected from authority figures – particularly in the 10th house – and hence, may easily side-step the responsibility Saturn represents. Wealth is good in balance with the other goals of life, the purusharthas: right conduct, needful or necessary income, satisfaction of needful desires and release from the cycle of birth-death-birth-again. A proper balance is needed or life will get out of proper order and be skewed toward greed, lust, anger, jealousy and infatuation.

Business, corporations, institutions need to recognise that Mother Earth gives us a home and gives us all to sustain our lives: food, water, clothing, home and hearth. There can be some use of the elements in the Earth with proper responsibility. Lacking such proper responsibility to our future and to our children of today, the Earth will suffer from excess carbon deposits, temperature rise, fires, cataclysm, sea level rise, hotter days and colder nights, and lack of clean air. Renewable energy development will reverse all these ills of the modern age and provide sustainable life in our future.


 non-fossil fuel energy is nearly always sustainable energy


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