Notes on the September (Vernal) Equinox

Stonehenge at Equinox

The Full Moon of September 9 has passed; the Earth moves on towards the next new moon, which will be a time of changes in our skies, our seasons and the duty of the planets as they converse and deliver light and energy forms within the human. Depending on where you are on this planet, the Fall equinox arrives on September 23 - or it may be the Vernal Equinox, which hails Spring in the other hemisphere. In this post, we look to changes and consider the 4th Dimension.

A glance at the planets for the September Equinox shows us this is a time of several changes. There are a number transits of planets around this time; Venus moves to Virgo and will be conjunct the Sun; Mercury will have moved to Libra a little earlier, and there will be a New Moon on the 24th of September. Mars will have left planetary war with Saturn behind for its own house of Scorpio. From 17 September through 4 December, Venus will be combust the Sun, depleted of energy for refinement and finesse.

Mars in Scorpio receives a 5th house aspect from exalted Jupiter; creating a horoscope for the time of the equinox gives Scorpio the 12th house. As Scorpio is receiving sight (drishti) from Jupiter, we look to the positive higher significations of the 12th which are charity, giving, selflessness of a higher order. Jupiter's aspect on Mars here creates opportunity to be selfless and serve others. Here, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain, for we are all One, all expressions of the One Creative Source of All.

Mars in Scorpio will be - at the time of equinox - in Anuradha nakshatra, disposited by Saturn and Pada 3 is ruled by Venus. Planets ruling nakshatras determine the results the nakshatra will give; Saturn, exalted in Libra, gives part drishti or energy to the affairs of the house ahead and behind. In this instance, as Saturn is sending lazy, soporific and slothful energies, and Venus disposited by Sun in Leo produces an inimical mutuality. Venus will not dispose Anuradha well, nor Saturn. Anuradha, the nakshatra of friendship, co-operation and harmony will have Mars resident - full of fire, energy, drive and action, but what this disposes for the regions of chaos in the world may be sadly missing: The direction of Anuradha is South, and so the trouble spots on the world may well miss out from the vigour of Mars highlighting co-operation, harmony and peace in those places.

However, prayer is at all times powerful, even with a depleted, malefic new moon. The Hierarchy has told, time and again, all we need to do is Ask for Help, and help will be given. Times of transformation, wherein we may all feel bereft of virtue, and feel that these are times of loss, the one virtue humanity has is choice: we may choose to seek the highest for ourselves, for our fellow man and woman and children, and for all beings in all the kingdoms: animal, plant and insect, mineral and etheric. Thought is powerful, and prayerful thoughts all the more so.

At the time of equinox, Jupiter is in the 8th house in trine with Mars and Ketu. The 8th House is the higher octave of the 4th, the house of education, and contains hidden knowledge. The Vedas are chanted, we may read the text, and spend time in vedam. There are layers and layers with the Vedas and levels of hidden meaning in the text. Some divines and gurus of the highest order have hinted that the solution to climate change, greenhouse gases and the hole in the ozone layer, along with new methods of generating and transmission of energies all lay hidden and are yet to be uncovered from the Vedas. Ditto, we have Jupiter in the 8th house with its reserves of hidden, sacred knowledge.

As Jupiter is in trine with Mars (energy, drive, vigour) and Ketu (excavation of truth -sathyam anavesham), self inquiry and self knowledge) there exists opportunity; effort brings reward. It is time to exercise transformation of spiritual routines. Inert spiritual routines bring accidie (Acedia), spiritual or mental listlessness, following routines because the routines are there. Skilful means and a clarified intellect suggest the presence of a tidy, disciplined mind. As personal spirituality is practical in nature and nothing in nature or in our world is ever at rest, then it may be a strong personal penance or tapasya to respond to the environment we live and move in. We may respond to our experiences with authenticity based on self-knowledge. We must be clear about the life we wish to have and how we follow that path; accidie or listlessness is not the fruit of self-discipline.

The fruit of self-discipline is dharma, the eternal order of the Universe. At the time of equinox, Jupiter will be in Ashlesha nakshatra, ruled by Mercury and in second pada, disposited by Saturn - in addition to - receiving the 10th aspect or drishti of Saturn, a 100% aspect. Saturn asks for - or impresses through creating events and circumstances - self control and self discipline. Ashlesha is called the "clinging" star, encouraging the desire to embrace, entanglement. As Jupiter is also karaka for material pleasures, there is a certain need to pay attention to the basics, as vulnerability and self-deception may occur. Here, Saturn may well do the needful and exert a gently braking, self-controlled influence. Ashlesha nakshatra can be sharp, dreadful, particularly when the planet inhabiting is malefic. In this instance, Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, and with a certain orientation toward service. Dharma is the fruit of selflessness and service.


