Junk DNA and Rahu


There have been a lot of questions about Rahu from visitors to this site, so we will attempt to answer a few of these as best we can from the perspective of Rahu as a karmic dispositor, and therefore, a spiritual agent of human evolution and return to source. Junk DNA and Rahu have a lot to do with this, as we shall discover.

The myth behind the shadow planet Rahu speaks of the Asura Swabhanu, who was a dragon. He was sundered – cut apart – after the churning of the Ocean of Milk, wherein the last gift was amrita, the nectar of immortality, which Rahu obtained by subterfuge. So the DNA image here – the twisting strands that hold the key to the building blocks of our life somewhat resemble the whole, Swabhanu the demon, sundered in two.

Rahu (and Ketu) brings psychic ability to the hue-man. Rahu can yield insight, particularly when conjunct other planets; these insights can be profitably applied in houses of wealth (artha), and in places where we generate our income.

On the other hand, Rahu is a psychic agency that is a taboo breaker, and this also may be utilised for gain – particularly the gain of others when done in a gentle, non-hurtful manner – of exposing false beliefs about this world and scruples about the existence of the world of spirit, which surrounds us everywhere.

There must be a foundation of personal discipline; na sreyo niyamam vina, say the Vedas: there can be no progress without adherence to discipline. Use of the psychic dimensions of Rahu can result in social, psychic and ritual pollution. While Rahu is a psychic taboo breaker, the breaking of such taboo ought be utilised for the forward advance of culture and society and have positive outcomes for individuals: Rahu must be utilised for the Good of the All and not the Good of a Few.

Rahu (and Ketu) can be psychic gateways: they can help society to understand great psychic truths, but the individual must be mature, emotionally, and ruthlessly honest with themselves about their purposes. Where individuals are not practising integrity, they can encounter psychic interference patterns in everyday life and in their spiritual practice, such as meditation.

New psychic and astral information and experiences – such will come with the reactivation of so-called “Junk DNA” – are often experienced with anxiety, fear, trauma and suspicion as subconscious matter stored within breaking into everyday consciousness. Not so, they are fruit of reactivation of so-called “Junk DNA” and fruit of the 4th and 5th Dimensions. There is urgent need to have a personal discipline where Rahu and psychic experiences are concerned. Such discipline will reduce anxiety, further self-confidence and bring peace and understanding.

Both Rahu and Ketu have a role with social trauma felt most strongly when others put up fierce resistance to psychic, spiritual, emotional, physical, and philosophical changes.

We may take up the natural tendency of Rahu to magnify the energies of the sign it inhabits – with benefit. We may take up the transformation of Rahu with self-knowledge, self discipline, self-control, self-respect, self-sacrifice and self respect, thus leading to self-transformation.

History of Junk DNA

Humans have 12 strands of DNA; two are deemed functional and the remainder are dormant, and called by scientists, “Junk DNA”. They use this term because these DNA strands are inactive and no purpose is discovered for these DNA strands. Where do they come from and what is their purpose?

Information is coming to light about the history of mankind from before the Fall of Atlantis, what is described in the mythologies and sacred texts of the world as “The Flood”. Much was lost, the planet nearly died, and was covered in ice, clouds and ash from volcano eruptions worldwide, for a long time. What is not known, is that at the time of the Fall of Atlantis, the Earth and its sentient life-forms, human and star-people, lived in the 4th and 5th Dimensions. (Opens in new window) At the Fall of Atlantis, the starpeople left, for man had retreated to the caves for survival. There was no light for many years.

Before that, there were many civilisations which had been built by star-peoples, in the North, in the lands of China and the East, in Lemuria, in Europa, and in other places. There was intermixing of species, and this is how the genetic code of the starpeople entered into the human genetic code. The inactive DNA of the human are genetic codes were given to the hue-man – the one who is filled with the hue of light – by the star-peoples whom they interacted with.

The Hue-man evolved from the hairy, upstanding ape with the aid of the starpeoples to the human form we know and recognise today. Just as there are many races of the human, some red-haired with freckles, some light skinned–blue eyed–white haired to dark skinned–brown-eyed–dark haired to the nearly hairless Asians, all of yellow skin–black haired–deep reserves of emotion, so also there are many races of star-people; they came from Venus, Mars, Arcturus, Sirius, and many other places in our galaxy and our Universe.

galaxy full of stars

All those white dots – literally billions of stars and planets

A few more pieces of information are necessary. Atlantis fell in a night and a day. The Star-people (or the Atlanteans) did not have Earth bodies – they had Light Bodies. With the Fall of Atlantis, the Earth fell out of the 4th and 5th Dimensions to the 3rd Dimension; with that, the additional DNA gifted to the human became inactive. It was there, present, and a few gifted individuals – from time to time, such as Rishis, Adepts and Great Masters like Confucius – were able to access these DNA through discipline and spiritual effort.

