666, Venus, and influences on The Human


In many posts on this website, we have given explanation of the planets as luminaries, as they reflect the light of our Sun of our solar system, and the energies passing through the Sun. The planets cast influences from the Galactic Sun to all parts of our lives. We have also illustrated these are times of transition to the 4th and 5th Dimensions. The transition to the 4th and 5th Dimensions are given by energies coming from the Central Sun of all Universes, the Creative Source of All. The planets perform their natural luminous function and pass on these energies, and our recent messages here have highlighted aspects of this activity and its influence on human affairs and activities with an astrological theme. We turn now to examine Saturn, Rahu and Venus in the 7th House and look more closely into these influences.

transits, 10 September 2013

At the beginning of September, Venus was in debilitation in Virgo, its place of fall, – a place of inability to deliver or reflect energies from the Sun. In early September Venus moved to Libra, a sign it is Lord of. This is Venus’s own sign. There have been positive comments from some astrologers about this, but we have held a doubt, as Venus is conjunct Saturn and Rahu. Saturn is exalted in Libra, and Rahu simply multiplies of the energy of Saturn. (Keep in mind that Saturn is seven times stronger than the Sun.) As Saturn and Rahu are natural malefic planets, Venus is afflicted and turns malefic while conjunct Saturn and Rahu. Although Saturn is friendly to Venus, Rahu treats Venus as an enemy.

The result of this influence of an exalted Saturn, multiplied by Rahu is a destruction of Venus’s ability to deliver contentment and harmonious relations. Venus continues to deliver energy, but the energy now has a malefic cast. Where Venus normally casts an influence of amorous activity, festivities, song and dance, these now turn to hostility, finger-pointing, accusations, suspicion and scorn. Libra is the natural 7th house, which rules – among other things – destruction of power, overthrow of enemy. Being the 8th from the 12th, it also rules fines, courthouses and pleadings, and the death of enemies. These are times of where nations are finely balanced between peace and intervention, civil disharmony and hostilities between groups within borders and across borders. The planetary influences might tip the balance. What are the remedies of such a unstable and perilous situation, what may we humans do about such influences? Are ants on the sands of the shores of an uncertain future? On this day, a message of opportunity – opportunity for making a better choice by the human race as a whole was received.

Here, we introduce the beings over-sighting our Universe, and all Universes. There are the Angelic Realms, wherein exist the Angels and the Hierarchy … a group of spirit beings which oversight activities in all the Universes, and the subtle universe, imperceptible to human knowing. Among the Hierarchy are Sanat Kumar, Alcheringa, Cosmic Sai Baba, the Ascended Masters Sananda, St Germain, El Morya, Kumthi, Seraphis Bey and many others. Yalarm – spelled Jalarm – is also a member of this Hierarchy and in recent times, has been giving account of the origins of human life on this planet and a history of this planet in The Mystery School.

Yalarm has given a message … from the Angelic Realms, where the Hierarchy reside. The number 666 is said to be evil. It is not; it is related to the movement of stars and planets, and in particular, the planet Venus. Yalarm goes on to describe how planetary influences impact on human affairs. The Humans are enchristed with the Crystal Energy; a work that was done with the majesty and collaboration with the Creative Source of All. At this time – a very serious time on planet Earth, – this planet is very susceptible to influences. Humans have a choice and it is up to them how they will use the energy of this influence. Read more of this message from the Angelic Realms and the Hierarchy, as given by Yalarm. (Click the “more” tag below…)

Message received from Jalarm on
Tuesday, 9th September, 2013 at Werai, N.S.W. Australia.

‘It is I, Yalarm, and I am pleased to be here with you and to know that you are so competent and so professional in the way you work with us, and I/we appreciate that.

For there are many that are actually observing what is taking place with you. You ladies are on an important Mission and I do not want you to get carried away with that but it is important.

And so … the message I have is connected to ‘6’. The 666 is said to be Evil … but it is not. It is actually related to the movement of stars – the movement of planets within the Cosmos. And it is connected to the planet Venus. There is what is called a 6 pointed star which is connected to the Ancient Indians and what is called the ‘Shaktona.’

