Triptych of Eclipses (Second Part)

Solar eclipseOver the period of one month from June 5th to July 5th, 2020, we will have three eclipses. The first – on 5-6 June was a penumbral lunar eclipse visible over all of Africa, Europe, South East Asia and the Indian Ocean. There will be an annular solar eclipse on June 21 which will start in Africa and finish over the Pacific Ocean. The third eclipse of 4-5 July will sighted over most of Africa, most of north and south America and Antartica.

A triptych is an unfolding three panel work of art. Each window and its artwork has its own narrative. Earlier in this triptych we examined the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse of 5-6 June. In this post, we open the next window focussing on the Solar eclipse. The triptych will concluded with the 4th of July lunar eclipse.

Note on Annular Solar Eclipse

Rahu will eclipse the Sun at 5° Gemini on 21 June 2020. This solar eclipse is opposite the US ascendant; the eclipse is square with Mars and has a close 6/8 angle with Saturn.

This eclipse will have conjunctions in Gemini in Mrigashira nakshatra (ruled by Mars), in Pada 4 – which is also ruled by Mars. This makes the 4th drishti (aspect) from Mars in Pisces very much stronger. Mars will have people seeking to make contact, join in agreements and proposing joint business which may be filled with speculations, hazards and pitfalls. Care will be needed where people approach with financial propositions; they may approach with drive, vigour, energy and enthusiasm. Eclipses are definitely not times for new business nor financial set outs. First consider your foundations; then common sense, then spiritual sense.

On the other hand, this eclipse takes place in an air sign – Gemini – where Mercury is Sign Lord. This is the tenth house, signifier of executive decision roles, hierarchical status, governance authority, elite positions and public recognition. The challenge that Mars represents above is somewhat weakened by the role of Mercury, 10th Lord in the 10th House. Mercury turns retrograde immediately before this eclipse: this means Mercury will deliver more light, more energy. (Retrograde means “do good, do strong”.) Mercury is in Purnavarsu nakshatra, a nakshatra of light and the beneficence of Jupiter. So we may see a glimmer of positive energy from Mercury, amid the diminution of the eclipse.

It is well known in astrological circles that eclipses have effect not only on the mind, but also on the fire within, the digestion, and there is a spiritual dimension to eclipses also. Prayers, mantras, rosaries, anything that is offered up is multiplied manifold during the time of the eclipse. Prayer, Meditation, sending light and healing to the Earth, to all peoples in all dimensions on Earth during an eclipse is multiplied 100,000 times. Hence, it is good to take the opportunity of this new moon – eclipse and seek to clear the wall of darkness within the intellectual and spiritual domains of the human. Rules are not important; intention, and the motivation within the heart is what is important. Offer some time for the spiritual welfare of all on this planet, and allow the Higher Cosmic Beings to take this energy where it is most needed at this point in time. Multiplied 100,000 times, mankind and those who live in fear and suffering, would benefit from your effort.

6th – 8th Challenge: Satkona

satkona - six pointed star
The Satkona (or Shatkona) – symbol of divine energy – is an ancient symbol used in many civilisations as a sign of a raised consciousness. The word kona in the name means triangle, and the satkona resembles one triangle pointing up with another triangle pointing down imposed over the first triangle. It is said to point to both heaven and earth and suggest the drawing together of the two. It is a symbol of the original human consciousness (4th, 5th, 6th dimensional consciousness) to which the human race is returning. This consciousness has been lost to mankind since the Fall of Atlantis.

In astrology the 6th from, 8th from has significance. 6th-from has overtones of exploitation, disagreement, and toxicity. Here we are talking about Saturn in 6/8 challenge from Saturn to the eclipsed Sun and the Moon. When we look to the 8th from, there are intimations of the 8th house, and its hidden, untoward, sudden effects: shocking change, destruction and sudden rebirth – all matters of the 8th house.

From the 6th House, the challenge may be unbalanced, disagreeable, toxic feelings about matters in the public domain – authorities and their response to Black Lives Matter, to Covid-19 and protection of the community, to prevention of the second wave (think of the Spanish Flu and that second wave). There may be a drive to remedy these unfair, exploitive, or toxic situations. In times of eclipse, it is best to wait and allow the emotional feelings wash over for several days, and use discrimination, detachment and discipline of the inner kind. Rushing out to action in times of eclipse means treading with army boots on where Angels fear to go. It is better to let the moment pass, live with the toxic reaction and plan action discrimination, common sense and spiritual common sense.

The human being – the one with light within, the light of the Soul (the Soul is self-effulgent) – lives in duality, a state of separation from its source. Full concentration is required for the self-inquiry that leads to the return to Source, which may well happen in the 8th house from the Moon. For the many, however, we live in separation, duality, maya. We have to uncover the illusions in the mind. The soul sends messages to the unconscious mind by way of archetypes in dreams, reactions, behaviour and speech that gets away from us before we know what it is we have said! The archetypes contain secrecy; hidden knowledge, and represent emergencies, catastrophic change and tantric transformation: the soul is the opposite gender of our bodily appearance. So this time of eclipse – with Saturn (of all planets) giving the 6/8 challenge to the planets in Gemini (Sun, Moon) asks us to tread slowly, learn to live with the experiences emerging from within, and allow new self-understandings of myself and what it means to be fully human – fully alive to sit with, to ponder over time, to allow such archetypal experiences to be. In order to understand phenomena, sometimes we have to stand under the experience, allow it to shed its light upon us, and thus, come to under+standing. This is is not something that comes quickly, it is under the guidance of manda, the slow one: Saturn.

A triptych is an unfolding three panel work of art. Each window and its artwork has its own narrative. We will open the next window about the 4th of July Lunar eclipse, soon. We use triptych because the cumulative effect of first two eclipses will have impact on the 4th of July eclipse.


Triptych of eclipses
A Triptych of eclipses: Lunar, Solar, Lunar





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