108 Names of the Sun: Surya Ashtottara Shatanamavali 103

Om srimate namaha, Salutations to the Sun who possesses auspiciousness, glory, beauty and dignity.


shriman Hin. shrimat, shrimad-, shriman– San. adj. glorious, splendid, beautiful, charming; eminent, illustrious; prosperous, wealthy, fortunate, auspicious, of high rank or dignity.
shriman San. m. a title denoting great sacredness: ‘one who is always with shri’ – the repository of beauty, power and glory – epithet of Vishnu. (V. 22, 178, 220, 613)
shriman (voc. shriman), shrimant, shrimat Hin. shrimat, shrimad-, shriman-, shrimant San. m. title of respect: ‘honoured Sir’, mainly used for one who has been born on earth. It is also a respectful title for celebrated works like the Shrimadbhagavata-purana.

sriman-beautiful SB 4.21.18, Adi 3.66
sriman-very beautiful SB 8.2.1, SB 10.8.14
sriman-the most beautiful form Madhya 1.5
sriman-Sriman Madhya 13.39


The Sun, as embodiment of divinity, expresses attributes of divinity such as beauty, power, glory and is worthy of honour and respect. The Sun is exemplar par excellence of dharma, performance of duty, and is the symbol of The Creative Source of the All.

When we sing of the Formless Divine, our song, hymn, bhajan and kirtan all address glory, praise and honour to the Divine. These praises are never-ending, with Milton-like visions of Angels facing altars with incense and smoke, forever raising glory and honour to the Divine.

The Sin, in its peerless task, showers light, heat, rain and sustenance upon all in the solar system. It sends light out to the other luminaries and planets, who in turn, refract, resound, reflect that light back to the Earth in the form of light energy, hologram, magnetism and energy within the human form itself. The Sun and planets aid the creation and sustenance of this world of maya, so that all forms of life may take up the journey of return to The Creative Source of the All, Brahmam.


Om srimate namaha, Salutations to the Sun who possesses auspiciousness, glory, beauty and dignity.


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