108 Names of the Moon: Chandra Ashtottara Shatanamavali #22

Moon - a royal planet

Om Anantaya Namaha, Salutations to the One who is immortal and has no end.

ananta: (an+anta) San. adj. endless, infinite, limitless, free and unbounded M. ‘the infinite one’ – the cosmic serpent (representing eternity or suspended time) who supports Vishnu on his endless coils on the ocean of milk between successive world-periods. ‘Among the serpents, I am Ananta.’ (Bhg. X:29) Also epithet of Vishnu and Krishna as the infinite immortal Absolute. (VSN. 659, 886)
anantaya: the unlimited SB 5.17.17
anantaya: unto the unlimited Lord SB 7.8.40
anantaya: who are everlasting, transcending the three phases of time (past, present and future) SB 8.5.50

Immortality is free from attachments and sense-desires of any kind. The Moon, as presiding deity of the mind, guides the mind to stillness and detachment. The Moon is peerless in the act of following dharma, giving the example of right conduct. None can give the example of steadiness in following dharma like the Moon.

We must exercise discrimination and be always seeking in search for Truth. Wants and desires are the highways and byways that distract us from the ultimate goal. Truth is the basis of the Universe, and we must ever be steady in this search for Truth. The mind is outward going in nature and like a child, seeks to grasp all that it sees. So does the mind seek again and again to acquire the objects it has given up.

Do not yield to the vagaries of the mind. Turn back, even forcibly, from sensory attachment. Why, even prayer cannot be done, according to the mind’s vagaries. One has to stick to the same place and time! Then the mind can be led gently toward the proper goals of life. The Atma itself will sustain such spiritual seekers and give them strength and steadiness. This is the path to immortality, not the path that leads to satiation of desires and wants.

A person of steady wisdom is not disturbed when assailed by misery, nor is he frustrated by blind hope of happiness. He is not easily affected by desire and anger, and since he has become perfect, he does not know fear. When a person becomes free from limiting conditions and distinctions, he should be known as a man of steady wisdom. He who has no attachment and who, meeting with good or evil, does not welcome the one or hate the other, his wisdom is well-poised. He is the same to everybody like the full moon, which gives light without distinguishing between the good and the wicked. In. this equal treatment and compassion to all creatures, his mind undergoes no alteration at any time. He does not become elated if he gains something good nor does he become dejected if he comes by something bad. Know that person to be a man of steady wisdom, who is full of the knowledge of the Self and feels neither joy or sorrow (Jnaneshwari Gita: 296-300).


Om Anantaya Namaha, Salutations to the One who is immortal and has no end.



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