Solar New Year and the 4th Dimension

(This is a letter to my friend, Gandhi. Gandhi is his nickname due his remarkable resemblance to the late Mahatama Gandhi. Gandhi lives in Puttparthi, and asked me about the forthcoming Solar New Year. So I have cast a vedic chart (called kundali) and write to explain to him what the chart means – especially in the light of the new dimensions, the 4th dimension, of which Gandhi knows little.)

Dear Gandhi,
you wrote to me and asked about the Solar New Year and what it might have in store for you. The Solar New Year is transmitting more of the energies of the 4th Dimension, which arrived at the last Summer Solstice, 21 December 2012. You can read more about understanding the 4th dimension here.

The Sun

Not much has noticed of what passed on the 21st December 2012, or in the Solstice. I asked one of the Hierarchy and was told that there was to be a further anchoring of these energies during the Autumn Solstice, on 20-21st March of this year. Now, with the entry of the Sun into Aries, the Solar New Year has come. There is a lot happening in the Cosmos but not anything to give cause for apprehension our Earth Planet.

I have noticed that time seems to be passing somewhat faster, nor much being achieved in the time I an allocate. We think of time on Earth as linear; I am beginning to come across information which suggests there are different movements of time in the known universes, as we have been told our sense of time is a human construct. Jalarm (pronounced Yalum) is indicating this is the case on The Mystery Schools.

Time is speeding up; it is confusing people and for some people, it is difficult to stay focused. I have read that concentration brings success to all activities. So I try to stay focussed. I also read that we can ask the Source of All, the Creator, to grant extra time, or extra space, to achieve what I want to do. I have also read that it is better to make a plan for the day, and then stick to it, and ask for help if time is going too fast and not much is getting achieved. You can read more about what I read here.

I have read and known that this phenomena of time speeding up and the coming of the 4th Dimension is happening as the Earth moves into an alignment of the Sun with the core of Suns that aligns with the centre of our Galaxy and then alignment with the Central Sun of all the worlds, the Creative Source of All.

The Sun: New Energies pour forth

We have often said that the sun rises every day and sets every day and most of what happens in between is not worrisome unless we don’t make it to the next sunrise, ha, ha. 🙂 However, on this occasion of Solar New Year—which arrives on Sunday 14 April at sunrise in Puttaparthi when the Sun moves into Aries—there is an unusual multiplication of new energies passing through the Sun to the stargates surrounding the Earth.

As you know, Aries is the first house in Vedic Astrology. At the point of Sunrise on this day, the Sun has a superlative amount of energy, a super-abundance of energy, I haven’t seen before. I reckon, due the fall of Atlantis, this flow of energies may be unknown to this civilisation as much was lost – including the 4th Dimension – when Atlantis fell. These energies have been here before. This overplus of energy reaches to all the worlds. The seven above, and the seven below. Remember the Gayatri Mantra? This is a prayer to three of the worlds.

On the Autum Solstice (20 or 21 March of this year) people of the same ilk as us – lightworkers – conducted rituals and ceremonies which grounded the new energies of the 4th Dimension and have done planetary seva (sevice) for this effect be integrated with all forms of life on our Planet.

So, Sunrise at Puttaparthi, 14 April 2013; the solar new year. The Sun is in the same sign in fourteen divisions, giving it an all-powerful precedence over all other planets and their energies for the Solar New Year. Fourteen divisions suggests to me that energy comes from the Central Sun of all the worlds and universes, the Source of all Creation. We know there are seven worlds of light and seven lower worlds. So the light and energies are going to all the worlds.

Gandhi, we don’t live alone. I chase you up every time I get to Puttaparthi, so there! We humans live in relationships—in family, school, work, recreation and society. We also live in relationship with our environment and with Mother Earth, who sustains and supports all life on our home planet. The increase of light and new energies flows to the Soul and through the Soul to all whom and which we relate to. The Sun’s energies to the Soul Principle will cause substantial changes to social personality and social relationships.

We have discussed the five human values. We had a debate upstairs at the German Bakery. I held that relationships are guided by our values, for we seek what we feel we need in our relationships. Coming back to this astrological event, this time of transformation to 4th Dimension is also a time of transformation of relationships. The new energies flow from the Sun, the source of light, to the Soul principle within all forms of life: cellular, mineral, plant, animal and human.

Do you remember we went to Anil Kumar’s talk on a Sunday Morning in the ashram, and he explained how consciousness – the two different kinds of consciousness exists in the different life forms? That was a surprise, and I came away from that with a real admiration for how Anil Kumar explains things.

