Reflections on Rahu Part II

Rahu - North Node of Moon

Idol of Rahu at Sri Someshvara Temple

Om nakadwajaaya vidmahe
padma hastaaya dheemahi
tanno rahu prachodayat

The myth encompassing Rahu and Ketu illustrate the divine design - energy is blocked when Rahu and Ketu bedim the Sun and Moon. Both eclipses and conjunctions with Rahu, the North Node, obstruct, negate and liberate energy within. The two nodes are points of energy wherein the combinations and recombinations of planetary forces are transformed: for good or ill. The nodes both magnify the energy of any planet they are associated or conjunct with. However, with the inbreaking of the Golden Age and the uptake of the 4th Dimension, these nodes and their role is to augment, supplant, release and reactivate the energy within. It may also be the role of Rahu and Ketu to re-activate the so-called Junk DNA within.

The planets represent the seven rays of light; the nodes represent the transformation of these rays of light. Too much expansion of energy and light leads to dissipation of internal energies and strengths, and that dissipation may lead to being carried away by mass trends and influences, fruit of the influence of Rahu on the mind. Na sreyo niyamam vina, is the teaching of the Vedas; there is no progress without adherence to discipline. So progress and taking up what is offered by Rahu in this time of transformation and advent of the Fourth Dimension (for this generation of humans) requires the practice of personal self discipline. This is utterly necessary in light of the fact that perception can be bound to the inner reality of illusion if one does not take up the influences of Rahu in a proper manner.

Worldly success and inner unrest may be the fruits of a well-placed strong Rahu presence in the astrology chart. Worldly success may be of both a positive and negative nature. There may be popularity and prestigious positions; there may also be the phenomena of being carried away by mass trends, something Rahu may sport with. There is nothing wrong with mass-trends in themselves; the thing is to utilize them to one's benefit and not let go of inner discipline. It is appropriate to have a mobile phone. It is inappropriate to be texting 24/7 and ignoring interaction and conversations with the friends, family and acquaintances in your midst, as many people do.

Reality Check

There is also the need to consider the role of Rahu and afflictions to the mind. The principle we are using is the astrologer's rule with regard to education and learning: Saturn and Moon must not join. Rahu takes the role and function of Saturn in the astrology chart as per Sani-vat-Rahu teaching. Where Rahu and Moon join, afflictions to the mind arise. Afflictions to the mind given by Rahu manifest as nervous system disorders, such as neuralgia and multiple sclerosis, where the myelin sheath is damaged. There is also binding of perception, that is, binding to maya, illusion. This often takes the form of immersion into self-created worlds and imagination. The reality check is needed so that these do not take over your life as self-limiting thought-forms and beliefs.

With Rahu, with Ketu, with the Planets, with the deities ruling the planets and nakshatras, these energies are the combining and recombining of light within our bodies and surrounding our soul as impressions and wishes, desires from the past. Thus do these heavenly influences create the circumstances wherein we journey down the road called life. We can fall and fall again. We can always get up, and climb the path up the mountain again and again. The Bhagavad Gita begins, "Dharmakshethre kurukshethre", declaring that the field (place) of right action is the field (place) of the human body. In that field of the body do the planets, the forces, play out their drama, influencing strengths and weaknesses. It is up to us to determine how we may take up these forces to our benefit.

Light, Fourth Dimension and Rahu: an offering

Light is always spiritual light; the Fourth Dimension is the flow of light to this Earth planet wherein light and matter engage in interaction to produce a new, heightened vibration which reactivates the 4th dimension of existence. This adds to other dimension human response. As the seen reflects the seer, it is important to be aware of the role the shadow planet Rahu may play in your life as the vibration of light becomes faster and faster. Will you stay in the shadow, or will you take up the transformation the Shadow Planet Rahu has to offer?

The key to this is discipline of the mind. Rahu can produce unsteady minds caught up in their own creations, and Rahu also produces warriors who bring order out of chaos, on account of their reality checks and their the practice of personal self-discipline. Here we see the advice in the Vedas is entirely appropriate: there can be no progress without adherence to discipline. Arthava Veda gives the following mantra: May we get welfare from the planets and Moon. May we get welfare from the Sun as well as Rahu. So the Vedas validate the role of Rahu: Rahu produces warriors of many kinds. The question arises: How do we discipline the mind?

Sathya Sai Baba has this to say about the leading of the mind:

Treat your mind as a little boy. Bring up that boy, train it to become wiser and wiser, caress it onto good ways, make it aware that all objects that are 'seen' are just products of one's own illusion, remove all its fears and foibles, and focus its attention steadily on the goal only.

Never deal forcibly with the mind; it will yield easily to tenderness and patient training. Correct its waywardness by means of the attitude of renunciation. Destroy its ignorance by means of instruction in the knowledge of the soul. Strengthen the interest by which it is already endowed toward the realisation of God; let it give up the attraction toward the evanescent and the false mirages created by fancy and fantasy; turn its face inward, away from the external world. By these methods, concentration can be firmly established.


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