Life on Earth, Life in the Universe
The Hierarchy, Star People,
the coming Golden Age

Life on Earth, Life in the Universe
The Hierarchy, Star People,
the coming Golden Age

Human Life

Human life has a purpose – we are here because we want to be here. We have made choices, which have become embodied as our soul blueprint.

We call come to Earth from the realms of light (the subtle universe – see Sri Yukteshwar) with a soul blueprint. This soul blueprint lays down all the peoples we will interact with in our lives. So no major events, no major interactions in our lives are unplanned. We are all here to help one another.

Thoughts are things, globules of multicoloured energy, almost like putty. There is a power in thoughts, so there is a need to be careful with thoughts, a need to discipline the mind and channel energy. We can look at the energy of our thoughts even before we put them into words or actions. For, thoughts are creative, they create this world we live in (everything in the world is reaction, reflection and resound of what is within us) and when we think a thing, the energy leaves the body and goes out to the Universe until it is manifested in our lives.

The Divine can help us. God, is within each and every one of us as the inner resident of our hearts. We are all sparks of the Divine, this is our source and our return. We can ask the Divine for help – and the moment we ask, help is given. Help is never with-held on the realms of light. Part of the strategy to manage thoughts, and to examine the energy of thoughts is to ask for help in managing thoughts. We can do this if we consciously choose to walk with God.

“To walk with God you need to stay in the moment, and hear and feel and act in the moment and allow God to guide you in every action”.

Human Life and Consciousness

  • There is Earth Consciousness, comprising all our earthy lifetimes;
  • There is Cosmic Consciousness, comprising all our lifetimes in the cosmos.
  • There is a Universal or Angelic Consciousness which is a state of being. (Light Beings appear to us in many different forms.)
  • The purpose of embodiment on Earth is to experience emotions, feelings and love.
  • It is LOVE that will transform the earth to a place of Universal Peace

Everyone can access the cosmic consciousness; this embedded capacity is in the Soul. What you take back with you into the Angelic Realms is your character. This is your only possession which you take with you beyond the grave – everything else, you leave behind: money, possessions, clothes, cars, smartphones, I Pads, etc. All this, you leave behind.

We have had lifetimes in the Cosmos as light-beings. Every one of us becomes a light-being when we leave the body. We go to the subtle universe, what is sometimes called the afterlife. Calling this after-life tells us that life and our consciousness actually continues after we leave the body.

I have read a suggestion recently that people who do not put effort into discovering the purpose of life reincarnate before they know what they are doing. They become disoriented without a body and immediately seek a flesh-and-bones body.

In that message we were addressing what it is like to be in the Void after death and pointed out that many people become uncomfortable with waiting and rush out of the Void, or non-duality, into creating a new life, be it a physical life or an experience in another dimension. (Source)

A Universe teeming with life

We have lived on other worlds as light-beings. In our material universe of the Solar System, the galaxy, the Orion Arm, there is life on other planets in other dimensions. There is also life in multiple universes and parallel universes. All this exists. We have forgotten.

We might call the (people) (life-beings) who live on other worlds Star People. They have light bodies in other dimensions, also. Star People exist; they communicate with us – communications which often come in dreams, in intuitions, in impressions, in psychic experiences.

All the worlds and all the universes are guided by a Hierarchy of light beings, those who are sometimes called Ascended Masters. The Hierarchy exists. The one whom we know as Cosmic Sai Baba is the leader of the Star People. They are Star People. They are coming from a point of no limit. Star People will help us but we have to ask for their help. There are protocols for communications, although. Just like when you want to visit someone and ask them a question, you knock on the door and wait until you are invited in. So also with communication with the Star Peoples; they have to be asked, invoked, and then a wait for a reply to come. Discrimination between the voice of the ego and the voice of higher consciousness (where the communications come in) is needed.

Star peoples have taken birth here on Earth. There are the Crystal Children, the Indigo Children and other starseeds here in human bodies or vessels. There are those around us in human vessels who have memories and experiences as Star People. They are here to assist. Archaeological records and ancient literatures indicate that once upon a time, light beings populated the planet Venus – the Blue People – who lived here (on this Earth in aeons past) in third and fourth dimensional bodies and helped the human race in a time of difficulty.

The Star People are here to assist. A transition will take place, and with it, comes manifold energies. We are all here to assist one another. There are those who have lost the way. Look at them with love and compassion, not criticism or judgement Such action will also assist in changing and healing the Beings, the Races, that exist in the Cosmos.

Every action has a reaction. Helping those here on our Earth Planet will also have a positive, love-filled vibration and reaction which goes out to the Universe and has its impact elsewhere – in the material universe and in the subtle universe. So whatever help we give, may go out and help other races.


There is a Fourth Dimension. Its vibration is higher than ours; hence we do not see the star people nor their space-travel vessels, unless they want to show us.

The energy from the Sun is affecting everything – it is this energy, coming from the Central Sun of the Subtle Universe (this is the Central Sun of all the Universes, material and non-material), flowing through to the central Sun of our galaxy and flowing to the Sun of our own Solar System.

Due this energy flowing from the Source of All — the Central Sun of all the Universes and galaxies — the Third and Fourth Dimensions will blend and become one; raising all humanity to higher levels of consciousness. Then healing will go out to the Universe. This is called the Golden Age.

The Golden Age has already begun because the energy is already influencing and infiltrating the earth’s atmosphere, which is like the aura of the soul. It is the aura of the earth’s soul. The Golden Age is also an Aura of Gold.

The Golden Age is change of character – and the principle of action – reaction shows us that A Change of Character changes the Cosmos.



Alcheringa, the Aboriginal Spirit Being who resides at Uluru in Central Australia, is the over-sighting Spirit for this planet.

Alcheringa advises that the planet will not be destroyed. There will be no worldwide disaster on 21 December 2012. The Hierarchy has given an edict, there will be no meteor nor space-object smashing into the Earth from the skies, as happened ten thousand years ago. Life will go on. Changes induced by the energies flowing through the Sun will continue for a time and then abate. Man-induce climate change will continue. Man will not get out of their motor vehicles propelled by fossil fuels, so damage to our home, our planet, our very Mother Earth will continue until humanity learns to live and grow with Mother Earth. Alcheringa advises: There is technology for healing the climate; this can also be used as a weapon. Until we are a race living in harmony, this will not be given to us.

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