Advice received about ‘Emergency Meditations’

Flower of Life

A call has been sent out to followers of a discipline connected to Flower of Life to take up ’emergency meditations’ due conjunctions and aspects between certain planets. The planets are perceived as troublesome in nature, and thus, need to be ‘appeased’ and the Earth must be ‘protected’ by ’emergency meditation’ using the Flower of Life. As we are Vedic astrologers, we will have a ‘glance’ at these claims, a small, vedanga-in-nature (limb of the vedas) glance (drishti) as we look to these planets.

The matter, calling for emergency Flower of Life meditations is an aspect between two planets. We are talking about the “square” (kendra) aspects, which can be 1, 4, 7, or 10 signs apart. These aspects generate energy between the planets and that energy can affect the human, it can affect the matters of the sign it occurs in, or the house. (Signs are like Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, like this) and houses are like (First house, Second House, Third House, Fourth house, all with different significations.) These aspects are sort of happening all the time. For example, at sunrise today (Saturday, 26 September) the Sun was “square” Jupiter, the Sun being in the 1st house, and Jupiter being in the 4th house. Another example, Mercury, in the Second house, was square Saturn and Moon in Fifth house, square Mars in the Eighth house and square Venus in the 11th house. So these sorts of aspects (squares) are happening all the time.

So now we look to the planets involved in the first call to meditation, Saturn and Mars. Saturn is the slow one. His task is to provide you with experiences of frustration, delay and slowness. Thus are you propelled into detachment and discrimination. Saturn is the giver, the one who provokes discrimination. From discrimination, self-discipline is born. So you are invited to take time, not to haste, waste, or worry. This is why Saturn makes matters proceed slowly.

Mars is the planet of energy; Mars rules our capacity to project emotion; Mars is emotional excitability which may turn to violence on occasion. Mars is the planet of power, strength, courage and aggression. A strong Mars provides us with the energy, independence, will and self-confidence to carry out our endeavours.

Saturn and Mars are not friends.

This means, when they meet, or when they pass through the other’s house or sign, it is abrasive, wearing, tearing, draining time. They grind on each other, cause friction, delay and upset. To a lesser extent, aspects between these two planets (1,4,7, or 10 signs away) can have a similar effect, depending on other causes at work. If they are in their own signs (as they are right now) then they are in strength, and filled with energy. If they are retrograde (going in reverse from our point of view on Earth), then there is more strength. If other planets aspect them, there is some softening or deflection.

For example, on this day, Sun, Mercury and Rahu aspect Saturn. Rahu makes Saturn stronger, Mercury fills Saturn with information and data mining, which must be extracted with patience and slowness. On the other hand, with Mars, we have Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus all giving aspects. The strongest aspect is that of Mercury, which makes Mars’ energy a bit frenetic, a bit frantic to see some action, some result.

So we come to the call to emergency meditation:

In the next few days we expect a few bumps in the road due to two astrological aspects that might bring numerous complications and unnecessary violence in the world.

In order to prevent and neutralise any possibility of violence in the society worldwide on these dates, we are asking everybody to do the Flower of Life meditation at the exact time recommended for your location, in order to calm and harmonise the situation.

The first reference is to the “square” between Saturn and Mars: Mars is four away from Saturn, an aspect that affects home life, the household, feelings in the family. A dampening, a slowing down of all that frenetic, frantic energy. The mundane indications are a slowing down of the outlook, the condition of the country. A heaviness, a slowness of the state of Law and Order: sounds like a recipe for lockdowns and Coronavirus might continue to be the prevailing state of affairs.

Saturn is 10 away from Mars, a very strong square from Mars to Saturn, where Saturn is slow, causing delay, frustration, very slow progress, we can expect Mars to give push and shove, get things happening, grinding away and with energy and friction up against the grindstone of Saturn. Grr, Grr, sparks fly upwards. The lockdown protests, the Black Lives Matter, taking the protest against recession and lower income up to the government! And then, this ten houses away square directly affects the Executive, the Parliament, the Administration, Foreign Trade, Law and Order. A challenging time.

