Jupiter and Consideration

Human Values and Astrology
Value: Love Sub-value: Consideration
Planet (graha) Jupiter (Brihaspati)

He who is like an ember, who holds a shakthi,
O Teacher, lord of prayer of beings, Teacher of demi gods,
Greatest among the mighty, lord of words,preceptor,
One having a long beard, he who is young and wears yellow silk.

He whose sight is nectar like, lord of all planets,
He who steals away the bad effects of all planets,
He who is merciful, he who is soft looking,
He who is the teacher of devas, he who looks like a bud,

He who is respected by all, the teacher of all,
He who is just, he who implements justice,
Lord of all stars, he who is the son of Angeerasa,
He who is worshipped by Vedas, grandfather,

He who remembers Brahaspathi with devotion and recites these names,
Would be free from disease, would be strong,
Would be wealthy, and would be blessed with several sons.

He who worships him on Thursdays, with sandal, holy rice and silk,
Would live for one hundred years and all his sins would be destroyed.

Guru would remove all problems and bless with peace,
Those who worship with light, flower and presents,
And serve food to Brahmins.


Planet Jupiter

Jupiter is known in Vedic Astrology as Guru (or Lord Brihaspati), the teacher and Guru of the Gods, and devas. Once, Jupiter took the form of Lord Budha (Mercury), and taught the asuras (demonic people) for ten years. Those who worship Jupiter regularly and sincerely lose their worldly miseries and achieve all their cherished, sacred desires. Jupiter as Guru functions as a guru and removes the darkness within. (This is why it is good to approach Jupiter in his name and form of Guru or Brihaspati with prayers, chanting and mantras for Jupiter – Brihaspathi is merciful and his wisdom is profound.)

Jupiter is watery in constitution (kapha), wears yellow clothes and yellow flowers; his gem is yellow sapphire. A Brahmin, Jupiter knows all the Vedas and is expert in all forms of knowledge. As guru, Jupiter has the highest forms of knowledge, philosophy and spirituality (para vidya) and teaches the sacred paths.

Jupiter is Lord of the body’s fat, of the north-east, rules Thursdays, and the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces. Jupiter is known as the Lord of Worship and as the Guru. He is called Teacher of the Immortals, the Soul, the Advisor, the Lord of Speech, the Golden, the Creator (he is but another form of Brahma) the Compassionate, the Creator of Polity, remover of oppression and the Peaceable. As Guru, one honours one’s own guru by honouring this planet, Jupiter.

If Jupiter is exalted, a man or woman becomes scholarly, learned, specialist in languages, pious and noble. If Jupiter is malefic, a man or woman becomes a poor beggar, reduced to utter poverty.

He grants knowledge of Yoga, Astrology, Vastu, science and mathematics, and is the giver of wisdom which overcomes obstacles. Jupiter as guru guides us in following dharma (the path of righteousness within and without) for dharma is the basis of the Universe itself. Jupiter indicates such domains of principle as law, religion and philosophy. He is the planet of intelligence.

As Mercury shows our outer communications and career in life and interaction with culture and society in general, Jupiter shows our inner career wherein we find self-fulfilment, and what we enjoy doing. However, Jupiter does not pay as much attention to detail as Mercury does, so without a strong Mercury in our charts, we may not express our found wisdom with the gracefulness and profundity as we might wish. Effort may be needed in the area of communication; this does not mean we are bereft of intellect or wisdom. There are many different ways to get a message across.


Hubble captures vivid auroras in Jupiter’s atmosphere

Human Values

Our values are our principles, our guides to action. Values are our internal codes of conduct, the principles upon which we run our lives and make our decisions. Our values are first given to us by our parents. These values develop, expand and are tested in experience. Other people impress their values upon us. We may take on the values of people we admire, such as our peers, our teachers, the wider community. Our moral values are often sourced from our faith. It is planet Jupiter that provides both the energy and the intellect to reflect on the deeper essence of the material we consider and integrate into our lives.

Our values often include universal principles such as truthfulness, peace, love, right conduct and non-violence. These principles are often essential for our personal and social survival. In our observation, when we reverse the order of perception, we can often work out what values are active and guiding a situation or an event or a reaction (our own)(someone else’s) when we analyse the motives of either ourselves or others. We keep in mind that behaviour reveals choices – choices are based on our values. Our values guide our actions.

In Vedic Astrology, Jupiter is the embodiment of consideration. Consideration is a sub-value of Love, along with tolerance, compassion, generosity, forgiveness, friendship, kindness, and service to others. Consideration is one of the transcendental qualities within the person which are elicted by our education, the guidance of our parents and the teachings of Love.

Jupiter and Consideration

When we look to dharma – the foundation of the Universe – and the foundation of the truly human person who performs all acts with love – we find that in this world, this day and age, lovelessness prevails, selfishness and corporate greed invade every nook and cranny of human indutry and effort, and there has been a collapse of dharma, living and working in the way of right-action. There has been a dumbing down of intelligence; many have attention spans and concentration spans marked by the times between advertisements on television. Short attention spans do not aid lifelong learning, of which Jupiter is the karaka, the giver.

Dharma (right conduct) has been grossly diluted; it is misunderstood by incompetent intelligence, unbridled emotion and impure reasoning. Dharma can be spotted and tested in a single act. The absence of modesty makes life a waste, a vacuum. Hence, we need to keep within limits … particularly with purity of thoughts and manners. Jupiter is known by his manners, consideration and capacity for graciousness and mercy towards others.

Consideration is the act of looking at or surveying (an object, another person, their works or pleas) with our bodily or mental eyes; it is the beholding, the contemplation, the manner of viewing a thing or its aspect. Consideration is the observation, the keeping of the subject under the review of the mind. All things come to success with concentration; hence, consideration is a relation of concentration.

When we are taking something into account, we give it consideration. Consideration is also something that is given in payment, reward or remuneration for services rendered. Consideration is something we may eagerly seek when we approach grace with cap in hand: consideration is regard for our circumstances, our feelings, our amenity (or lack thereof). Consideration is also the estimation, esteem, importance we give to another among men and women.

So when we are giving consideration, we among other things:~

  • take a matter (or person) under our regard;
  • focus on reflectively;
  • give examination to;
  • survey or inspect;
  • our attention is directed contemplatively;

Consideration is that which we give to a querent or a seeker. Regardless of what social status another person may or may not have, Jupiter gives a sincerely philosophical consideration based on principles and values. When Jupiter is guiding consideration, Jupiter is not working on the basis of like or dislike, status, dress, appearance. Jupiter, the philosophical planet, always uses values which are guided by the eternal principles of order in the universe.

Consideration as a sub-value of love is always an attitude of humility and seeking to serve the best nature in men and women. Consideration does not give one any philosophical authority, nor auctoritas. Consideration is always spoken and acted out with love; however, with Jupiter, there many be need for respecting the boundaries of others so others may feel properly appreciation in the face of consideration offered.

Jupiter and consideration as a human value go well together as one must make interior sacrifice within in order to give consideration. Not by wealth, not by action nor progeny does the man or woman attain immortality. One attains immortality by sacrifice alone. Jupiter, the planet of largesse, finds this making of interior space within a simple matter of developing capacity to have regard for others and their needs. Jupiter is well known as an overly generous planet.


Colourful clouds churn on Jupiter in this NASA image

Brahaspati stotram (Prayer to planet Jupiter) Translated by P.R.Ramachander


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