The return of the light: Uranus and the 5th Dimension

Since the end of the Thirteen Baktun cycle in the Mayan long count, December 21, 2012, the energies of the 4th Dimension have been raised and via the stargates, the energies of the 5th Dimension (and higher) have returned to Earth. Since the Fall of Atlantis, humanity fell out of the 5th Dimension, and the stargates, the web of light around the Earth were closed; extra dimensional energies were shut off, and humanity was left to recover in 3D reality.

The outer planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto ceased to transmit their gravitational effects to Earth and the light energies effects were not felt within the individual human. However, when these planets changed signs or nakshatras, some energies were pronounced on a global scale, for galactic energies form part of the whole, the kalapurusha (the body of space and time). In this article we look to the return of the 5th Dimensional light, and the effects of one outer planet, Uranus.

Octaves of Light

In a Mystery School transmission, the higher being known as Jalarm spoke about light and the speed of light. Jalarm passed the observation that when light travels faster than the speed of light, it disappears. This is the human perception. In fact, Jalarm told, light has ceased to be visible in the 3 dimensional spectrum of light and has entered another dimension; it is still light, still an electromagnetic wave vibrating faster than it was before. As sound has saptaka, octaves, light then also has octaves, frequencies of higher oscillation and vibration which are not readily perceived in three dimensional states. Hence, the experience of light disappearing when it travels faster than the speed of light. Akin to a sonic boom when a jet travels faster than sound, there is a transformation when light travels faster than its known speed. Light first enters the 5th and 6th Dimensions, where, we have been taught by Jalarm and many members of the Hierarchy, time is faster (and cannot be measured according to human carbon dating), light is brighter and of different hues (many travellers report double rainbows, for example.), and form, shape and density continue to be perceived, albeit at at different vibrational rate.

Fall of Atlantis

When Earth fell from the Age of Atlantis, the Earth also fell from the 5th Dimension. The webs of light surrounding the Earth closed up, and higher frequencies of light and dimensions were closed off. This was to protect the earthlings, for a mini Ice Age had come over the Earth, and there was a great flood. Mankind retreated to the caves, the Earth nearly died, and it took an age for light to be visible again on the Earth, for it was covered with clouds and darkness. The Earth was still under care. Jalarm goes on tell,

However, we do monitor the Earth – we have been called The Watchers, if you like; that is a term that earthlings have given us. But we are coming from a place where we monitor and assist the earthling to grow, because this is the Greater Plan for this Earth. This is the Greater Plan for the Garden of Eden – it is the Greater Plan for the Golden Age.

The Return of the 5th Dimension

On occasion of 21 December 2012, the Sun - source of light for our solar system and its planets - came into alignment with the Central Sun of our Universe, which was also in alignment with the Central Sun of all Universes - the Source of All. This event occasioned the return of higher 4th Dimensional energies, and return of the 5th Dimension - and higher - to the Earth. The stargates were opened, step by step, to admit the higher energies. It is like climbing stairs, to use a metaphor; you can start in the basement, rise to ground level - where there is light which we are accustomed to - and then higher on the stairs to the rooftop, where the light is uninterrupted. There are darker - or different levels of light.

The stargates open slowly to admit different levels of light; only those who are accustomed to a bright light are ready for it. For the remainder, the irises close to shut out excessive, hurtful light and to protect our vision, our being. If the voltage to the house is too strong or it is not wired for that particular voltage, then the light bulb would explode. Hence, the stargates open slowly to admit higher frequencies of light, and higher dimensional energies. This brings us to the frequencies of the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. In conventional vedic astrology, these planets were considered not to be luminaries for they were not visible to the naked eye. However, the rishis and sages did say there were five more planets (called upa-grahas) and these would be found one day. Perhaps the rishis and sages knew dimly of the earlier existence of these outer planets and were admitting the possibility of their presence and influence in future. The New Horizons spacecraft has just brought us pictures of Pluto:


  New Horizons captured this image of Pluto a day before its closest pass, from a distance of about 740,000 kilometres; it includes a strikingly heart-shaped light patch that NASA referred to as a "love note" sent back to Earth.

The Challenges to the Human

Life is multidimensional. Our physical bodies are anchored in the 3rd and 4th Dimensions. The brain and the central nervous system is hard-wired and in synch with the physical reality of this world. Higher dimensions are not bound by space and time. The human experience of reality is defined by the vibrations the human identifies with. This is why many find it difficult to identify and relate to higher dimensions, which seem ephemeral. When humans identify only with a biological existence, they are trapped in space and time. The 5th Dimension opens to a fluid reality which is beyond space and time. The challenge to the human is to live in a multidimensional reality - i.e., 3-4-5 Dimensional reality whilst living in a biological time frame.

