Jupiter and Consideration

Human Values and Astrology
Value: Love Sub-value: Consideration
Planet (graha) Jupiter (Brihaspati)

He who is like an ember, who holds a shakthi,
O Teacher, lord of prayer of beings, Teacher of demi gods,
Greatest among the mighty, lord of words,preceptor,
One having a long beard, he who is young and wears yellow silk.

He whose sight is nectar like, lord of all planets,
He who steals away the bad effects of all planets,
He who is merciful, he who is soft looking,
He who is the teacher of devas, he who looks like a bud,

He who is respected by all, the teacher of all,
He who is just, he who implements justice,
Lord of all stars, he who is the son of Angeerasa,
He who is worshipped by Vedas, grandfather,

He who remembers Brahaspathi with devotion and recites these names,
Would be free from disease, would be strong,
Would be wealthy, and would be blessed with several sons.

He who worships him on Thursdays, with sandal, holy rice and silk,
Would live for one hundred years and all his sins would be destroyed.

Guru would remove all problems and bless with peace,
Those who worship with light, flower and presents,
And serve food to Brahmins.

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