Tolerance and The Moon

The Moon is considered to be the second most important planet in a horoscope after the Sun in Astrology. The Moon is the presiding deity of the mind, and as such, the state of the Moon in astrology depicts the state of the mind, particularly where there are aspects to the Moon. Here, we take the human value of Love and its sub-value Tolerance, and look to the Moon.


Human Values and Astrology
Value: Love ; Sub-value: Tolerance
Planet (graha) Moon

Aum Kshirputraye Vidmahe
Amrit Tattvaye Dheemahe
Tanno Chandra Prachodayat

Chandra, (lit. “shining one”) The Moon is one of the Gods and a most important planet in Vedic Astrology. He is described as young, beautiful, fair; two-armed and having in his hands a club and a lotus. He rides his chariot (the moon) across the sky every night, pulled by ten white horses or an antelope. Although the antelope is the animal most commonly depicted with Him in iconography, the rabbit is also particularly sacred to him and all rabbits are under his protection. He is connected with dew, and as such, is one of the gods of fertility. As Soma, presides over Somvar or Monday.

The Moon

The Moon rules Mother and maternal matters, contentment in the home, emotions and bodily fluids, as the Moon is kapha dosha. Kapha dosha signifies water, fluids, fluids in the body and it is of an earthy nature. It has dimensions of loyalty, faithfulness, love and attachment. The Moon waxes and wanes monthly and as it is the fastest moving planet, it is easily afflicted in transits. The Moon is strongest when it is 180° from the Sun; the closer the Moon comes to the Sun, the lesser its energy and strength.

Moon signifies responsiveness, loyalty, dependence. It is traditional, conservative, conventional in attitudes. It delivers the energy of belonging, seldom rebels, and, when cool, has high frustration tolerance. Moon gives friendly attitudes, life-long associations and doesn’t like to hurt other people. It can accept feedback from others but does not like confrontations, particularly when they are personally hurtful. The Moon gives good parents who are good providers.

Human Values

Our values are our principles, our guides to action. Values are our codes of internal conduct, the principles upon which we run our lives and make our decisions. Our values are first given to us by our parents, and we live what we learn. We test our values in different spaces in our lives. Other people impress values upon us, such as our friends and teachers. Sports we participate in impress values on us, and we often unconsciously detect and comply with the values of our peer groups and social environments. It is from these that we select the principles which guide our lives and our behaviours.

Among our values are the innate values found in every society and every culture, such as truthfulness, peace, love, right conduct and non-violence. These are elicited through education. These principles are often essential for our personal and social survival. Our behaviour reveals our choices, and our choices are based on our values.

In Vedic Astrology, the Moon is one of the nine planets. The Moon reflects energy from the Sun, the source of all the energy of our solar system. In turn, the Sun receives and reflects energy from the central Sun of our Universe, and this, in turn, is received from the Creative Source of All. The Moon auspices the value of Tolerance, which is a sub-value of Love.

Our values are a set of guides and signposts to true humanness – what we determine makes us fully human, fully alive. As such, our values form codes and principles we live by which (ought to) give us full satisfaction and peace in life. Love flows through all our values. Love as Thought is Truth. Love as Action is Right Conduct. Love as Understanding is Peace. Love as Feeling is Non-violence.

The Moon and Human Values

In Vedic Astrology if we look to the higher energies that come from the Moon, the we find that it rules the mother and her welfare; it is the presiding deity of the mind, rules the emotions, tenderness, bodily health, and beauty. The Moon also rules intelligence, places where water is found, liquids in the body, and has a central role in the development of the family. It is in the family where we experience closeness to others, children, love, warmth, compassion and bonding to others. It is in the family, where The Moon signifies the Mother, that we learn to live and let live. We learn tolerance of others, through our Mothers, in the family. Mother is the first teacher in the life of the child.


Tolerance has a number of environments; within life-forms, it is the capacity for survival despite infestation or attack on the immune system; tolerance in general sustains pain and hardships like this. Tolerance between people is a form of licence, allowing people to be, even if they have differences or disagreeable positions. Tolerance grants patience, indulgence of others and their activities, particularly the opinions of others and the practices of others. Tolerance is freedom from bigotry and does not judge others with severity for what they think, do or say. In this regard, tolerance is maintenance of personal integrity, and personal boundaries. Tolerance is a sub-value of Love.

If we look to the human value of Love, we find it is comprise of many other values, attitudes, actions. In chief, these sub-values are kindness, friendship, forgiveness, generosity, compassion, service to others and tolerance. So we come to see that Tolerance is related to all these other activities. For example, if we are engaged in welfare assistance and distribution of foodstuffs to others, we are tolerant of them as humans in need; we do not cast them aside because of their hair, tattoos, clothing, style nor attitude; our tolerance is to love all, serve all and render welfare assistance without regard to any of the detractions nor distractions mentioned above. Tolerance is love-in-action.

Tolerance ignores perceptions, ignores judgement and looks to the heart of the other; anything which diminishes the other diminishes ourselves, for we are all of the one race, the human race; we are all of one kind, humankind, we are all of one essence, the life-force that sustains and nurtures all regardless of creed, wealth nor station in life. Tolerance is acceptance of difference, dignity, non-judgement, understanding others and respect for others. Tolerance is a compassionate attitude, born of peace and self-control within.

To enjoy Peace, mankind must be controlled and directed by ideals of Dharma; this depends on mutual tolerance in the family; that again is based on individual conduct which is sathwic (calm and serene): and aims at pleasing every one. Such conduct has a charm, all its own. Avoid in your behaviour, your actions, and your speech all trace of the desire to pain others, to insult others, or to cause loss or misery to others. Find out the best means of reforming yourself thus, practise this type of living, desist from injury to yourself and your own good, and walk always in the path of Truth. That is verily the path of Beauty, that is conduct that is really charming.
Sathya Sai Baba

It is the mother who teaches you the sacred principles like love, compassion, forbearance, tolerance and sacrifice. Mother shows the father, father takes you to the preceptor and preceptor directs you to God. That is why among mother, father, preceptor and God, mother comes first.

In fact, if you develop love and tolerance towards fellow-beings, there will be no need to pray for peace; the world will automatically become an abode of peace. Develop love in you and share it with at least ten persons in a day. Sathya Sai Baba



As the Moon is the presiding deity of the mind, it is connected to the intellect, and via that, to the soul, for the intellect derives over 80% of its illumination from the Soul. The moon is calm, pure, serene, and has the maternal influence on the mind which enables us to deal with all people, events, situations, confrontations with a maternal attitude, an attitude which includes tolerance, accepting of difference.

Tolerance is a divine quality within which reveals the very presence of the Divine in the human. Tolerance is like the Mother treating all her children the same, giving love, nurture, sustenance to all equally. Tolerance allows difference, does not apply any severity of judgement on others and has the capacity to agree to disagree. Tolerance is a quality of the maternal aspect of the Moon, the energy the Moon reflects and transmits to the human.



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