Mars and Inner Strength

Human Values and Astrology
Value:Peace; Sub-value: Inner Strength
Planet (graha) Mars – Lord Kuja

The Planet Mars – sometimes known in Vedic Astrology as Mangala, is son of the Earth, and is a focus of energy or shakti of the Earth. Mars is told to be of Pitta dosha – of a fiery nature, and rules two fire signs, Aries and Scorpio. Mars is lord of the Third House and – in debilitated aspect, is Lord of the Eighth House.

Mars is the chieftain, the commander, the leader. He is found frequently in occupations where there is protection of the community – such as the defence forces, the policing forces, the security forces. In these roles, Mars can be tamasic in nature and appearance, but this obscures what is beneath the surface – extensive skills, acquisition of skills relevant to duty (to the extent of bringing order out of chaos) and inner strength.

Mangala - God called Mars

Om veeradhwajaaya vidmahe
vighna hastaaya dheemahi
tanno bhooma prachodayaat

When we look to marriage, in the case of the male, all information about the wife is investigated through the 7th house, its lord, and Venus. In the case of females, everything about the 7th house, its lord and Mars is investigated. As Mars sends aspect to the 8th house, this house should be investigated also.

Human Values, Inner Strength and Mars

What is the relation of Mars to the five human values? All life is but light, in separation from the Creative Source of All, the Supreme Light. Planets reflect light from the Sun, which in turn receives its light from the Supreme Light, the Central Sun of all Worlds. Hence, the planets dispose light, make arrangements, place in the proper position in order to impart a physical tendency or inclination to behaviour, thought or action. It is the task of the planets to provide the forces for the vasanas surrounding the soul – itself an object of self-effulgent light – so that these forces may determine the course of affairs or events.

In determining the course of affairs or events, action is guided by choices, which are guided by our fundamental values, the five human values of truth, love, right conduct, peace and non-violence. These are innately within the human person and may be elicited and brought forth to guide the human person in the course of affairs or events which must come about in life. We guide our lives by the practice of the five human values, and in full practice, live with true humanness.

One of the Vedic names for Mars is Kuja, which means Son of Mother Earth. It is Mars, Kuja that places energy, power and will at our disposal in order that we might, with self control, and mind management, bring order out of chaos, in our internal world, and in the outer world.

Strength is force applied. What forces may we apply which we may call inner strength? Inner strength consists of willpower, self discipline, self control, persistence, detachment, the ability to concentrate and peace of mind. Willpower is the inner strength to make decisions, take action, and handle and carry out any task, regardless of inner and outer resistance, discomfort or difficulties.

Inner Strength comes from the application of inner force, struggle and endurance. Inner Strength springs from the human value of Peace, with its sub-values of understanding, calmness, dignity, self-discipline, patience, concentration and positiveness. We use our values-toolbox of Peace (the foundation of inner strength) to ground ourselves in our inner world; to nurture and encourage ourselves to learn and apply skills; to pause, reflect and apply our inner wisdom; to overcome problems, adversity and struggles with courage and self-discipline.

We need inner strength when we have to make decisions – about our career, our friendships and our personal boundaries. We need inner strength to deal with our children and guide them along the paths of right. We need inner strength to pause and access our inner wisdom and make careful choices when we are under pressure – pressures from all quarters to act, to decide, to live our truth.

What is Inner Strength?

Inner strength is our self- control and is something that leads us towards success and achievement. Inner strength is that ability to stand by our decision; inner strength is the power that pushes us into action in every area of life and provides us with the energy and the tools required to overcome adversity.

We all have inner strengths and that they need to be recognized and cultivated to make them stronger. We must understand the importance of cultivating inner strength. Inner strength consists of will power, self discipline, self-control, persistence, detachment, the ability to concentrate and peace of mind. All people admire and respect strong individuals, who have overcome obstacles and difficulties and reached their potential, because of the inner strength they possess.

What does Inner Strength look like?

Inner strength reflects a sound mind in a sound body; it is human falling, but in rising every time we fall. It is perseverance and endurance for it does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop. Inner strength is self respect which ensures a good name. A good name will shine forever. Inner strength is tackling the impossible until its done. Inner strength is a willingness to carry on despite roadblocks.

