An Urgent Message from the Guardians of Planet Earth.

Guardians of the EarthThe Creative Source of The All – that is, all Universes, all forms of life and ALL-EMBRACING-LOVE-ITSELF- has many sentinels who serve and pass on the simple message that life is love and the goal of life is merger with this all-embracing-love-itself. Due a cyclic phenomenon, and the advance of the 26,000 year cycle of the Earth’s progression we are about to enter into a wave of Ascension energy, reaching Earth herself. However, there is a bund of negative energy surrounding Earth and all who live upon her. The Guardians of the Earth – the WATCHERS and others – seek our help with this bund of negativity. You may give your assistance to Ascension itself:

Many of you have been feeling the increased density and heaviness of the energies around you on this planet. We are beings that exist beyond the astral realm and we wish to communicate a very important message to all of you who are aware and who work with the light. Much is being done around the planet to dissipate the negativity and heaviness that is at a crucial level right now on Earth. As light beings, our job is to dismantle this heavy energy and send it out into the universe where it is disintegrated. We wish to communicate that we are at a moment in evolution where the energies of the planet cannot be changed by our work alone, such are the levels of negativity present. Many of you are feeling lost, alone and have become merged with the lower frequencies currently building up around the Earth.

We have an urgent message to all light workers: We need your help as we are at a crossroads in the evolution of the planet, and we need those of you who are in physical form to ASCEND. By ascension, we need you to consciously call in your higher selves on a daily basis in order to dissipate the negative build-up. We ask you to practise calling in the Higher Self through meditation, Reiki or whatever means you wish and by consciously activating and joining with the highest beings for Your/Our greatest good. This daily/frequent practice of upliftment will enable us to continue our work as you will be aiding us.


Planet and Galaxy
A wave of energy is coming to us – from the Grand Central Sun of All Universes – right here to Earth.


There is a wave of ascension energy making its way to earth. This will penetrate the sheath around the earth to help with upliftment. If the negativity surrounding the planet is too heavy, this light cannot penetrate. Thus we need the help of raising of consciousness of all concerned to unite and bring about these changes.

Move away from fear, worries, pain and negativity and focus only on your Highest Self and Highest Good on a daily basis. Step into your Higher Self which is Light and love. If you practice this on a daily basis all other things will fall away. Whenever a negative thought or experience occurs, plug back in, connect to your Higher Self. Tap into your ascension timeline. WE are All One, so if everyone does this, we aid the collective and thus, Earth into her ascension. It is very important that this message is heeded and practised. The time is NOW! Please spread this message far and wide. We embrace you with love and we await to receive your uplifted consciousness.


Sun and Planets
You may give assistance to Ascension by plugging in to your higher self whenever you encounter negativity. Wherever you are – you can help the Guardians and Mother Earth herself.




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