There is an accountability for our actions in relationships. While these new energies multiply and seemingly, make the personality ever so much stronger, the tyranny of the ego, “I, Me, Mine”, I want, I need, I must have, will be transformed to “How may I help you?”, “How may I be of service in this time of need?”, “How may I love the Source in all-that-is?”. There will be a shift in power in relationships from a selfish focus on personal wants and needs to selflessness: to serving the other and loving and serving all-that-is (the Source, the Creator) in all that exists. This is a big change, but the massive energies flowing into and through the Sun are being tempered in many ways. Think of our friends, Mars. Saturn. Rahu.

Old Ways of Thinking, Acting, Applying Energy

I know you reckon the Sun is simply the atma, the soul. Well, I don’t think the Sun is so passive. Remember when we discussed the story of Hanuman learning the Vedas and the conversation with the Sun? And then we went to the Hanuman temple and that strange incense, so very strong, you commented that Hanuman must have been listening to us? I reckon I was right, the Sun is not passive, not an absondus, just radiating light. We discussed the seven worlds, the seven sounds, the seven rays, the seven different ways light is transmitted to our solar system from the subtle universe. I claimed then, that the Sun disperses specific energies through those rays. We agreed to disagree after we noticed so many villagers looking us and realised we were talking rather loudly!

On this day, Solar New Year, there are checks and balances to the force of the Sun’s energies. There is a retarding, a breaking down into manageable units of the super-abundance of energy flowing through to the individual solar principle by way of sight (or drishti) from Planet Saturn magnified by the lunar node Rahu (who behaves as Saturn). Sani vat Rahu, as they say. This check or balance provided by Saturn and Rahu points to the stargates – through which this energy is gathered and distributed in quantities which may be absorbed without overloading the body-mind-spirit complex. It is as if the new energies are being “downloaded” into us with a speed choke applied so that we may safely integrate this influx.

After Swami gave that discourse where he mentioned power and pelf, we went for a mango juice over at the old Sesha Sai, and you talked about power and pelf and the ape-men, whose wives said, “Come here, come here, come here, gimme, ooh, get away, get away, get away!” You told a great joke about that!

So we agreed that the human evolved from the hairy up-standing ape to the hunter gatherer. And we agreed there were ways in which strength was applied, for scavenging foods, to protection of pelf and place, to protection of children, spouse, and community. Now in this the modern day, people have practised these forms of applying strength for hundreds of thousands of years. This force is lodged deeply within our cellular memories. Force is strength applied. It is expressed as words, feelings, actions and thoughts.

These old, ingrained forceful habits of the human are first expressed as thought and emotion. Thought is powerful and affects others. Such thoughts go out and conglomerate in the cosmos an autonomous jelly-like substance, gathering energy until so much is gathered that one human possessed with such an intensity of thoughts is overtaken by the thought form with an astounding force, overdone, overblown, crushing all that it is drawn upon.

You were there when Phyllis Krystal explained that, about the tapestry, and how thought forms gather energy until they really strong and then humans tapped into this. You, Gandhi, even went further to explain more about how Isaac explained about the extreme punishment over the then USSR and how he and Phyllis used “egregors” to puncture this energy and dissipate that thought form.

In this Solar New Year, Mars, the repository of power and pelf, strength and force, command and conquer is depleted by the energies by the all-powerful-Sun. The Solar New Year signals a time of change, a time of clearing out the mind and its habitual ways of gathering force and acting to resolve conflicts, disputes and contentious issues. It is a better to find a new way, to agree to disagree, as we did down near the old bus station.

The new energies pouring forth through our Sun to this Earth planet call for change and creation of new strategies and options for situations needing a resolution. This change will need a clearing out of the cupboards of the mind; the cupboards filled with old ways and actions of resolving contentious issues should be emptied out, just as we empty drawers of clutter and clean out wardrobes full of old clothes.

I know you do this because we met up at the Supermarket to buy new clothes and all those students in white from Alike in Tamil Nadu were running all over the supermarket that evening. Remember, we could hardly move because of all thes small black haired students with sweet smiles saying “Sai Ram” to us all night long? So yes, we know what it is like to clear a path forward. Clearing out the old makes way for the to seek new solutions, to utilise new energies and apply strength and force in less harmful, challenging, confronting or hurtful ways.

This clearing out will bring about fresh change within. This will be most effective if coupled with meditation. (No, the Meditation Tree is never closed!) Concentration brings success to every activity. So focus, change, meditation and concentration are the clarion call of the day. This will bring about change of thinking, change of habits. This makes space for awareness of the soul consciousness within.

This is turning into a long letter. Let me split this and write the next part of my reply. You really are in a most powerful place to experience the changes this Solar New Year brings!

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