Task of the Planets
The planets seize us and fill us with light; they are luminaries which reflect the light coming through our Sun and redirect the energy streams from the Sun to our mind, body and spirit. Each planet combines and recombines light and then directs that light and magnetism of the Sun to ourselves. Grahas are seizers; graha means to grasp, to seize. They can raise us up, they can pull us down. Whether we rise or fall depends on how well we utilise the light and energy coming from the planets to ourselves. They may draw attention by their effects within us. Whether we rise or fall is largely up to us.

Now we can have fear, or we can have possession of our minds, and be a mastermind. Instead of the mind leading us, we can lead the mind. We may undertake puja, homam, lakshana, in order to relieve doshas, malefic influences and influences caused by transits. Still, it is the duty of the human to follow dharma also. Lord Krishna teaches in Bhagavad Gita, dharmakshetre kurukshetre – the field (place, habitat) of right conduct is the field (place, habitat) of the human form itself. Ditto, the planets, which must also follow this eternal order of the universe. In fact, the planets deliver this righteousness according to their capacity and duty.

It is not a time to be frightened and rush off into a manufactured emergency. The world is in God’s hands, for God says, “Why fear when I am here?” It is time to exercise discrimination and detachment (skills that Saturn may impart to you), strength and resilience (qualities that Mars may give you). You utilise the best the planets have to give, and raise yourself up.

Mars and Pluto
We look to the second “emergency”, a square aspect between two planets, this time, Mars and Pluto. This particular aspect is again caused by planets moving ‘backwards’ or retrograde, as both Mars and Pluto are doing right now. Pluto takes 243 years to go around the zodiac, so Pluto, is quite slow. Slower than Saturn, you might say. Mars is going ‘backwards’ and so comes into square with Pluto momentarily on 11 October. This actually happens in different signs to the first (so-called emergency) and so we give a slightly different take.

Most of those who practice Vedic astrology disregard the outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Literature of Vedic Astrology only uses the traditional nine planets: Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and lunar nodes Rahu and Ketu. However, Neo-Vedic or contemporary Vedic astrologers attend to the outer planets when they change signs, when they change nakshatra, or turn retrograde. There is no rulership, dignity or debilitation assigned to the outer planets. Outer planets are known by their effects.

When we turn our attention to Pluto, we encounter effects such as transformation, catharsis, death and transformation (in parts of our lives), transmutation and remaking of our lives. As an outer planet, Pluto really only transmits energy when it changes signs or goes retro, as we said above. With Mars and Pluto, it is like the Hare and the Tortoise; we know we can rely on the tortoise to finish the race; always. With Pluto, there is slow combustion, slow transformation, slow revelation and understanding of our circumstances. Mars may be pushing up against Pluto for the outcome the resolution, the vaccine for Corona, for goodness sake!

When we look to the mundane significances, there is a slight change. Mars will be in Pisces, the 4th house from Pluto, there may be effects on public housing, foreign debts, mass hospitalisations (as is occurring right now) (Pluto throws its energy, its effects ahead of time)… and there may be mishaps with responsibility for public affairs.

When we look to Mars trying push-and-shove with Pluto in the 10th house away, we see the Judicial system giving rulings to restore public confidence, we see attacks on public morality, religion standing up for the inalienable human rights of men and women, we see diplomats in the fray between nations (think conflicts and trade wars with a certain nation in the Far East), and we see progress and development towards Covid-normal unfolding.

It is a lot to take in, in one go, and with Pluto in the mix, transformation definitely comes, but it comes slowly, and with a cost.

Your role in this time and place? Earlier we mentioned Lord Krishna, and the teaching given in the Bhagavad Gita, dharmakshetre kurukshetre, the place where dharma happens is the human form, the human in action. We may follow dharma, and send love and light to all the beings in all the worlds, samasta loka sukhino bhavantu.

We may do the Flower of Life meditation. Before the Fall of Atlantis, the Flower of Life was inscribed on the grounds nearby the villages and the cities, and the hue-mans (the beings filled with the light of the soul, the human being) would go there and draw in energy for sustenance and strength. This is when they were in light bodies. Now, the human is no longer the light body and takes in sustenance in solid and non solid forms; the Flower of Life becomes a symbol where the non-solid sustenance (love and light) is given out to one and all.


Flower of Life
Samasta loka sukhino bhavantu – may all beings – in all the worlds – be happy.



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