The Return of the Light

With the Sun receiving - and distributing on - energies from the Central Sun of our Universe, which in turn is receiving - and distributing on - energies from the Central Sun of ALL Universes, we now live in a time of the return of the light, the return of the higher dimensional energies, which is sometimes called the Golden Era. In this Golden Era, the energies of the outer planets are now felt and experienced on both the individual and mundane levels of life. The question arises, 'How might we take up and utilise the return of the light?'.

  Image of Uranus, its rings and some of its satellites. From Hubble

Uranus was discovered during the American War of Independence and at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, which fits as this radical planet signifies cultural transformation, independence and inventions, particularly those using electricity and electronics. Uranus is the planet of radical transformation, complete transformation within. It is the transformation to divine love as a way of life. Uranus gives understanding of the higher levels of consciousness - i.e., understanding of the higher dimensions.

This transformation comes via tattva; that is, transformation will come via inner fire in a fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), grounding and connection to Mother Earth in earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn); inner transformation of the mind in air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) and emotional-feeling route of transformation in water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces). As the repository of buried feelings and emotion, Uranus drives transformation from accidie (spiritual listlessness) to action through the spleen. And when we release energies through the spleen, we need to take care that we are not hurting others. Here is where we may utilise the return of the light - for whether the expression is negative or positive, it is expression for transformation. We separate ourselves from the perception of the mind and know that the transformation is to the positive; timelessness and fluidity of boundaries are new experiences for the human staked down in third dimensional biological reality, and we must take care not to engage in escapism, to always return to our present reality and have personal rituals of grounding. Among all of this, we must act with love and respect for others and always provide for the safety of others in our ambit. Ascension abides the highest expressions of the Vedas: Help ever, Hurt never, love all, serve all. We may do this gracefully through the significations of Uranus.

Uranus spends 7 years in one sign. Uranus represents the release, charging energy. It provides us with sense of the rare, eccentric, and unique aspect of life. Through Uranus we gain an awareness of universal brotherhood, the common bonds of humanity. Uranus energy operates at the level of intuitive awareness of life and the aspect of the self which connects to a higher level of awareness. Uranus represents uniqueness and the higher dimensional part of us. The influence of Uranus in a chart brings with it the energy of change. Sudden events, surprising turns of fate, new developments, are some of the significations of this planet In its lower and mundane expression, Uranus may signify breakdowns, strange occurrences, accidents and upsetting events.

In these times of return to the light - and the higher dimensions - the energy and effects of Uranus may be taken to aid us on this journey to multidimensional realities. Keep in mind that the planets may raise us up or pull us down. As human life is always faced with choice, it is up to us how we utilise the subtle energies that the planets transmit within us. We recall that we have a soul-contract and we have come here on a journey to help other souls. Uranus may provide us with the springboard to dramatic inner change, and as it is currently in Revati nakshatra, Uranus is in a position to provide nourishment on the journey. We may be nurtured in the change to higher dimensions; we may be nurtured through that change by knowing that there is light at the end of the tunnel: the higher dimensional light of the 5th Dimension. We may use this light as a carrier, bearer, vessel, even as our own inner vimana toward creating a new reality, the reality of living in 3-4-5 Dimensional reality.

Abiding in Peace

It is taught in Vedanta that the mind is like a child; it must be trained, formed in good habits and brought along with confidence with the leading-strings of Love. The mind builds systematic common sense on the foundation of balance of mind, body and spirit. Common sense has to be applied to any situation; spirituality is essentially reflection on experience. Spirituality doesn't require you to believe anything. Rather, spirituality constantly invites you to notice your experience. Your personal experience becomes your authority rather than something someone else has told you. Spiritual practice imparts an awareness within you to what will bring you peace, and what will not bring peace. Where a person is beginning to experience psychic or extended consciousness - Ascension - then one tests against the peace within the soul, the common sense of the mind, the spiritual common sense of what works, what is known and found to be true.

There are many suggestions of Uranus being the giver of a new gestalt, a new, profound inner change and awareness of Oneness, of dualities receding and our lives being a dream-scape. We do not build a bubble of escapism around us, this is not true humanness, this is not integrity, unity of thoughts, words and actions. We recall that the planets may raise us up, they may pull us down, it all depends on how we utilise the light force, the magnetism, the energies they direct within. In taking up the energies of Uranus, we may propitiate the god Brahma, in his single-headed form of Prajapati, the Universal Creator. We offer here one well known Gayatri Mantra of Brahma:

Parameshwaraya Vidmahe
Paratattvaya Dheemahe
Tanno Brahma Prachodayat



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