It behoves us to turn our attention to the Sun at the time of this Equinox. We understand Equinox to mean "equal day and night" as per the adjacent animation. So we understand equinox to mean a time of balance; balance of light and dark, balance of the forces of light and the forces of darkness; equal measure of the energies flowing to our planet. We recall the task of planets: to distribute the harmonics of colour, light and dark, frequency and vibration within the human, all for the purpose of progress in the human life and spiritual advance toward the ultimate goal of freedom from birth-death-rebirth. Our Sun - Sol - has had an exchange of energies with the Central Sun of all Universes and now delivers the energy of the 4th Dimension from the Source. At this Equinox, the Sun is in Virgo in its own nakshatra of Uttara Phalguni.

The Sun's nakshatra has a truth-focussed, peaceful energy and quality. It is called the "Star of Patronage", and kindness and compassion for humanity are experienced here. The nature of this nakshatra is manusya (meaning form of the human); the primary motivation of this nakshatra is moksha (release from the cycle of birth-death-rebirth); spiritual growth and mental expansion along with psychic elevation are also part of the influence of this nakshatra. (The psychic elevation is due the flow of energies through our Sun from the Central Sun of all Universes.) The Equinox Sun is also strong; for the past many months the exalted Saturn (seven times stronger than the Sun) has held sway with the highest Shadbala (planetary strength) of the day; on this day of Equinox, the Sun has the strongest Shadbala, presaging the eminent and beneficent energies flowing there-from.

All signs (rasi) have elements as a signature quality. It is important to note that during the Equinox, the Sun is resident in Virgo, an Earth sign, signifying that Patronage of the Creative Source of All is being delivered via solar magnetic energy to all on Earth. This "Star of Patronage" brings balance in the return to the 4th Dimension (after the Fall of Atlantis). There will be balance of energies within the human. Opportunity exists during and after this Equinox to take up propitious times to begin a most beneficial regime of personal change in our routines and daily activities. We use a thorn to remove a thorn, we use venom to create anti-venom and thus bring about healing; we may take the opportunity to detach from slavish following of the madding crowd, the modern bop and its faddish trends (Apple Watches!) and use skilful means to follow the wheel of dharma, the wheel of right action which gives order to the Universes.

To the Star People, the intelligent life forms from other Stars, other Planets, other Universes - who are resident here on Earth at this time - there is no separation. There is much that the Earth people cannot see that exists upon this Earth. From the Earth man’s point of view (and it is limited) they get glimpses at times of the 4th dimension. However, many Earth people are not always ready to accept that there is a reality of the 4th dimension. These two frequencies are slightly different - but they are starting to come together - because the solar system and the Earth herself is moving into alignment with the Central Sun of All Universes and as it does so, then the energy from the Universal Creation comes upon this Earth and virtually rings the changes. So that the 4th and the 3rd will become one.

We began with an observation that this Equinox a time of several changes - transits of planets, new moon, conjunctions and aspects between planets and we have looked a little more deeply into the nakshatras at this point in time, for these are suggestive of inner transformation. This is a time of elevation of the human to the higher dimensions - the higher 4th Dimension in particular. All life will experience this transformation; to those who exercise good mind management and choose to vary their daily routine with closer attention to the spiritual elements of their lives, it is a time of greater opportunity and spiritual advance. We have said that all will enter to the 4th Dimension; there are those who will - through torpor of laziness, comforts, pleasure seeking and self-gratification, will enter the lower 4th Dimension which is inhabited by many astral entities. Much care is needed in the lower 4th Dimension.

In the higher 4th Dimension, there is opportunity to participate in spiritual advance, new vistas of the mind, understanding the 4th Dimension and the Star Peoples - for they are due to reveal their presence on our home planet soon. This equinox represents the opportunity to seek balance between light and dark, positive and negative and to take up the transformation on offer from the Creative Source of All.

Quitsato Sundial at Equinox:

Quitsato Sundial

Panoramic view of Quitsato Sundial located exactly at the Equator. Because of its design, the shadow projected by the gnomon on the dial lines can indicate solstices, equinoxes, and also months of the year with great precision. This picture was taken the 23th September 2011 Equinox at 7:21 am. It shows how the sun projects a exact linear shade at equatorial line.


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