108 Names of the Sun: Surya Ashtottara Shatanamavali #89

Om grahanam pataye namaha, Salutations to the Sun who is the ruler of the planets.


graha San. m. a planet;
grahan – planets SB 3.17.14
grahan – all the planets of the solar system. SB 4.12.34
graha?am – of the planets SB 5.22.2
pataye San. m. to/for the Lord, master.
pati Hin. a husband San. pati (voc. pate) m. lord, master, possessor, king, ruler, chief, controller.
pataye – unto the master SB 4.24.38, SB 5.23.8
pataye – the husband SB 6.19.7, SB 6.19.8
pataye – unto the husband SB 6.19.4
pataye – the supreme master SB 8.16.32
pataye – unto the controller SB 10.10.36


The Sun is considered a “Royal” Planet and this recognition gives assent to the Sun as Lord and Master of the Planets. It is the duty of the planets to reflect the light of the Sun, the magnetic energy received from the Sun in addition to grasping the native and creating the vasanas for prarabdha karma to be spent. The Sun is not only ruler of the planets but also plays a central role in the life of the native.

The Sun is known to be the alternate significator of the soul and the ego. The ego seeks validation, approval and self esteem; hence, the Sun will fill the mind-body complex with intentions to be the centre-stage player, expressing satisfactions obtained in life. The upside for the Sun is pride, the downside is shame. The Sun is frequently taken as significator of the body as pride and shame are frequently expressed with bodily actions, emotions, and medical indications on the body.

It is easy then to see the Sun expressing imperial splendour and treated with royal acclaim and majestic splendour. Without the Sun there is no light, no heat, no precipitation and the conditions for life-forms to exist (including other planets) would not exist. Hence, the Sun is the Royal Planet, the ruler of all the other planets who are graha, seizer, in the manner of the Sun itself.


Om grahanam pataye namaha, Salutations to the Sun who is the ruler of the planets.


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