Full Moon – March 2019

At this time, there is a special equinox as it will also occur around the Full Moon which will culminate less than four hours after the equinox. There are many sacred festivals – Hinduism has Holi, the Sikhs celebrate Hola Mohalla, the Baha’i’s celebrate their new year – Naw Ruz, and the Jewish faith observes Purim. In the secular arena, March 21st is International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. It is also a time of inner challenge, and that challenge points – highlighted by 5 weak planets, urge us all toward managing the mind and our thoughts.

The March Full Moon comes on the tail-end of the Autumnal Equinox. On the equinox, night and day are nearly the same length – 12 hours – all over the world. This is the reason it’s called an “equinox“, derived from Latin, meaning “equal night.” However, in reality, equinoxes don’t have exactly 12 hours of daylight.

The Autumnal Equinox (Southern Hemisphere) marks the moment the Sun crosses the celestial equator – the imaginary line in the sky above the Earth’s equator – from south to north. This happens on March 19, 20, or 21 every year. The length of night and day are nearly equal.

The time of Full Moon finds five planets depleted of energy, and a normally strong planet – Jupiter – in the gandanta position with a further depletion which will last for another 6 – 8 weeks. Rahu and Ketu have recently changed signs. The Rahu-Ketu action normally affects nations, as we have seen recently with the massacre in New Zealand, the cyclonic destruction in Madagascar, the North American blizzard and the Venezuelan presidential crisis.

At the time of Full Moon, Rahu is 29:15 in the second house – Gemini – in the nakshatra Purnavarsu, ruled by Jupiter. Planets – including shadow planets such as Rahu and Ketu – when within 1° from the end or beginning of a sign, are said to be sandhi (at the junction) and thus depleted of energy until they get beyond that 1° border of the sign in question. So we have a weak Rahu in Purnavarsu, ruled by Jupiter and has Goddess Aditya, the all-female principle. Where this is the second house – a house of wealth, we have the collapse of importance of social mobility, and social mobility – the broadcasting of massacre in New Zealand under extreme sanction by many nations. As Rahu is weak, social mobility – read social media – will continue to be vulnerable for some time.

We look to Jupiter, in the 7th house – our relations with everyone, at home, business, with the spouse and with all we encounter – and find that Jupiter is weak, at 29:32 of Scorpio, within this gandanta range. (We will say more about gandanta below.) Jupiter is a multiplier, in relationships, in marriages, with friends, with advisers, and with many agreements. A weak Jupiter in its own nakshatra Jyestha – is not handing its multiplicities well, and is overwhelmed with competing demands.

In the 8th House, we find Ketu – the karmic reservoir – at 29:15 of Sagittarius, in Nakshatra Uttara Ashada, which is ruled by the Sun. Ketu, as we have explained with reference to Rahu, is sandhi and deprived of energy. Here this weakness of sandhi brings a scattered purpose, disregard of trusts and secrets, casual handling of non-disclosure agreements, and generally scattered on secret histories. There can be unfortunate exposure events occurring until Ketu moves beyond that 1° border. Uttara Ashada does not help as it represents that which cannot be suppressed.

In the 10th house we have the weakest planet of the chart, Mercury retrograde and combust the Sun. Mercury is currently retrograde and returns to direct motion on 29 March, when it will return to Pisces on or around 16 April. Mercury retrograde in Aquarius points to students, pupils, apprentices and disciples all collaring this weakness of Mercury and depleted of purpose generally. Those with a strong discipline and firm foundations will encounter such desuetude and soldier on, facing challenges. Mercury also delivers narratives of social order; the legitimacy of social media as a pillar of order and democracy will be under extreme challenge and confrontation at this time and will continue so until Mercury goes direct. Mercury debilitation in Pisces will also bring on heavy sanction and consequences against social media. A moral reset is needed; Mercury is not a guru, Mercury is a messenger. This is important to remember.

We move on to the last house, the 12th, a trika house, and we have Mars at 29:10 Krittika nakshatra. Where Mars is weak, we get reversals of energy. Instead of strong on boundaries and solitude, we have weakness with Privacy. Where we get excellence with clairsentience instincts, we experience the mind disregarding the the instinctual messages from higher sources. The 12th is a sign of spiritual practice, spiritual harbour – here, due this weakness of Mars, we should be seeking validation of spiritual guidance and discernment. We keep in mind that the spiritual realms do not use speech as we do, and do not respond with immediacy to our requests. As we do not knock and barge into people’s homes, so also, we engage the spiritual realms and wait with patience for the guidance, and it is wise to seek a validation.

Jupiter Gandanta
Gandanta is a term that is used to describe a planet at 29 degrees of a water sign or 0 degrees of a fire sign. This is the point at which the junction points between the signs and the junction points between the Nakshatras intersect. “Gand” means knot, pimple, boil, or joint in sanskrit. “Anta” means end. So gandanta is a point where the energy of a planet gets stuck, a knot where it is hard for the planet to express its energy in a natural way. Normally it only takes Jupiter about a week to cross this point. In this case it will take 8 weeks. During most of that time, Jupiter will be aspected by Mars, and Rahu will also aspect Jupiter for part of that time, until March 21st. So Jupiter will be under a good deal of pressure during this period.