Over a period of many years, beginning from the 11/11 gateway opening to the Solstice of 2012 and beyond, our galaxy and solar system has moved out of the shadow and there has been an uplift of energies; new energies unknown to the race of hue-man since the Fall of Atlantis are returning to our planet and its inhabitants; the 4th Dimension is returning to Earth, as is the 5th Dimension. Along with this, the additional energies resident in the non-coding DNA of the human may be reactivated, under certain conditions. We now turn to the shadow planets Rahu and Ketu, and explore their role with so-called “Junk DNA”.

Role of Nodes: Rahu

Rahu and Ketu move retrograde, that is, backwards, ever on a search for the lost union with the Divine; recall the Demon Swabhanu sat with the gods in the presence of Lord Vishnu. As shadow planets in retrograde motion on what is called the Rahu-Ketu Axis, Ketu searches for internal boundaries, Rahu is ever in advance pushing back outer boundaries of human being and existence. As such, pushing back the boundaries (something Rahu is renowned for doing) Rahu is a explorer, pioneer, trailblazer, mastermind , and can be very good for discipline and internal advance. There is the axiom Sani vat Rahu, Rahu behaves and functions like Planet Saturn, and therefore, can be a disposer of discipline and self-control.

The key phrase about Rahu can be a disposer of discipline and self-control are not a foregone conclusion. In some houses Rahu may advance and seek what he legally is not entitled to. Rahu may very easily engage in fraud and deceit. Rahu can be innovative and conceive of plans to obtain social well-being, positions of power and pelf, authority and control. Rahu can do all this – and more – depending on rasi, bhava, aspect and conjunction. We have to recall the teachings about the seizers, the grahas: they may raise us up, they may pull us down. It all depends on how we utilise the light energy, the magnetic energy they seize us with inside and outside, within and without.

So we see the doorway is there for Rahu to further human capacity and reach for these unused, so-called “Junk DNA”. Rahu is perfectly placed as a point of transformation for the recombinant light and energies within the human form. Recombinant here meaning the flow of light directed by the Sun to the planets, which is then reflected to the hue-man, the sentient, self-aware being that is filled with the hue of light. It all comes from the Sun.

There is the container (the hue-man), the contained (the light within, the 12-strand DNA), a striking metaphor for the functions of Rahu and Ketu. The Hue-man has lived with inactive strands of DNA within since the Fall of Atlantis. How may these be reactivated, how do we increase the light within?

We take the capacity of Rahu for imagination and apply this to meditation with discipline; Rahu is an in-built mechanism for transformation which allows more light within; as Ketu keeps the inner boundaries and bedims the Sun, Rahu pushes out those boundaries (in times of eclipse where Rahu “eats” or swallows the Sun) and brings about transformation in the outer world; Rahu can be our instrument for taking up the inactive DNA (along with other activities) and increasing the hue-man capacity to exist in the 4th Dimension. We begin with meditation:

Glowing Ember Meditation

(He) explained to us that when a person comes to Him, or starts to follow a spiritual path, the gold nugget in his heart becomes alive like a glowing ember. However, it must be tended and kept alive just as a fire must be stoked and gently encouraged to burn brightly with the help of a pair of bellows. He went on to say that we all have a built in mechanism which can be used in a similar way to the bellows, namely, our own breathing, and that He would give us a breathing exercise use to keep our embers glowing.

First, He told us to simply to allow our lungs to fill with air without any effort on our part. He explained that the pressure inside and outside of the body will equalise if allowed to do so naturally.

When the lungs are full of air we should gently and slowly exhale the air, but direct the flow in the direction of the glowing ember within the heart to keep it alive. He demonstrated how the head can be inclined slightly down towards the heart to make it easier to visualise.

He made a point of telling us that the exercise can be done at any time and in any place; in a plane or a car; at work or at home; alone or with people, and that there is no excuse for not doing it. Neither can it be forgotten, for, he pointed out, no one forgets to breathe! He went on to say that no tools are needed but no one can do it for another person, and added with another smile, that even He cannot do it for us. We must take responsibility for doing it ourselves. “Who says it has to be complicated?” he asked. “It is as simple as breathing. You will soon become addicted to it and then it will continue without your constant attention. You will also have more energy. If your fire is glowing everything will be much easier. This tiny little exercise will grow and have far reaching results if you remember to do it. It will expand your capacity to carry more light. Instead of being like a twenty watt electric light bulb you will be able to increase it to forty, sixty watts and on up.”

