108 Names of the Sun: Surya Ashtottara Shatanamavali #102

Om am suprasannaya namaha, Salutations to the Sun who serene, gracious and most pleased.


su- Hin., San. laudatory prefix good, right; well; auspicious; greatly, excessive, very, very much; easily, willingly; attractive, beautiful; fine, excellent; imposing.

prasanna-being satisfied SB 2.7.8, SB 6.7.34
prasanna-being pleased SB 3.21.8
prasanna-is pleased SB 4.9.47
prasanna-satisfied SB 4.30.30
prasanna-pleased SB 5.19.21
prasanna-very much pleased SB 9.13.8


The Lord of Vaikuntha (Vishnu, the Supreme Divinity) has immeasurable attributes; in fact, all attributes of Srishti (creation) are attributes of divinity. These attributes are called Kalyana Gunas. So you will understand that the number of auspicious Kalyana Gunas of Sri Vishnu as the supreme God is countless, but these six are the most important:

  • Jnana (Omniscience), defined as the power to know about all beings simultaneously
  • Aishvarya (Sovereignty), derived from the word Ishvara, which consists in unchallenged rule over all
  • Shakti (Power or Energy), which is the capacity to make the impossible possible
  • Bala (Strength), which is the capacity to support everything by will and without any fatigue
  • Virya (Vigour), which indicates the power to retain immateriality as the supreme being in spite of being the material cause of mutable creations
  • Tejas (Splendour), which expresses His self-sufficiency and the capacity to overpower everything by His spiritual effulgence.

The soulabhyam (ease of access) of Vishnu in all his incarnations is defined by two more Gunas: souseelyam and vatsalyam. Souseelya guna permits Him to mingle even with lowly ones readily in spite of His supremacy. Vaatsalya is the guna of great affection for those that seek refuge in Him by overlooking the dosams (deficiencies) that they have. This means Sri Vishnu is readily accessible to all who seek refuge in Him, and chant the Divine Name.

The Sun as significator of the Soul is hence significator of Vishnu in all his incarnations and hence, takes qualities of Vishnu such as Souseelya and Vatsalaya – of serenity, graciousness and one who is easily pleased. The Sun readily accepts all worship: stotrams, puja, mantra and ashtakam. The Sun confers this serenity and graciousness on all who worship with sincerity.

Surya Ashtakam on the qualities of the Sun:
My salutations to the Sun God,
Who is blessed with three fold qualities,
Who is a greatest of heroes,
Who has within himself the great trinity.
And who is the god who kills all sins.

My salutations to the Sun God,
Who is the Lord of all universe,
Who created all the universe,
And who is the God who can destroy all sins.
– Surya ashtakam: 4,7


Om am suprasannaya namaha, Salutations to the Sun who serene, gracious and most pleased.


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