This is a time of Full Moon, and the Sun opposes Moon as the strongest planet in the chart. The Sun, in Pisces, a water sign, signals the “I am” self-centric identity formed by thought-streams emitting from The Series of Suns – going back to the core of all Universes to the Grand Central Sun. This “I am” is being transformed by the energies coming through the star gates and the Ascension to the 4th and higher dimensions. While this is a gateway of higher energies, the mind, represented by the Moon, is also undergoing transformation to the higher dimensions. At this time, we need to be most careful about the thoughts going out …

Thoughts Go Out …

There is your mind … your thoughts — these affect what happens around you. It affects your earthly self. Some people are affected, whether they realise it or not, by the energy of thoughts. Thought – it is important to look at the energy of your thoughts … even before you put them into words. For the energy has already left you and is affecting others.

We have mentioned on many occasions about the Moon being the presiding deity of the mind and about the energy of thought … at this time when the unfortunate consequences of negative hate thoughts and hate manifesto are evident to all, we encourage everyone to be careful of their thoughts. For the energy goes out and it affects people … it can gather and whip up people … without people realising it.

At this time of 5 planets depleted of energy, we are asked by the Universe to rise to our challenges and meet our weak points with inner strengths. This will require considerable mind management and Full Moon is a time when plenty of energy is available to be harnessed. It is important that the thoughts are Light and Love, of God’s Love and Compassion.


This Full Moon occurs on the festival of Holi, the splashing of colours everywhere!

Meditation for the Month

We just see ourselves – we are all joined together – in one circle of light; and raising our consciousness, letting our eyes roll back in our heads a little, so that you imagine you are looking outside the atmosphere of Earth, into the Universe. Don’t force your eyes too much, just enough so that you feel you are looking outwards and up.

And we are joining the world of Light; the Universal Light; the Source of All Creation. And we ask the Angels to be with us, to assist us. They are always with us, but now we are connecting to them in a conscious way.

We feel the light coming down now – from the apex of a pyramid – going through the top of our head, filling our head with light, and our neck, and shoulders, and arms, and hands … and our chest, the back, our waist … and our stomach, and our buttocks, and our thighs. And the light coming further down to the knees, the shins and the calves, and to the ankles and the feet; the soles of the feet and the toes. And feel it swirling around, going out and then returning back to the world of light, so that we feel that we are sitting in a cosmic egg of light.

And keep seeing that movement – like a river – coming down from the world of light, down past our body, out through the feet, and back up to the world of light – forming an egg shape of light around us. We feel ease and peace … very light … very happy.

So we realise that it is this place – that we can connect to our soul consciousness – that is held by our Angelic self, the Angel that’s always with us, with everyone; through our soul. We are all part of God; we are all God-beings; we are all part of Creation.

So feel happy … and released from pain; and feel joy and upliftment; because we know this is our true self, this is who we really are. This is the consciousness that is within us … that is constantly assisting us – in some very small way – or rather strong way; sometimes with a sound, or a voice, or an image. And if it sounds like a voice, it may be a thought we think but it is actually coming from our soul consciousness.

Our soul consciousness is always for good, so it is the God consciousness that’s within us that is constantly trying to guide us in our lives, in a physical body. For without the soul there would be no life in the physical body (or not for very long). It does operate independently – but it is together that we walk … on this Earth … with Love of God with us always.

And sometimes we feel the consciousness advising us, not really realising if it comes from the soul consciousness. But we know it is something that doesn’t seem like a good idea. And so we re-think what way or what steps we should be taking in life. But then, if we ignore it, we look back and think, “I wished I had taken notice; I knew, I just knew, I had that feeling in me, that wasn’t a good decision.”

And sometimes a voice can be quite strong. And we know its not – if we really tune into it – it is not us – its not our own soul voice. It is coming from somebody else that’s in the ether and trying to cause mischief. And for this reason, we need to be aware of where the messages that we hear, or the thoughts that we hear, are coming from.

It is very simple really. The thoughts that come from the soul consciousness, are of God; they are of love; they never want to hurt anybody. They only want to assist, and uplift; to give and share the light of love from the Universe. Anything else … … does not belong. And so we can reject that. And it is very easy to sort out, if you feel happy, and contented and relaxed.

It is important that you spend time to relax … and sit … and meditate. And connect to the soul conciousness who we are now, and making it a habit. Maybe once a day … for a little time … until you feel uplifted and rested. It comes through the the top of your head and into your heart. And it is your heart that holds the feeling. It is the feeling that is most important … in all of your life … in all of your emotions … in all of your thoughts … and in all your actions … if you feel good about it … it is coming directly from the Source of All. It is your home. It is who you really are.

So be blessed and know you are always blessed. And feel happy and filled with joy … even though the road may be difficult at times. You know when you look back … if you are honest with yourself, you really have learned a lot from what was a very difficult time.

So be at peace,

be at peace,

be at peace.


The energy from the Source, the Central Sun, pours into our Sun.

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