Annular Solar Eclipse – June 2021

Annular eclipseIn June 2021, two weeks after the total lunar eclipse on May 26, some locations in Russia, Greenland, and Canada will see a “ring of fire” annular solar eclipse. If the weather permits it, locations in the United States, China, Mongolia, and Northern Europe will see a partial solar eclipse. This eclipse is conjunct a combust and retrograde Mercury, and Rahu. Mars is debilitated at this time, and Saturn is retrograde.

This eclipse takes place in Taurus, a fixed sign. As eclipses bring change – particularly to nations – an eclipse in a fixed sign brings unwelcome changes. We all like things the way they are, and want them to stay that way. Unfortunately, Covid-19 virus has changed our lives markedly – so we are ready – in some ways for change. Human live cannot – and will not go back to the way it was before Covid-19.

In Taurus, we have 4 planets. There is Rahu – the cause of the eclipse in Rohini nakshatra. Not to be trusted. Will not follow dharma in matters pertaining to the mind. Moreover, Taurus is the 12th house at this time of eclipse, so there will be an experience of loss. The loss will be felt in area of your life that Taurus represents.

The Moon passes before the Sun at this time of eclipse. Whenever the Moon is within 60° of the Sun, it turns malefic. Where the Moon is in the 12th house, it draws comfort from dreams, is accustomed to private prayer and may be nested into secluded enclosures

In this situation there may be a feeling of emptiness in sensuality and sexual desire, accompanied by the need to fantasize. Fantasy is not real work, and fantasy sex – along with watching porn, is not the exchange of energy that happens between two humans in the act of coitus. There is a positive exchange of masculine and feminine and this is needful in most, except for those who are sanysin or brahmacharya. Knock off with the fantasy. Walk your talk, the Moon is the presiding deity of the mind, so when the emptiness or loss is experienced, remind yourself that this world is light, and all else is illusion. Hard, but can be done. Brings peace.

Now Mercury is with the Sun, Moon and Rahu. Venus is in Gemini, Mercury is in Taurus. There is an exchange of Lordship, making Mercury a temporary ruler of Taurus while Venus is ensconced *very comfortably* in windy, airy Gemini. Venus is having a good time. Venus is not directly involved in this eclipse. Venus can engage in multiple tasking and intellectual exploration in Gemini. The Parivartana Yoga does drag some feeling of eclipse across, however, Venus is temporary Lord in Gemini, so relationships might feel rich and bountiful – for a time.

While Mercury is Lord in Taurus, and retrograde, AND combust the Sun (nearly totally burnt out), we can expect to have both a feeling of burn-out and exhaustion, along with all the communication stuff-ups that come with Mercury retrograde. The communication messes will come in your life where Mercury is ruling in your horoscope, and perhaps, in this 12th house of loss, bring the experience of loss in intimate communications. There is a fuller sense of divine love as detachment: like a parent, divine love lets you make your choices and experience the illusion and disappointments. If you are not supposed to pass at the time of your poor choices, the Divine will put its foot down and make that change for you. Else, you get experience your choices, and that is love. We humans have to learn what divine love is and learn to love just like that. So we don’t get hurt in times of emptiness and loss in human intimacy. Love is. Lets you go free. Stands in its own self-knowledge that this is known, and because of this, everything else is known as well. Mercury in Taurus, reminds you always that Planets can give you opportunity for spiritual advance.

In the Navamsha (for those in their senior years) this eclipse is taking place in Leo, in the Sun’s own home, where the Sun is conjunct Mars and making everyone feel like they are royalty. The eclipse is a little bit like the fable of the ant and the grasshopper. The grasshopper lies on its back kicking its legs in the air singing “The world owes me a living, no want nor fear I know”. Well, the eclipse is like a sudden return to terra firma, for this is the 8th house, the house of transformation.

Sun in the 8th house can bring matters out from the darkness, the Sun can be the center of revelation and spectacular explosions of information that pulls the rug out from under many. However, an eclipse is a disruption – especially a disruption of delivery of light to the body and inner body (even though we cannot see the eclipse, there will be a disruption of energy … ). There may be a disruption with respect to the virus and political choices with vaccination for the aged – particularly those who have carers, or those living in care. The disruption (thank you Mars conjunct Sun here) may well bring about a re-focus on entitlements for the aged. Keep that in mind, for the vedic teaching is that you experience what you feel, (yad bhavati, tad bhavatum), you create what you put your mind to. So call upon that Mars energy, for Mars is a ***very strong warrior*** when conjunct the Sun.

We need to talk of Saturn. Eclipse Day is also Shani Jayanti, the birth of Shani. Divine incarnations, when giving talks or avatar vani, are sometimes visited by the planets who may also engage in this act of ava-tara, divine descent into human form. Saturn has been seen as a young boy in a dark blue singlet taking offerings from the back of the Shani Idol; Saturn has also been sighted by a divine incarnation as an old, dusty, lame man, hopping on one leg toward the speaker, the embodiment of unique graciousness. This is the meaning of Shani Jayanti, for divines can and will take birth wherever there is a decline in righteousness, and wherever they are welcomed with love.

Back the Navamsha, Saturn is aspecting the Sun at this time of eclipse. Jupiter is giving aspect, Venus is giving aspect, but Samudaya Ashtakavarga tells that Saturn is in the strongest sign, hence giving stronger aspect than Jupiter and Venus. There will be a time of change; there will be a time of taking stock and reflecting how the Covid 19 – affecting all of humanity – has been managed. Recall that eclipses affect nations, leadership and national activity. Where Mars, the very strong warrior wants to drive forward and achieve more vaccinations, Saturn aspecting Mars and Sun may be telling us to take time, do not haste, waste, worry. Go back to the laboratory and examine these variants and consider what national and international response and cooperation might be. Saturn puts the brakes on, makes us follow dharma, and look squarely at our actions and the results

The planets can pull us up, they can drag us down. Solar and Lunar eclipses are part of this world and our experience and spiritual progress. From time to time, we experience discombobulation and things happen outside our control. We cannot control eclipses, but we can control minds and make good / better / dharmic choices – for ourselves and for all of humanity. If we offer anything to humanity at this time, our prayer, like the one below, may be the offering that elicits divine grace:

Asato Maa Sad-Gamaya |
Tamaso Maa Jyotir-Gamaya |
Mrtyor-Maa Amrtam Gamaya |
Om Shanti Shanti Shaanti ||

From the Unreal, lead us to the Real,
From Death, lead us to Immortality,
From Darkness, lead us to Light,
Om, Peace, Peace, Peace.


Annular eclipse
The Annular Solar eclipse reveals a ring of fire around the Sun.




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