108 Names of the Moon: Chandra Ashtottara Shatanamavali #11

Moon - a royal planet

Om jayodyogaya namaha – Salutations to the One who achieves victory through effort.

jay, jaya– Hin. f. victory, success, triumph interj. long live!, hail to!
jaya San. adj. (from ji – to conquer, win) conquering, winning; m. conquest, triumph, victory; being victorious.
jaya: conquer. Adi 16.25
jaya: all glories unto You Madhya 1.6
jaya: victory. Madhya 1.177
jaya: victorious. Madhya 21.76
udyoga: arrangement Madhya 9.331
udyoga: endeavor Madhya 15.228
udyoga: exertion Madhya 15.233
udyoga: work, industry, job, occupation


Many go to work day after day, and greet one another with “Another day, another dollar”. Work is only for the pursuit of moneys, which one uses to fulfil desires and needs. In the language of the Vedas, work, being industrious, having a job is translated udyoga. Yoga, as we know, means path of union with the Divine, towards the Divine. It would seem, prima facie, that work and being industrious has something to do with joining up with the inherent divinity within the human.

Real udyoga does not have its base in the annual salary, emoluments, benefits and bonuses. Real udyoga has its base in yoga, which harmonises our psyche and enables us to stick to the truth and keeps us on the path of dharma. We keep in mind that the Universe is based on truth and truth has to emerge from that what it is we do as work. On the other hand, Lord Krishna announces dharmakshetre kurukshetre the place of dharma or right conduct is the place or field (kshetre) of activity; activity undertaken by the human. In short, it is only in the human form, in the body, that we can take up and follow dharma. That is the activity that gives the mark of true humanness.

Those who get an education and rush off to the city to earn kazillions of moneys fail their home, their society, their culture. If you come from a village, a township, a regional place, you should return there to enrich your home town with your time, talents and resources. Society gives you your food, your health and your education, so you should be one who is appreciative of what society gives and return the gifts to the giver. In so doing you honour the giver and bring honour upon your own self. In summary, we should engage in some profession in order to secure the means to live and let the society in which you live benefit by your services to yourself, to society and to the country – these are the stages which should follow one after the other. This is the meaning of udyoga.

You must learn to become a new type of leaders, leaders who have passed through the crucible of Seva, as sadhana; leaders who have passed through school and college and mastered the problems of the present and future, in the light of the past, leaders who appreciate the traditions and culture of this country.

That is the job for which you have to prepare yourself. The word for industry, work, is udyoga. Mark the word! Ud-yoga, ‘ud’ means upward, rising, emergent. So, it is the progress in yoga that defines the nature and purpose of the job. And, what is ‘yoga?’ Yoga is, as Patanjali says, chiththa vritti nirodhah, the control of the agitations and anxieties and fears of the mind.

Kadugodi, 21-7-1970

You have to practise Dharma in the management of artha, especially when the artha is to be used for human uplift and human betterment as here. Udyogam purushalakshanam, it is said. Ud-yoga means, as is commonly understood, employment in some job, something that is worth doing. No, it means ud (higher) yoga (spiritual discipline), a sadhana which has assumed the status of a job. All jobs which you take up are ud-yogas, higher disciplines, which mark out (lakshanam) the Purusha (the man). When artha is sought through dharma, the purushartha deserves the name, ‘parama-purushartha’ for it is parama or oriented towards the para or the higher eternal values. 20.6.1974

Om jayodyogaya namaha – Salutations to the One who achieves victory through efforts.



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