It is symbolic of movement … and it is an important beginning of human upon this Earth. And so the number 666 is referring to the human. The elevated Man – the Man that holds the Christ Consciousness and when I say Christ – I mean Crystal.

The energy is the same structure that the Crystal holds and is – is also in you and every individual being upon this Earth. Because when they are born when they are born they are enchristed with this energy which makes them human – part of the human race. And this has happened at a time before Atlantis Fell.

This was a creation from the influence from the Beings from Venus who hold the majesty and the Law of what is to take place upon this Earth. This planet you call Earth.

We have known it as Mu – but whatever you call it – it is the planet that is part of the Solar System to your Sun. Your Sun is you could say is like a Soul to this planetary system. Just as that has been played out in each individual because they have a Soul which is a Sun that is a planetary system with all the energies and influences that come from those planets. This knowledge was known in what you call Astrology and people upon the Earth are influenced by the different planets upon this Solar System and it infiltrates into each being and their journey upon this Earth. For as I have said before their journey on this Earth is limited. You come, you live, and you leave and you move on.

And so I would like you to think about that – the message is 6. 666 is the Aspect of the different layers of the God Force that is within you. There are 3 layers and they influence you all the time. The Ancient Indian traditions taught of the 3 aspects of God the Creative Source and this is what I am meaning when I am say it is influencing you all the time. So in a way, you are a creation of a planetary system – and I would like you to remember that and think about it.


It is possible for people to live a life and receive a reading, from those who are gifted and able to read the system and influences upon different people.

However, they need to be very careful and very educated about the influences. And so I would advise those people who are listening to the ‘readers’ or clairvoyants – and keep their mind open – but always refer the information to your own Inner Sun, which is in your heart. For it is what keeps your heart beating – as soon as it STOPS the Life Force leaves you. And the Life Force is what is given to you in your heart – the same way that the Life Force from your Sun of your planetary system – your Solar System that gives Life to the interaction of the planets that evolves or revolves around your Sun.

I have said before, this Sun is connected to the Galaxy and The Galactic Sun is very large – that is aligned to many suns and many planetary systems. Your scientists are beginning to be aware of the many planetary systems that exist. Many are very similar to the one that you live in at this time.

My message is for you to be aware of influences – sometimes the influences of evolving planets have a favourable influence upon everything that happens upon this Earth. And sometimes it is not so favourable. It is nothing to do with evil. It is nothing to do with death in the sense that everyone should be afraid – far from that – it is still the movement and influence only.

And my message is – that there is an influence coming onto this planet this time that is not favourable and I would ask everybody to connect to your Inner Sun – realising that it connects to the Galactic Sun and the core of Suns that links back to the Creative Source of All.

This influence, if they connect to it, will help them through the heavier energy that is influencing in a negative way. I would say negative in that it is up to everybody upon this Earth to decide which way they want to be influenced.

This is something they need to understand within them.

They have a choice.

Everybody on Earth has a choice and they can make decisions that are good for themselves and those around them – always for the good of All. This is important at this time.

For at the moment – the planet – your planet is very vulnerable and I do not have to explain it or spell it out … in the dangers that can happen upon your planet at this time – but if everybody is positive and sends the positive energy from The Sorce of Creation of All that is Love – they can change outcomes …

And so this is my message—this is the message that I want to speak of this day—it is important; and it is a special transmission that is coming from the Angelic Realms and the Hierarchy that works in a positive way to help and oversee what is taking place upon your planet. Not just now but always.

So I hope you will listen and consider where your thoughts go and how you focus them. The focus is needed upon LOVE and CONSENSUS – Talking to people to help understand how they think and what motivates them into taking actions that are not good for All.

And so I ask people to think carefully – very carefully – about the decisions that they make at this time.

I send this message – I give this message – with great love – for the 666 is not evil I can assure you – it is coming from the influence of Venus your planet known as the Venus of Love. And so it is.

You can listen to this transmission from Yalarm:


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