108 Names of the Sun: Surya Ashtottara Shatanamavali #70

Om jayine namaha, Salutations to the Sun – following the path of dharma, is ever victorious.



jay, jaya – Hin. f. victory, success, triumph interj. long live!, hail to!
(jay-kī) jay ho Hin. long live . . !
jaya San. adj. (from ji – to conquer, win) conquering, winning (V. 509) m. conquest, triumph, victory; being victorious.
jayantī Hin. f. a jubilee, birthday celebration San. f. the night Krishna was born.
jayate San. v. victory to/for you!
jayati San. v. he/it is victorious, triumphs, conquers.
jayatu San. v. may he be victorious!, let him be victorious!
jay jay-kār Hin. m. hail; greeting; proclaiming (the Lord’s) glory, a shout of victory or triumph; exultation and rejoicing in victory.
jaya—all glories SB 8.17.25, SB 8.18.11,
jaya—all glory Adi 1.18, Adi 2.3, Adi 4.2
jāyā—wife SB 2.4.2, SB 3.30.6, SB 4.25.55,
jaya—glories Madhya 1.188
jaya—of victory SB 6.12.14
jaya—conquering SB 8.17.10
jaya—victory SB 8.17.13
jaya—Jaya SB 9.16.36
jaya—conquer. Adi 16.25

jaya—victorious. Madhya 21.76


The effulgence of the Sun reinforces the effulgence of man and woman, and builds bhaavana, creative imagination. Man is endowed with the creative faculty in order that he might create home and hearth, industry and commerce, felicity and well being for himself, his family and his fellow man in the society, for the prosperity and forward progress of all forms of life in the loka he finds himself in.

The effulgence of the Sun never fails; it is ever victorious. Hence, we can say the effulgence of man and woman also never fails. The intellect is nearest the atma and derives over 80% of its illumination from the atma, the soul-force within.

The only thing that can fail is the failure to follow dharma; dharma is innate to human life. The sareera (physical form) is built upon dharma of the elements within: Earth, air, fire, ether, water. The elements unfold in the foetus and blend with the doshas- (vata, pitta, kapha) to produce the physical form in the womb. Dharma is inherent within the human right from conception to birth to death and birth again. Failure to follow dharma is to believe one’s self (the body) is real, which produces incompetent intelligence, impure reasoning and unbridled emotion. Victory is not the expression of unbridled emotion.

Just as the Sun is self-effulgent and man draws on and reinforces the effulgence within, the Sun is ever victorious in following its own dharma. The sun gives light and heat, night and day and follows its path through the skies with unerring dedication to its duty. What can we take from the Sun and its practice of following dharma? The practice of dharma fills you with experience, and through that experience, truth is established. That truth reveals clearly. The Universe is founded on truth, sathyam moolam jagat. The Sun, ever straddling the skies with the Truth of its path, is ever victorious. Sathyaemva jayate, truth always triumphs.



Om jayine namaha, Salutations to the Sun – following the path of dharma, is ever victorious.


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