108 Names of the Moon: Chandra Ashtottara Shatanamavali #23

Moon - a royal planet

Om Kastadarukutharakaya Namaha, Salutations to the One with the axe who cuts down the tree of our misery and sorrows.

daru: wood
daru: of wood
kasta: giving trouble
kastah: different directions
kuthara: the axe
kutharam: the axe
kutharaih: by axes

In these times of Coronavirus, many are experiencing misery and sorrows.

Many people are experiencing great sorrow as a result of being separated from friends and loved ones, due to the present worldwide restrictions on meetings and social interactions of all kinds. When you experience yourself feeling sorrow, sadness, or any kind of dissatisfaction with the circumstances of your life, please call for help. Reach out to your spirit guides, your angels, your God, or the Creative Source of the All.

The promise is given from above: They are always available, and will always answer your call immediately! Whenever a request for help is sent out, help is always given. It is their joy – the joy of the Hierarchy – to assist you all in your ongoing awakening processes, which many of you are finding extremely unsettling. As you spend more time alone, and find emotional issues arising powerfully within you which need to be addressed, thanked, forgiven, and released, ask me to help you to relax into your holy inner sanctuaries where Love awaits you, wishing only to embrace and honor you if you will allow It to do so. Allowing and welcoming is the key, so let go of any negative feelings or self-judgements about your worthiness and invite Love to join you there.

Sorrow is a powerful emotion that arises when you experience loss, and which can be extremely debilitating, often leading to intense depression and lack of motivation for life.

We learn here that the Moon is the servant of the Divine, and simply reflects the Divine light, the Divine Energy. It is role as kastadarukutharakaya supplication to the Moon as deity can remove sorrows and sufferings.

Creation involves the putting together of substances; what is put together must come apart, in course of time and get liberated. The individual is created and so he has to disintegrate and die. Now, some are born happy; some are enjoying healthy, happy lives. Some are born miserable; others are born without hands or legs. Some are born feeble-minded or as defectives. Who hurt them or injured them? God is proclaimed as just and kind. It can be argued how such a God can ever be so partial and prejudiced? How can such differential treatment come into the Realm ruled by God? Such doubts are natural. But, the vision of the sages of yesteryear who moulded the thought of this land India and revealed to them that God is not the cause of these differences; they are the consequences of the acts indulged in by the individual in lives previous to the present one. They result in happiness and misery, health and handicaps.

Om Kastadarukutharakaya Namaha, Salutations to the One with the axe who cuts down the tree of our misery and sorrows.



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