Meditation and the Five Sheaths

As the chaotic nodes of religious fanaticism, ecosystem collapse, corporate greed and manipulation and climate change grow momentum, expand of their own accord and multiply their energetic sheaths, in these days of the Moon hemmed in by malefics, Saturn direct, Mars debilitated about to conjunct Venus by degree, and Jupiter in Leo no longer aspecting Saturn, there can be challenges. We look to offer you a simple, energy visualistion to keep you balanced in the days to come, as the subtle energies of the planets continue to flow to us. Hence the iceberg: the subtle energies of the planets touch us on levels we do not ordinarily perceive.

Chaotic nodes, as we have shared earlier on this website, expand and grow - firstly as they are fed by human thought, feeling and action - thereafter, they expand and multiply of their own motion and energy. As we have shared earlier, the rise of water to a roiling boil makes it unpredictable to know when and where the next emergence of energy will be. Add to this mix the movements and state of planets for August 2015, there is a clear, perceived need to be alert and take steps to both lift our energies and add a layer of self-protection from the ever-expanding negative energy forms, free-floating around the Earth as they do.

August begins with the Moon hemmed in between malefic planets, Rahu and Saturn. As the Moon continues its journey through the signs, the Moon will continue to be under malefic influence on all sides right through the new moon and on to the next Full Moon when the Moon will be opposite the Sun on 30 August; the Moon continues to be sandwiched between malefic planets. As the Moon is the presiding deity of the mind, we may experience feeling down, disinclined to make efforts, lose the urge to take up beneficial activities and even find spiritual activity a challenge. Oh, the mind can put it off to later.

Saturn - in a sign ruled by Mars will go direct on 4th of August; Saturn was under benefic influence of Jupiter until Jupiter changed signs. From March of 2015, Saturn received the aspects of benefic Jupiter, and karmic-repository Ketu (both trine and aspect 5 and 9 houses away). Now Ketu will aspect Saturn and Saturn will aspect Jupiter and for the time being, for the next month of so, Mars is debilated, deprived of strength. This allows Saturn to be in a somewhat strong situation until the Sun joins Jupiter, mid-month.

Planets exert subtle energies. This is their task, as amsa of the kalapurusha, the body of space and time. The astrology charts all show the karma we must experience during this lifetime. We do have soul-contracts, and we are in a time where - with spiritual effort - we may make progress and experience less of the disruptive side of global challenges, although we will feel and live through these challenges nonetheless. There is a higher wisdom, a higher intellect within us all. We are not bound to the mind and the senses, all-encompassing as they may seem to be. We can take needful action.

The Five Sheaths

The body is covered by five sheaths the Annamaya, Pranamaya, Manomaya, Vijnanamaya and Anandamaya Kosas, The first is a gross sheath and each following sheath is subtler than the preceding one. The Annamaya sheath is the body is sometimes called the food sheath. It is perishable, but as long as one lives, the body should be kept in good health. What keeps the body going are the vibrations from the vital air sheath (Pranamaya kosa). These vibrations are controlled by radiation from the mind (Manomaya kosa). Radiation from the mind is the thoughts we have of ourselves and our world. Beyond the mind is the Vijnanamaya kosa, which is sometimes called the wisdom or intellect sheath. This is where the voice of the conscience lives in man. This is where the intellect may be illuminated by the soul within. When this state is reached, man can proceed next to the Bliss Sheath (anandamaya kosa) without much effort.


The Sheaths which comprise the body, the energy fields, the mind, the intellect and Bliss

Regard the image above. During these times of challenges, we suggest a simple meditation. One might picture the gross sheath, your physical body and imagine a tube of light going down the centre of the body to fill the gross sheath with light. We may then bring the light down and fill the energy sheath with light. Thereafter, we may fill our mind sheath with light, and then the intellect sheath. Finally, we can fill the most subtle sheath with light and then gently expand the light beyond our bodies to fill the Earth, the atmosphere, the entire universe, sharing the light will all forms of life on all levels of life.

This mediation may be done sitting, lying down, or in our sacred space we have created for ouselves. Whatever regimen we create for stillness, meditation, recharging our personal energy fields, we can do this quick, short meditation here. It is not too complicated, it is not too challenging. It is simply a meditation of bringing the light in from the Source of All Creation - you may imagine a light pouring down into you from the Sun, and from there, from the Central Sun of all universes. When we give the light out to others, we bless life to progress forward with light and love. We also, shall progress forward, filled with light from the Source. May all beings in all the worlds be happy!



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