Ketu and Social Networking – 1

Ketu and Social Networking

Navagraha Ketu - God without head

A Puranic Chant for Ketu:

Kethum karala vadanam, chithra varnam, kireetinam,
Pranamami sada kethum, dwajaakaaram graheswaram.

I always salute Ketu, who has face filled with horror, Who is of multiple
colors, has a crown, Who is shaped like a flag and is the Lord of planets.

Chithra varna sira pathu, bhalam dhoomra samudhyuthi,
Pathu nethre pingalaksha, sruthi may raktha lochana.

Let the multicoloured one protect my head, Let my hair be protected by he
who produces smoke, Let my eyes be protected by one with reddish
brown eye, And let what I hear be protected by He who has red blood eyes.

Granam pathu swarnabha, schibukam simhikasutha,
Pathum cha kandam may Kethu, skandou pathu grahadhipa.

Let my smell be protected by him who shines like gold, Let my chin be
protected by the son of Simhika, Let my neck and feet be protected by
Ketu, And let the Lord of Planets protect my shoulder

Hasthou pathu sura sreshta, kukshim pathu maha graha,
Simhasana katim pathu, madhyam pathu mahasura.

Let my arms be protected by the chief of devas, Let the great planet
protect my belly, Let my hip be protected by he who sits on the
throne, And let the great asura protect my middle.

Ooru pathu maha seersho, januni may athi kopana,
Pathu padhou cha may kroora, sarvangam nara pingala.

Let my thighs be protected by the great head, Let my knees be protected
by him with great anger, Let my feet be protected by the cruel one, And let
all my parts of body be protected by the reddish brown God.

Ya idham kavacham divyam, sarva roga vinasanam,
Sarva shathru vinasam cha, dharanad vijayi bhaved.

This holy armour destroys all diseases, Destroys all enemies and,
Once worn will make you victorious.

Ithi Brahmanda Purane Kethu Kavacham sampoornam.
Thus ends the Armour of Ketu from Brahmanda Purana.

We have seen a lot of questions about Ketu raised by search engines which bring visitors to this site, so we shall answer significant questions as we can from the perspective of Ketu as a karmic dispositor, and therefore, a spiritual agent of true humaness.

Ketu and Sun conjunction

Ketu conjunct Sun is an interesting matter; the Sun (Sol) represents the Atma (Soul) - Sol representing Soul suggests connection to light, flow of light and energy to the human person who is made up of mind, body and spirit. Soul is spirit, body is energised by rays of the Sun (inside and out, for the Soul is the inner Sun), and the mind is a bundle of thoughts, outward going. Without any self-management or self-awareness, the mind-ego simply grasps, seeking to have all that it sees. (Watch babies crawling on the floor in the kitchen, you'll get the idea.) Ketu is a point of disconnection and transformation. So what happens spiritually when Ketu is conjunct the Sun?

Territory is a good word for Ketu. Ketu can start inner conflict over territory, my territory, territory of the other, and Sun indicates the other is the Father. So the territory of the Father (or parents) in life is invaded due the weak boundaries of Ketu. Father – and Parents – are agents of the Other, that is, culture, society, nation. Parents are pay-rents; we need to pay the rent of respect and gratitude to parents for what they have given us: our head, our blood, our our body, our wealth. And that wealth is our health, our education and our relations with society and culture. Territory is a key term here; parents are within our inner territory and give us our gateway to external territory in life and society.

Ketu is in fact a driver towards release from the cycle of birth and death and rebirth - in other words, Moksha, Liberation, Heaven. Ketu, shadow planet, darkens or bedims the light of the Sun, light flowing from Sol to Soul; an interruption of light which causes emergence of transformation from within. Ketu, the karmic container – which holds transformation and future action – is invaded by the interruption and flow of light within from the Sun. This experience is the same as walking a tightrope, another good word for the Ketu experience. The Ego walks a self-created tightrope of spaces and personal inner safety. The Sun, however, is light entering within, and the conjunction is a period of turbulence. Attempted disconnection from all and remaining in the darkness. The tightrope of inner safety and personal space is where the light of transformation is aimed. The transformation is more light emerging from withing. How does one cultivate the light and emerge, transformed?

Four Great Secrets

Imagine that one day you noticed that you are closed in a dark and sultry basement. There is one small window at the top of the wall. Some light sometimes gets in through a dirty glass. Some sounds of steps and voices of people walking by can sometimes be heard from outside. You do not know how you got in there. You do not know who you are or where you come from. You forgot all your past. You do not remember anything.

Someone from outside sometimes visits you. Used to darkness, rarely only clearing into semi-darkness, you do not understand what he talks about the world outside the basement and about all-embracing Light that dominates there.

Raise your vision. I know how difficult it is for you to imagine another world, how difficult is to find your own path. That is why I want to tell you a few secrets that you will easily use in the appropriate time.

The first of them will concern your spiritual path. Know from today that if you only ask Me, I will take full control over your development and will arrange your matters so that you tread this path in an accelerated pace. It is enough that you utter the magic words ‘Do this, Master, please’ and I will immediately take appropriate measures. This is going to be our first secret.

The second secret will concern your spiritual work. Undertake one of the meditations that were described in this book. Ask your Divine Friend that He shows you the one that would suit you best. Keep turning towards Divinity that is everywhere and in time you will feel Its response from you own heart. For that is the place wherefrom I speak to people. You all are in Me and you all are Me – along with plants, animals and the entire Cosmos, which is full of love and good.

Thirdly, speak to Me words of love, speak like to a friend, speak like to someone you love very much. Ask Me to settle awaiting you matters My way. Ask that I take part in them with you and even instead of you sometimes, for I can do also such things, and I indeed do them. This will be our third secret: sometimes I will just do something instead of you. Think then that your deepest and most loving Self, which continuously remains in unity with Divinity and which verily is It, has appeared in your life and took over a part of your tasks, struggles and burdens. The third secret means that if you keep focusing more and more often your attention on Me, and turning with love for Me, you will enable My cooperation with you, action in you and through you.

The fourth secret is a crowning achievement of the previous secrets. Keep turning in focus and prayer to loving Father-Mother with the request that He equips you with His powers of love towards God, powers of happiness, joy and goodness. They will replace and remove from your body and mind all the pollution that constitutes the walls of the described basement. With the passage of time they will let you notice initially weak glare of Sun. You will understand then what people who paid you visits were talking about – that you and loving Creator are indivisible oneness, the oneness in love, happiness and deep devotion to the highest love.

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