108 Names of the Moon: Chandra Ashtottara Shatanamavali #40

Moon - a royal planet

Om subhraya namaha, Salutations to the One who is Shining and radiant with purity.

shubh Hin. shubha San. adj. (from shubh – to shine, look beautiful) auspicious, bringing good fortune; virtuous, pure; splendid, bright, radiant; handsome, beautiful, pleasant.
shubh Hin. m. shubham San. n. good fortune, prosperity, grace, charm, happiness, something bright and beautiful, a good or virtuous action.

Shubha also means that which is white, that which is pure. We only offer that which is most pure, that offering that comes from the heart and is free from attachment to the results. When we chant “Swaha” is a call to the gods to come and witness the sacrifice. We only ask gods to witness that which is offered in purity of thought, word and action. This is trikarana suddhi, the triple purity. All else is contaminated by sankalpa, vasana and gunas.

“Pure love can emanate only from a heart immersed in Santhi, for it is an atmosphere that pervades and purifies. Santhi is not a conviction arrived at by means of logic. It is the Discipline of all disciplined lives. The mind of man is as a blank sheet of white paper when he is born. As soon as thinking, feeling and acting starts, the process of tarnishing the mind also starts, the body depends on Prana; it depends on the mind and the desires that agitate the mind. Right and Truth are befogged by the needs of manners, fashion, convention, custom etc and the individual is thrown into a crowd. His solitariness is invaded and taken away.

“Therefore, the mind must first be calmed and quietened. Then only can the body be healthy and the intellect sharp. The mind is projected at one time only on a single object, not on many. But, it is still a conglomeration of thoughts, desires, fancies, imaginings and the rest; in fact, the mind has inside it, in a nutshell, the entire history of creation. That is the mould of maya of man. The mind is the kurukshetra where good and bad, right and wrong contest for supremacy. Iron has to be beaten flat by iron alone. So too, the inferior, low mind has to be shaped better by the superior mind itself. One has to make his mind superior and stronger for the task of personal uplift. (Prashanti Vahini Ch 1)

Om subhraya namaha, Salutations to the One who is Shining and radiant with purity.



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