December 2020 Solar Eclipse

solar eclipseThe unsettled energy from the 29 November eclipse follows on to the 14/15 December 2020 Total Solar Eclipse, visible in the Southern Pacific, south of South America and the Southern Atlantic oceans, reaching over to the edge of South Africa. Small parts of South Africa will see a partial solar eclipse. This eclipse takes place in Scorpio, the sign of transformation. We may anticipate transformation will come to us and our nations, leading toward the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.

What do we see with this eclipse, and what energies are associated with this?

The lunar node Ketu is the cause of the eclipse. Ketu is called the ‘tail of the dragon’, the other half being Rahu – head of the dragon – who was the cause of the earlier eclipse in late November. Ketu is mostly disconnected from the everyday world, a loss of connection to the external world, one who is liberated from external demands, forever wandering, disinterested, disengaged from the world of relationships, stimulation and change. While disconnected, Ketu is an excellent witness of what is happening here and there.

There are other planets in this eclipse. While Ketu, Sun and Moon form the eclipse energy, Mercury is very close to Ketu – only ten minutes afar – so we say Mercury is conjunct Ketu, which is going to be somewhat dissociative for Mercury people (Gemini, Virgo Ascendant, Moon or Sun people) and people running Mercury dasha period. Venus is in this eclipse sign as well (think Taurus and Libra), but is further away. Venus people can expect to feel some disturbance to their equanimity and poise, but less of intensity that Mercury people will feel.

This eclipse takes place in Mercury’s nakshatra by name Jyestha, and so predicates some interior challenges, facing our demons, our past, or the issues we continually drag from the past into the present. You might think of issues and preset ways of responding to situations that don’t really help us. It’s the vinyl record stuck in one groove, continually rehearsing past conflicts, past hurts and pains, and bringing them up again.

Because this eclipse is within the sign of transformation, we get the opportunity to let things go. You see, an eclipse is diminution of light, something is closed to the light within us, then the light returns: we can return without our bag of dross that continually pulls us down. This is emotional material known unto ourselves and not others (Scorpio stuff) and we get an opportunity to let go … Keep in mind as we have said here on many occasions, the planets can drag us down, they can raise us up. It is up to us how we utilise their energy, and this includes the events where energy is interrupted. The Moon will dim the light of the Sun totally, so we get TWO planets we might call upon to help us let the emotional dross go forever.

If you are interested, we give the relevant Gayatri Mantras:


Om kshirputraya vidmahe
amrit tattvaya dheemahe
tanno Chandra prachodayat


Om Bhaskaraya vidmahe
Maha divya karaya dheemahe
tanno Surya prachodayat


Do what feels right. (Keep in mind that prayer is magnified 100,000 times during times of eclipse.) I want to bring to your attention the saying in vedanta, yad bhavati, tad bhavatum, as the feeling, so the result. If you feel something is true for you, it becomes true for you. If you feel it is right to chant a mantra 3, 5, 9, 11 or 108 times, go right ahead and do it. You will receive the benefit you feel you will obtain. So find the eclipse time for your nation, your region or your township, and do yourself a favour. Seek the aid of the planets, Sun and Moon are the Royal Planets.

In the Navamsha – relevant for people aged 48 and older – we see a slightly different measure of this eclipse. (The matters mentioned earlier are relevant and do provide effects, to a lesser degree, perhaps more so if you have planets in Scorpio…) Nonetheless, there is a different measure as the eclipse takes place in Pisces, a mutable sign, a water sign, a sign ruled by Jupiter, and at this time, is reflecting a face to the world of a strong personality.

In Navamsha, the eclipse is in the third house of activity, communication influenced by the magnanimity of Jupiter and the emotional depths of Pisces. Keep in mind that Pisces is the traditional 12th house, the end of the cycle, the place of loss and long-term recuperation, convalescence. This does not mean that older people are going to experience these events; no. It means that some of these signatures which have been present will be interrupted, transformed, and even, depart forever.

Remember that while eclipses are signs of disturbances, they are also times of closing off matters, letting go, and moving on. It may take time, as we grow older with more patience and dignity, and allow ourselves more time for interior, internal transformation. The world may not see this, but you will sense some deep transformation or change, after a time. No other planets aspect nor join the Sun and Moon, so this is a work of the two luminaries, alone.

The Great Conjunction approaches. Eclipse is on 14/15 December, the Summer Solstice is the same day as the Great Conjunction, in fact, around two hours prior. There is much attention given to this conjunction in the media, from the point of astronomy. Others speak of the conjunction bringing a wave of energy from the Grand Central Sun of our Universe. Others speak of this conjunction occurring in the sign of Aquarius, so heralds the onset of the Age of Aquarius, and make reference to various calendars (Mayan and others), eons, the Fall of Atlantis and commencement of yugas. There are many theories.

We put forward some simple facts, from the point of view of Vedic Astrology. (We do not denigrate Western Astrology – for many times, Western Astrology corroborates matters with the planets, signs and houses.)

The Grand Conjunction:

  • occurs in Capricorn.
  • Capricorn is ruled by Saturn
  • Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn
  • Because Saturn is in dignity in Capricorn, the debilitation of Jupiter is cancelled
  • The conjunction occurs in Uttarashada Nakshatra, ruled by the Sun
  • Uttarashada is sattvic in nature and tends towards liberation, release from the cycle of death-birth-and-death-again
  • This conjunction is aspected by the head of the dragon, Rahu
  • This conjunction will have impact/transformation on social media, messaging, communication technologies, tolerance for diverse systems and large scale responsibilities.

This conjunction takes place in the sign ruled by Saturn, so there will be a strong influence – if not foundation for the future – guided by Saturn’s nature. Saturn focuses on your tasks, your duties, your responsibilities relevant to your station in life (think ashrama, dharma), along with proper governance, the proper processes of applying and fulfilling your responsibilities. Consider that you have to do your duty before you can have your rights.

There is another matter at risk here. We speak of virtual reality, and how the internet has turned the user into a product, and creates an individual, virtual reality for each and every user. We use the word risk, for the mind is like a camera. The mind takes the form of whatever it is pointed at, so the guidance is “take care before you click”. Saturn is also told – by some – to be the karaka, the dispositor of computers, computing, the digital framework. Saturn, however, is NOT the karaka of intense digital engagement. There is a sense of taking care with this conjunction, and what you want from it. Jupiter is a magnifier, a multiplier of energy, a multiplier of what is at hand.

We will write again on the great conjunction. Meanwhile, make a few notes for yourself about the advertising and links put in front of you by search engines, social media. What effect does this have on you? Do you follow these links, or do you take explicit steps that you not be followed around by cookies as you traverse the Internet and the World Wide Web?

The Great Conjunction is directly connected to these matters. As this takes place in the sign of Saturn, what, then, is your duty to yourself? Do you fall for a virtual reality made for you, or do you fulfil your responsibilities in your ashrama, your dharma?


Eclipse of Sun over water
The eclipse will be visible in the Southern Pacific Ocean, south of South America and the Southern Atlantic ocean, reaching over to the edge of South Africa.


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