108 Names of the Moon: Chandra Ashtottara Shatanamavali #30

Moon - a royal planet

Om kamakrte namaha, Salutations to the One who is the maker of desire.

kama San. m. wish, desire; the desired one; lust; endeavour – personal satisfaction, any gratification of the ego or senses. ‘As long as the stars glitter, the sun won’t rise.’ (Kabir)
kama ‘The mind is the warp and woof of desire.’ ‘Desire is the cause of birth.’ ‘If a desire arises, analyse it. If it is good for you and not harmful to others, go ahead. If not, put it aside at once.’
kṛt: doing. SB 4.29.18-20, Madhya 24.181
kṛt: performing SB 3.29.25
kṛt: one who executes SB 3.29.32
kṛt: carrying out SB 6.1.58-60
kṛt: the cause SB 6.15.25
kṛt: creator. SB 7.1.11
kṛt: which causes Madhya 23.5

The mind of the child is outward going, the younger the child, the more the mind (and hands) move out to grasp objects. It is of the nature of the mind to acquire familiarity with its environment and so reduce fear. On another approach, experience teaches the mind. We may tell a child many, many times not to put their hand in the flame. If the child persists, then let it try the flame. That kind of experience is not repeated. The mind has learned its lesson.

The Moon is the mind; the mind is that which is filled with desire for experience. The intellect – buddhi – manages the mind and urges restriction, following of dharma, self control, self-respect – matters like this. Some desires, once satiated, are like the flame and never go out. Like heroin, it is better not to try it in the first place. There are some absolutes if one wishes to have a life of satisfaction: satisfaction of a job well done, satisfaction after putting in effort in a task, satisfaction with dress and appearance, presentation. These are all matters – manners – that maketh the man and the woman.

The Moon as maker of desire needs to be managed, just like we put the stakes around the sapling to keep the cows away and allow the seedling to grow, so also, there should be limits to where the mind seeks satisfaction.

The individual must progress as fast or as steadily as the community. We pass through boyhood, childhood, adolescence, youth, middle age and old age; it is an imperceptible but inevitable progress…. Those who assert that the Universe is real, but, declare at the same time that the existence of God is but a dream, are only proving themselves foolish. For, when the effect, namely, the Cosmos is real, it must have a Cause, for, how can there be an effect with no cause? God can be denied only when the Universe is denied. God can disappear, only when the Cosmos disappears. What now appears as the Cosmos is really God; this is the Vision that the true spiritual aspirant will get when he succeeds in his endeavour. As a matter of fact, the Universe we experience is the dream. When we awake from the dream, the Truth of its being God will shine in the consciousness. From the beginning of time, the God whom we posit outside ourselves has been the reality inside us also. This Truth too will become steady in the faith of man.

Om kamakṛte namaha, Salutations to the One who is the maker of desire.



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