Aspects of Saturn


One of the names of the Creative Source of All is kalatheethaya; Lord of Time. The Creative source of All dispenses energy to our solar system, and via our sun, dispenses magnetic solar energy to all the planets. The planet that rules the progress of time in the action (and seemingly, inaction) of human life is Planet Saturn. Saturn rules time; Saturn freezes, stalls, stiffens, desiccates, delays, and retards.

When it comes to knowing and understanding the world around us, we use the organs of knowing and perception: the seen reflects the seer, iti drishti iti, in Sanskrit We interpret our world, for perception is bound by the associative function of the human brain. Perception and understanding come via associations made by the mind, which is principally, a bundle of thoughts brought forward from a previous life. Unfulfilled desires and certain, chosen karma from the past is brought forward into the new body. The native will, interpret his or her world via their own inner instruments of perception and knowing. What of Saturn in perception? Saturn forces you to slow down and get it right.

Saturn rules time; Saturn freezes, stalls, stiffens, desiccates, delays, and retards. This is in order that we might create a situation where we are realistic (and get a reality check) and abandon both our timetable and outcomes in different dimensions of our lives. Saturn burns up expectations and makes us pay attention to detail, be nice and polite to the people we are interacting with and wait patiently while the proper procedures are followed and the proper outcomes are achieved. Saturn will engage us like so in our physical, sporting, emotional, mental financial, social and spiritual conditions of our lives. In every compartment, Saturn is Lord of Time.

expression of bhava1

We may have expectations when we undertake action. Lord Krishna advises in Bhagavad Gita to undertake nishkama karma – action that is free from the fruits of that action. That is, action without expectations; expectations of time, results, benefits accruing to oneself. Saturn teaches us to be absolutely neutral with respect to action and the fruits thereof. This is an important mental strategy which leads to peace during transits of Saturn in the various houses.

We cannot live in a fantasy world detached from reality during Saturn transits; we are not asked to imitate Walter Mitty nor Miniver Cheevy, desiring or imagining what might be. Don Quixote says “They might be giants!”, but there are no make-believe giants or alternate realities that we might live in. Religious belief, creative fantasy, immersion in fantasy fiction and embedded expectations lead to disappointment, delusion and are a recipe for mental illness. Saturn does not deliver mental illnesses; Saturn delivers time at its appointed schedule. Diligence, attention to detail, observance of rules and requirements, in this wise, Saturn delivers results over time. Saturn does not deny.

As amsa of the Lord of Time, it is the duty of Saturn to create situations wherein we experience ceiling on desires: time, energy, money and food all come under the purview of the drishti of Saturn. Energy wasted in obtaining needless possessions and attachments. Saturn may reduce the flow of disposable income in order that we become detached from doo-dads, knick-knacks, accessories, embroidering of our body and personality, and the ornaments that go with such attachments. Fantasy minds which do not pay attention to the duties and responsibilities of the house that Saturn transits get a fast reality check.

It is said that the Moon is the presiding deity of the mind. When Saturn is around the Moon or the house of the Moon, learning may come slowly, if at all in the academic sphere. Most learning comes from experience; a child may be told not to touch the flame. If the child continues to be attracted like a moth to the flame, then let the child burn its fingers; it will not do this again. So then, Saturn may urge caution and slowness in learning rhythms, repetition, learning by rote until knowledge becomes a foundation upon which to move forward. Understanding needs a platform, firm, embedded knowledge in order to act.

We are all encouraged to love and serve our Motherland. Not even in our dreams, should we consider bringing harm to our Motherland. Our motherland gives us our life, our food, health and education. Where social order is concerned, Saturn rules the legislative arm of government with its rules uniformly applied to one and all. The cultural norms of the society may be in opposition, just as there is difference between our workplace behaviour and our parenting duties in the home. Such opposition plays out in every person’s life. Saturn ensures there is a strong foundation for proper morality in the home, the society, the workplace and the nation.

In many parts of the world, the electronic revolution has changed the way we work, socialise and live in our homes. Saturn is karaka of electronics, the internet and computing. Computers, Smart-phones, I pads and I pods along with cell-phones have changed the way many live. This becomes a form of isolation from children, family, romantic lovers and friends. This culture of individuality and social communications on-line through texting, chat and use of social media like Facebook are not initiatives of Saturn; they are initiatives of afflicted minds, afflicted 11th House, and the afflictions of Kali Yuga. While Saturn causes separations, setbacks and frustrations, Saturn’s reflection of light from the Sun – and the Central Sun of all Universes – is to help us achieve the goal of true humanness – that is, understanding that we are all of a divine nature, we all come from a divine source, we are all Children of God, not children of electronics and technology.

Saturn, Lord of Time, will remind us that we did not take human birth to play with X-box, Playstation, multi-user-dungeons on-line, nor to spend our lives with Jolt Cola and chocolate bars in multi-member-role-playing games Saturn’s duty roster will remind us that human life is time, and time, once passed, can never be passed again. The past is gone, the future is not yet, the present is omnipresent, where we fulfil our duties and responsibilities to family, home, society and the nation. Saturn causes insufficiency of time and resources. Marriage harmony suffers from the weight of public duty. However Saturn resists divorce and pushes us in the direction of fulfilment of vows undertaken to our partners. Saturn tends to freeze the disagreements with our partners into a chronic state.

Duty, Devotion and Discipline. Saturn grants time for ABCDEFG: Always Be Careful – Don’t Ever Forget God. Saturn reminds us via austerity that the universe is based on dharma, eternal order and righteousness. Where we fail to follow dharma, we experience consequences. Saturn here produces frustration, rifts between the native and their religious philosophy, and imposes a long term of study of the scriptures, philosophy, doctrine and religious teachings. Saturn will grant time to fulfil religious observances and external adherence to religious ritual and laws. There will be demands and challenges in service in the society, service to the religious community and adherence to religious governance. Philosophical and mystical insights (properties of Planet Jupiter) only come after the foundations laid by the transits of Saturn.

moola, aka filthy lucre

Many make the Holy Dollar their divinity, their ishta devata, the personal god. There is nothing wrong with money as such, what is wrong is the thoughts and expectations we place on money. Where money is concerned, the transit of Saturn does not necessarily mean reduced income. Those who labour long and dutiful, there may be bigger pay-checks due overtime, but health may suffer due long loads of work. Recall, life is a balance between devotion, work, exercise and relaxation. Where money is sought as a goal in itself, the transits of Saturn will bring about pinching, reducing, constraints of disposable income. Debts and duty come first, sobriety in the marketplace is enforced and profit and loss must follow financial regularity. Saturn will not let businesspersons off from fulfilling universal social norms and legislative requirement with regard to fiduciary obligations.

The goal of life is obtained by slow, steady progress, and adherence to discipline. Adherence to proper discipline is the primary task of Saturn, called graha in Vedic Astrology. The function of a graha is to literally seize, grasp and place you under the influence of the magnetic energies of that heavenly body. We may have plans, we may have desires, we may have goals, and we may have our fondest wants for peace, satisfaction, contentment. We may have all this, if we but follow the teaching given by Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita, and offer the expectations, the fruits of our actions to the Lord. Detachment from expectations is the duty of Planet Saturn. We achieve our goals with slow, careful, internally disciplined and regulated progress toward goals.

rings of Saturn

The rings of Saturn are the most extensive planetary ring system of any planet in the Solar System. They consist of countless small particles, ranging in size from micrometres to metres, that orbit about Saturn.


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