What is “doing” Inner Strength?:

Inner strength is submission to discipline in order to acquire skill, ability and capacity relevant to the activity or occupation which one has entered. It is perseverance in drill, repetition, learning over and over again until the goal and the way to the goal becomes second nature. Inner strength also has a dimension of self awareness and surrender to your inner wisdom; it is the risk of pausing and taking inner space and time to have clarity in thinking and feeling. It is self-confidence, peaceful and gives of itself to serve others with both the innate capacity and learned, acquired skills. Inner strength is demonstrating will power, resilience and a confident, positive attitude. Inner strength is strong and inspires strength in others. Inner strength is being in control of your life, consistent in your thoughts, words and actions. It enables achieving of goals with enthusiasm and a successful attitude. Inner strength is also the capacity to take risks – not as a form of attention-seeking behaviour – it is always calculated risks to achieve goals or to serve the community, for inner strength is never selfish in nature.

What are the Fruits of Inner Strength:

The fruits of inner strength are cultivation of inner power – power to do, to achieve, to pause, to seek within, to use power in wise ways. Inner strength brings pride and satisfaction in skill and application of skill in a professional, self-satisfying manner that achieves personal goals, and goals in community service. Inner strength breeds confidence and quiet achievers. Inner strength is peaceful in nature and ever ready to be determined in achieving outcomes. Inner strength is accessible on demand. It may be focussed and applied to the need or situation requiring application of personal energy and skills, and has resilience and perseverance. People with inner strength are optimistic, good communicators, energised and feel secure within themselves. They are stronger and wiser persons mentally.

What Inner Strength is not:

Inner Strength is not agitation, helplessness, nor a sense of powerlessness. Low self-esteem, low self-confidence, these are not indicators of inner strength. Shyness, negativity, lack of motivation, being dominated by others, allowing other to steal your credit or your inner space – these behaviours do not reflect inner strength as part of a person’s character. Inner strength is not rebellion, not seeking of freedom, nor is it resistance to change. While there are aspects of tamasic behaviour in some occupations and works which actually possess and cultivate inner strength, these do not indicate that laziness or being idle are facets of inner strength.

Inner Strength has its foundations in Peace, Truth, Right Conduct, Love and Non-violence. It always harnesses and directs inner power as applied force to disciplined responses and activities. Inner strength responds to the challenges of life with inner space, self-awareness, peace, wisdom, and determined application of energy to a need or a situation. Inner strength is never waiving the decision-making processes within and reacting thoughtlessly to a need, challenge or threat. Inner strength walks away from situations fuelled and driven by the six enemies of man – anger, lust, greed, pride, attachment, jealousy.

Spiritual Dimensions of Inner Strength

The spiritual dimension of inner strength is atma-balan strength of the soul, the spirit within. The soul is likened unto a globe, energised by electric current. The soul can emanate light of a 20 watt bulb, a 40 watt bulb, a 60 watt bulb and up to 100% illumination. Just as you feed the body three times a day, the soul can fed three times a day – with mediation, prayer, use of the intellect (which is nearest the soul and obtains over 90% of its illumination from the soul itself). Inner strength reflects spiritual strength.

Generally people have many wrong notions as to how to assess one’s spiritual strength. But there are four interdependent yardsticks of true strength. We can call them the A, B, C, D of spiritual strength:

A – Awareness of inner joy and selfless love
B – Balance of mind or equanimity
C – Control of senses or Ceiling on desires
D – Dedication to the welfare of the world

The spiritual dimension of inner strength is founded on Peace. A heart and mind filled with Peace spontaneously takes time. It does not haste, waste, worry. It remembers God and calmly examines the need or situation and discriminates the needful action.

Mars, disposer of Inner Strength

Mars as karaka (disposer, energiser, motivator) grants inner strength in the form of energy, will, power, perseverance, determination and endurance. The forces Mars disposes is directed and channelled in a disciplined manner; systematic rehearsal of skilful disciplined, shaped and formed inner strength are the gifts of Mars. Mars is the warrior who has spent time, talents and resources in building up inner strength to serve the workplace, the family, the community, the nation.

Mars has stamina as warrior. Mars may acquire skills, drill, rehearse, practice with endurance beyond normal limits. Mars then has the wherewithal which transforms the initial burst of energy provided by the nervous system in the form of adrenaline. Applied energy is directed, transformed, becomes inner strength which manifests as true humanness. True humanness is spiritual strength in application in everyday life.

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