Rahu in Virgo and the Moon: path to Ascension

smoke and moon

At the end of this month (July 2014) we will see the Moon will move into Virgo joining Rahu in Virgo for the first time in eighteen years. Some suggest this is a time when we may see hysteria emerge, for Rahu - smoky shadow planet - clouds the Moon, and perhaps, ever surging towards new horizons, clouds discrimination. We look to the various dimensions of Rahu conjunct Moon in Virgo, where Rahu will remain for the next 18 months.

It was noted earlier that Both Rahu and Ketu are malefic planets; they shed their malevolence and behave as benefics in the signs of Mercury (Gemini and Virgo) and the signs of Jupiter (Sagittarius and Pisces). We recall that planets are concentrations of life-force, that Rahu and Ketu are karmic dispositors: how they act on our lives depends on how we utilise them. They may raise us up or pull us down. If we recall that karma is of three types, movable, fixed, mutable, and that Rahu is currently in a mutable sign, we may not fear the malevolence of Rahu, but rather, take up appropriate attitudes towards our actions and desist reaching for the fruits thereof; if we have skilful managing of our minds then we have little to fear from Rahu's sojourn in Virgo with Moon conjunctions.

The Moon is the presiding deity of the mind. Afflictions to the Moon are afflictions to the mind. However, afflictions to the mind may have little influence if we have built our character over time and built our character bank on the foundation of integrity. Recall that integrity is trikarana suddhi, the triple purity of thoughts, words and actions. Where we have our thoughts, words and actions all in alignment or in harmony, then we are said to be acting with integrity, and thus embodying true humanness. How we practice true humanness on a long-term basis is largely a function of our capacity or ability to manage our minds. And management of the mind with Rahu and Moon in the natural 6th house of Virgo will go a long way to alleviating phantasms and fearfulness. Why fear when we have innate skills to manage ourselves, and divinity within?

Moving on, we look to the significations of the (natural) 6th House, Virgo.

Virgo is both an earth house and a mutable sign. Earth signifies grounding, connection with earth energies and the feminine. The 6th House is a house of health matters, it can be a place of debts and court actions, it can be a house of alimentary and lower stomach health matters, and it is the house of service to humanity. It can also be a house of devotional activity. Mutable karma can often be alleviated by spiritual undertakings such as novenas, japamala, mantra repetition and pilgrimages to sacred places.

The 6th house is a higher octave of the 3rd house: looking to 3rd house significations, we find hearing, battle, courage, communication, publications, self-expression, conflict, soldiers, relatives, travels, wandering and mental confusion. When mental confusion meets wandering, we have a situation where management of the mind, strong inner mental boundaries are needed. Given the position of Rahu in this sign - the natural 6th house - then we begin to see that courage and valour, strength and perseverance need to be coupled with inner strength, good self management and more - management of the mind. Recall that the Moon is the presiding deity of the mind that Rahu clouds the mind. However, Rahu behaves as a benefic in Virgo, so what benefices may we expect from Rahu?

smoke over moon

Rahu sends smoke over the moon

Rahu is known for pushing back boundaries. In this time after the solstice of 2012, with the Alignment of Suns (extending from the Central Sun of all Universes) there is an Ascension taking place which is the rise of humankind into a different vibrant frequency. Humans will once again experience their heritage of the 4th and 5th Dimensions. This will cause confusion with regard to psychic experiences becoming common for many who have not been aware of such, before. As the shadow planet Rahu pushes back the boundaries, people will begin to experience the 4th and 5th dimensions. And if everybody allows their mind to be guided by their soul/spirit consciousness ... they will readily be able to adjust to the new frequency that is coming upon this Earth.

Ascension is both a state of mind and more, a state of being. It admits a higher perception, the reactivation of so-called "junk dna", and extended consciousness, which brings awareness of other dimensions. The experience of these dimensions may cause confusion, alarm, anxiety. These are the common expectations of Rahu conjunct Moon. Many people will need assistance to understand what is happening to them. As Virgo is the house of devotional service, any selfless service to humanity will win benefit as service to humanity is essentially service to oneself: we are all One. And as one race, one humankind, it is as ONE that we all move to the new dimensions - and experience, take-up these vibrant energies, vibrations, higher essences which are flowing from the Alignment of Suns.

Rahu as benefic in the sign of Mercury has a duty to dispense the fruits of karma, action. The fruits of Rahu as benefic in the 4th and 5th dimensions is expansion of consciousness ... expansion of the boundaries of mind and connection to the soul-spirit so that integration of mind, body and spirit take place in a way that acts as a helpful container of experience of the 4th and 5th dimensions. This gives a certain transformation to the commonly perceived "great fraud", "great wannabee" signifier of Rahu, heretofore. In this time of the Alignment of Suns, Rahu - agent of transformation in eclipses - provides the opportunity for this transformation. However, balance is still needed; integrity has to be the foundation. Systematic common sense is the internal guide. Herein is the role of conjunction with the Moon, the presiding deity of the mind.

It is taught in Vedanta that the mind is like a child; it must be trained, formed in good habits and brought along with confidence with the leading-strings of Love. The mind builds systematic common sense on the foundation of balance of mind, body and spirit. Common sense has to be applied to any situation; spirituality is essentially reflection on experience. Spirituality doesn't require you to believe anything. Rather, spirituality constantly invites you to notice your experience. Your personal experience becomes your authority rather than something someone else has told you. Spiritual practice imparts an awareness within you to what will bring you peace, and what will not bring peace. Where a person is beginning to experience psychic or extended consciousness - Ascension - then one tests against the peace within the soul, the common sense of the mind, the spiritual common sense of what works, what is known and found to be true.

We will develop this further. Our purpose today is to bring to attention that Rahu in Virgo, and Moon conjunction will push further development within - often spiritual and psychic development - as Rahu loses malevolence and acts benefically in this time of the return of the 4th and 5th Dimensions, what is known as Ascension - the extended consciousness of humanity as a whole and the return of the Golden Age.


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