The Winds of Change, Truth and Discernment

The Winds of Change

Ride out the Winds of change by connecting to the calm of God within you

Taking place, now, is an alignment of the sun, our solar sun with the central sun of the galaxy, and that with the core of suns’ also, to the core of the Creation of All (this is in the subtle universe). This is happening now.

It is a time of upheaval (much of this upheaval has been witnessed in the world of nature) you can see that for yourselves, on the television and in the newspapers about the changes, the climatic changes that are happening here upon this earth. It is meant to happen. But if you hold onto the strength of God from the Source, you will ride with the wind of change. There is nothing to be afraid of. People will survive. Much of this has to do with the soul, his-self or her-self, has chosen. We have all chosen a soul-blueprint, which maps the path of our lives on this planet Earth.

The Solar sun of your Solar system is giving off radiation which is affecting that climatic change. There is a calm at this time but it will become stronger. The change is for good … when the alignment takes place in a time measuring 2012 – 2013, the climate itself will be calm. And in so doing that, the changes within everybody on this earth, will also be much calmer. Life will go on. It is a cycle. Guidance from the Star People tells that this has happened before upon this earth planet.

To ride the winds of change, align yourself with God, the Source of All Creation. For this will help you to cope with the changes that are happening upon this Earth. It is by your choice, and a state of mind, that you wish to connect to the calm of God, God the Creator — and in doing so you will create the calm that is within you of God the Creator.

The Star People Brought the Religions

At this time it is important that the peoples of Earth understand that the teachings within the religions on Earth come from the Star Worlds.

They were never meant to separate — rather, they were meant to bring together. There is One God — the Source of all Creation — and that is Love and Compassion.

Star People from the World of Light engaged in bringing all the religions upon this earth for there is Truth in the beginnings of each one. Sometimes things have been changed — and there is information going out now to different Light Workers to help them to understand how those changes took place — and to write about them — to share the knowledge and understanding, so that others will become interested and know of the influences that has betrayed the God from the Source of All.

The Truth can be accessed within

The Truth is within you – take time off to seek the truth, digest it – the energy which holds the knowledge and love of God is within you

The Truth is within you. The Truth is within all. The Truth is within everybody’s heart — all they need to do is to sit quietly and think about the various things that they learn — they will be able to use discernment and decide for themselves as to what is real and what is not.

For each individual soul that is upon this Earth, is in an earth body is experiencing a journey with God. God is with them, God is the Creator … the Source of All Knowledge. All you have to do is quietly, with the thought that you wish to receive The Truth, the knowledge from the Source of All — and it will be given to you.

Travel the path of Love and Compassion

Many people have chosen to travel the path of Love and Compassion and not to argue or disagree with people — but rather to respect one another and to accept the differences. For this is the only way that the different races upon this Earth will come together as One. There is really no difference from them — they are all human beings. The love of mankind is within everyone. It is up to to each one to demonstrate that and to live it.

The Force, if I may put it that way, is for good; the kindness, the gentleness, the sharing — that is within everyone. It is known as your God Conscience — you know when you feel you are not following your inner-most point within the heart. So encourage everybody to listen to their intuition, their Inner teacher, a still small voice within, and follow from that point.

Use of Discernment is needed

Your body is a house for the Spirit. Use your discernment to transmute emotions with the Light and spread the highest light around you with Love

There are other levels of consciousness working through everybody all the time. It is important that discernment is used at all times, if you listen to what people say — in something being said that comes through a voice box. Where in other worlds, everything is communicated telepathically – from mind to mind – there are some at a different level within the races of the Cosmos who have thoughts to communicate at a telepathic level, but, have a different agenda.

So encourage all to use discernment — for in other worlds there are varying levels of vibration, of frequencies of Light. I would encourage everyone to reach to the highest point of Divine Light that they are capable of wearing. I say this word ‘wearing’ meaning that it can be incorporated in your whole physical and surrounding bodies of Light.

It is only the emotions that arise within you that can sometimes block the full Light of who you really are. And so if you work upon yourselves, clearing — those emotions — those emotional reactions that come from within you; hand them back to God to transmute — and become the Light, the true Divine Light that you are — you will always be able to speak with Love and Compassion. You will think with Love and Compassion and you will act with Love and Compassion.

Male and Female

The male and female are aspects of God-Goddess-all-that-is; the energy needs to balanced

In human physiology, the male and female are separated. However, in the Angelic worlds they are not. Mother-Father God-Goddess of all that is may present itself as the female — for this energy has worked down through the ages as the evolvement on this Earth of the human, to assist and uplift the consciousness of the Earth and its people, with the gentle, loving, caring and nurturing energy that is from the Source of the Creator of All.

Some people refer to that aspect as the Goddess. The God and the Goddess are the same. They are United. This is symbolic of what all of human beings do feel, being separated as male and female. They need to come to understand and respect one another, respect differences and to align oneself to become one.

The hue-man is a spirit encased in a body. Spirit is having a human, physical, emotional journey. The journey on Earth in a human body is to come to understand and resolve those differences between Male and Female Energy.

These energies do not necessarily mean the human being — you could look upon the male energy as being one of driving force. And you could look upon the female energy as being one that receives and comforts and holds together. These energies represent many things here on Earth.

A driving force can sometimes get out of hand, if it is not softened and nurtured along the way. Just the same as a nurturing female energy — can sometimes be lost because it can become so timid, it loses it’s way also — it is important for the two forces to come together.

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