108 Names of the Moon: Chandra Ashtottara Shatanamavali #25

Moon - a royal planet

Om prakasatmane namaha, Salutations to the One who manifests the self-effulgence of the Soul within.

Pra-kasa: visible, manifest, clear, evident;
Pra-kasa: bright, shining, brilliant; expanded,
Pra-kasa: clearness, brightness, brilliance, lustre, splendor, light,
Pra-kasa: ‘maker of light,’ an epithet of the sun.
Pra-kasa: brilliant in character or nature, shining, brilliant. Brilliant nature or character, brilliancy.
Prakasa-karman: ‘whose work is to give light,’ an epithet of the sun.
Prakasa-ta: or prakasa-tva:. brightness, brilliance, splendor, luminousness; appearance, manifestation, visibility;

You must know how to keep the body in good trim, the senses under strict control, the mind well within check, the intellect sharp and clear, unhampered by prejudices and hatreds, and the feelings untouched by egoism. You must know the Atma too, for that is your very core; that is the effulgence which illumines your inner and outer selves. This knowledge will ensure joy and peace and courage for you throughout life. You must also cultivate the art of avoiding the infliction of pain on others.

Each of you has struggled upwards from the stone to plant, from plant to animal, from animal to man! Do not slide back into the beast; rise higher to Divinity, shining with the new effulgence of Love. The Divine is the energy that animates, the urge that circulates the blood in your veins, that transmits knowledge and experience through the nerves, that correlates and collects for storage the impressions your senses gather, the conclusions your intelligence garners! Keep in line with the Divine, by means of Love, Truth and Goodness.

Doctors know that the body consists of cells, billions of them, alive and alert, busy and active. Each cell is motivated by the Atma; it is immanent, all over. The Atma is in each of them as well as in every spot of space. When we realise it as such, it is experienced as effulgent total splendorous light; endless, incomparable, unique Light.

Om prakasatmane namaha, Salutations to the One who manifests the self-effulgence of the Soul within.



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