108 Names of the Sun: Surya Ashtottara Shatanamavali 106

Om diptamurtaye namaha, Salutations to the Sun whose form is radiant light.


dīpta—blazing Bg 11.19
dīpta—glowing Bg 11.24
dīpta-agni—by the blazing fire Madhya 19.74
dīpta-anala—blazing fire Bg 11.17
dīptam—glowing Bg 11.24
dīptām—lustrous SB 4.25.15
dīpāyate—illuminates Madhya 20.316
mūrtaye—unto the Personality SB 2.4.13
mūrtaye—form SB 3.19.30
mūrtaye—whose expansions. SB 6.16.20
mūrtaye—unto the deity or form SB 7.3.28
mūrte—form Adi 6.9
sattva-mūrte—in this transcendental form of pure goodness SB 7.8.49
viśva-mūrte—O universal form. Bg 11.46
viśva-mūrte—O personality of the universal form SB 1.8.41


As naisargika atmakaraka, the Sun is also a significator of the Soul; the soul is a spark of the divine, jiv-atma, and atma is part of paramatma, the formless absolute. All levels of consciousness are found within, irrespective of the external form taken by the human. We all have this radiant light within. We all have this intellect, which is nearest to the atman, and receives over 80% of its illumination from the atman.

As naisargika atmakaraka (universal significator of the Soul) the Sun has a relevance to the first house of the astrology chart and the houses ruled by Mars, 1st and 8th houses in the chart. This signifies heat, for Mars is a fire planet and first house is a fire sign. It is also rajasic – the seat of Brahma in the kundli, the horoscope.

In order to avoid the confusion created by ascribing different names and forms to Divinity, God is referred to as Atma or the Absolute Brahman (the nameless, formless, attributeless Divinity). The one Atma permeates all living beings.

Religions are different, path is the same;
Clothes are different, cotton is one;
Beings are different, Atma is one;
Nationality and lifestyle are different, human birth is the same.


Om diptamurtaye namaha, Salutations to the Sun whose form is radiant light.


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