So we may meditate and increase the amount of light within. Strengthen the light body, bring more light to the sheaths surrounding the body, bring more light to the chakras within. This is the first step to reactivating the dormant strands of DNA within. Food, diet and exercise also contribute. The brain is involved so we need a healthy mind in a healthy body.

An important teaching is “You are what you eat”. A well balanced diet coupled with exercise and taking appropriate supplements can aid the re-activation of the 10 strands of inactive DNA within the human. It is important that you know your blood group and eat right for your blood type. There has been a lot of research done into blood type and diet.

So the diet of what humans eat or drink, should be what they feel and how they re-act to the food they consume. If people ‘tune into’ their body and they feel when they have eaten they will know whether something feels good for them – or not so good. You could even experiment by eating just one food source alone, and see how that is and then try another source alone, and see how that reacts to your body – this type of thing. We are not suggesting that your only eat one source of food all the time but just to see how the body feels and re-acts because you are actually serving your body in taking care of it looking after it because it does have a consciousness of its own.

Another important aspect of food is vision; food is energy, taken within the body. Whatever we take in through the five senses is also a form of food. And we may take in pollution and negative energy through our senses. What you see, what you hear, what you feel, what you smell, what you touch are also forms of energy entering the body. Moreover, we may waste energy by what we look at, what we listen to, how we move our bodies – or do not move our bodies. Food has many different components and this must be kept in mind. A wholesome self discipline with regard to food is contained in the ancient latin phrase, mens sana in corpore sano – a healthy mind in a healthy body. This is a truism of human excellence.

Managing the Rahu Psychic Experiences and Desires

Spiritual discipline and the development of spiritual intelligence is also important in taking up the transformation available within. We said earlier that the opportunities offered by Rahu as a disposer of discipline and self-control are never a foregone conclusion:

Rahu may advance and seek what he legally is not entitled to. Rahu may very easily engage in fraud and deceit. Rahu can be innovative and conceive of plans to obtain social well-being, positions of power and pelf, authority and control. Rahu can do all this – and more – depending on rasi, bhava, aspect and conjunction.

Where we seek to increase capacity by propitating Rahu, as much as Rahu is good at fake it until you make it, this cannot be faked. It is as cautionary as ineptly raising kundalini; we have seen such persons, they are empty shells, burnt out. Meditation, good diet, spiritual effort and personal discipline have to go together. We are dealing with asuras which have both a positive and a negative side. Hence the need to follow a wholesome, integrated, personal discipline. You may also wish to consider W.A.T.C.H , contained in our posting on The 4th and 5th Dimensions and Self Discipline.

Rahu, Ketu, DNA

Rahu and Ketu reflect the DNA within the Hue-man

Return to the 4th Dimension after the Fall of Atlantis will bring about reactivation of psychic experiences and different skills within.

There are a whole lot of new people coming into understanding – or wanting to understand what it is they are about as human beings – also what is happening to them – for they are experiencing psychic events in their life, they may be confused and seek answers and self-understanding. Rahu gives access to psychic events, development of psychic skills, and with the forthcoming transit of Rahu to Virgo later in the year, a sign where Rahu is naturally benefic, it will proceed to magnify the energies of that sign to humanity as a whole.

More and more people will experience psychic awakening. This is a function of Rahu re-activating the so-called “Junk DNA”. For self-understanding, and lessening of anxiety, it is important that people have their own grasp what it is that is happening to them.

These new unsought, un-taught psychic experiences are the signs of an awakening consciousness; awakening to mysteries, knowing, intuition and information not gleaned from our normal ways of perception or knowing. These are the signs of consciousness rising to a higher level, and this is what Ascension means: a physical body and spiritual body come together and join in harmony leading to a raised consciousness. Ascension is just that: a raised consciousness.

It is not a race to the goal, rather, steadiness in progressing to that raised consciousness. It is more a matter of taking up Junk DNA in a manner that expands our welfare and the welfare of the Whole, the Earth, its inhabitants and its dimensions. So it important to seek our WELFARE from Rahu and the energies it magnifies when it is conjunct other planets, in different houses and signs. Arthava Veda gives the following mantra

May we get welfare from the planets and Moon. May we get welfare from the Sun as well as Rahu

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