108 Names of the Sun: Surya Ashtottara Shatanamavali #73

Om aunnatyapadasancararathasthaya namaha, Salutations to the Sun who stationed in his chariot moves through high places in the sky.


stha mfn. (-sthaḥ-sthā-sthaṁ) Staying, abiding, what or who is or stays
rath Hin. ratha San. m. a cart, temple chariot; vehicle; the body, a hero.
sanchār Hin. sanchāra San. m. walking about, wandering, roaming, guiding; passing through; movement, a passage, transit.
sanchāra San. adj. moving about, going together.
aunnatya n. (fr. un-nata-), elevation, height
aunnatyam औन्नत्यम् [उन्नत-ष्यञ्] Height, elevation (moral also).


stha means steadiness, not a place of fluctuation. Steadiness comes from Truth. The Vedas tell that Truth is the basis of the Universe: sathyam moolam jagat.

The body is a chariot and the charioteer is Buddhi

When the One is reflected in the many, in the multitude of jivis (individual souls), it appears as the Self in each, which watches unaffected as the Witness. The Atma (Divine Self) is Eternal. The Self is Truth. However, since it is enclosed in flesh, bone and skin, man deludes himself into believing that the outer covering and not the inner core is the source of bliss, The foremost duty of man to himself is, therefore, to penetrate through these sheaths and imbibe the higher bliss which his atmic core (his soul) alone can confer. Everyone must, in his own best interests, strive to attain that unifying principle that is his inner treasure. Of all spiritual exercises this is the most pertinent–the process of achieving this closeness. For, sadhana means the endeavour and the effort to gain the desired object.

Activities that are devoid of truth do not deserve to be known as sadhana (spiritual exercises). The atma is the universal eternal Truth and therefore, it cannot be gained by search in the particularised and the temporary world. The Divine shines in your heart and can be won only therein. The body is a chariot. The charioteer is the principle of Buddhi (intelligence). The senses are the horses. The reins that regulate and restrain the horses are the manas (mind). When the mind wavers and wanders, not having stability of purpose, the horses run helter-skelter, endangering even the charioteer, Buddhi (Intellect).

While the Sun moves through the sky in high places, the Sun is in fact, stationary in his chariot. He became the teacher of Yagnavalkya, the rebel sage of the Upanishads, after the latter turned away from the traditional rote learning method proposed by his guru. He is the teacher of Hanuman, who flew before his chariot, withstanding his glare, eager to learn the Vedas. He is associated with horses, the embodiment of wisdom, in Hindu mythology. In folklore, the sunflower adores him and looks at him all day, even though he is indifferent, while night jasmine flower (raat ki rani, or parijata) refuses to bloom when he is the sky, as he rejected her love. It is to him that the yogis dedicated their surya-namaskar.



Om aunnatyapadasancararathasthaya namaha, Salutations to the Sun who stationed in his chariot moves through high places in the sky.


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