Rahu and Patience

Human Values and Astrology
Value: Love Sub-value: Patience
Planet (graha) Rahu (North Node)

Pranamami sada rahum, soorpakaram kireetinam,
Saimhikeyam karalasyam, lokanamabhaya pradham.

I always salute Rahu, who holds a winnow, who has a crown,
Who is like a lion and is terrible looking,
And who grants protection to people

Neelambara sira pathu, lalatam loka vanditha,
Chakshushi pathu may Rahu, srothre thwardha sareeravan.

Let my head be protected by he who wears blue silk,
Let my forehead be protected by he who is worshipped by the world,
Let Rahu protect my eyes and semi bodied one protect my ears.

Nasikam may dhoomravarna, soolapanir mukham mama,
Jihwam may simhika sunu, Kantam may katinamgrika.

Let the smoke colured one protect my nose,
And let he who holds the spear protect my face,
Let the son of Simhika protect my tongue,
And let my neck be protected by he who perceives by smell.

Bhujangeso bhujai pathu, neela malyambara karou pathu,
Pathu vaksha sthalam manthri, pathu kuksheem vidhunthuda.

Let the lord of serpents protect my arm,
Let my hands be protected by he who wears blue garlands,
Let the minister protect my breast,
And let the wise one protect my belly.

Katim may vikata pathu, ooru may sura poojitha,
Swarbhanuni januni pathu jange may pathu jadayaha.

Let my hip be protected by the funny one,
Let my thighs be protected by he who is worshiped by devas,
Let my knees be protected by him who makes the sun his own,
Let my calves be protected by him who is sluggish.

Gulphou grahapathi pathu, padhou may bheeshanakruthi,
Sarvanyangani may pathu neela chandana bhooshana.

Let my ankle be protected by the lord of planets,
Let my feet be protected by he who looks terrible,
And let all my limbs be protected by him who wears blue sandal paste.

Raheridham kavacham rhudhi davasthudham yo,
Bhakthya padathyunu dinam niyatha suchi sanu,
Prapnothi keerthimathulam sriyamrudhi maayura,
Aaroghya mathma vijayam cha hi thath prasadath.

He who invests himself in this armour of Rahu,
Daily reads it with devotion according to rules cleanly,
Would get incomparable fame, plenty of wealth, long life,
Health and great victory in life due to his blessings.

Ithi Sri Mahabharathe Drutharasthra jayantha samvade drona parvani rahu kavacham sampoornam

Thus ends the armour of Rahu occurring in the middle of discussion between Drutharashtra and Jayantha which occurs in the chapter on Drona of the Mahabharatha epic.

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Full Moon, 29 May 2018

A full moon occurs on the early morn of 30 May 2018. This full moon occurs in an extra (intercalary) month by name Adhik Jyestha, and is devoted to Lord Krishna. The name Jyestha comes from the nakshatra the moon occupies at the time of full moon. It is a time of celebration (for Buddhists) and a time of emotional challenge, for some.

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A Note on Yama – Dharmaraja

There is the Hindu deity Yama, mostly known – and feared – as the God of Death: Yama, the god who judges the souls at the end of life. His other name is Dharmaraja, and he is called Lord of Justice, said to be rightly judging souls for their accumulated deeds on Earth. Said to be blue in colour, he rides a he-buffalo, and holds a rope and a stick (danda).

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Ketu and Interdependence

Human Values and Astrology
Value: Love Sub-value: Interdependence
Planet (graha) Ketu (South Node)

Kethu, Kaala, kalayitha, dhhomrakethur, vivarnaka,
Loka Ketu, maha Kethu, sarva kethur, bhaga pradha.

Ketu, he who causes death, he who makes time, smoky headed one,
One who is multi coloured, head of people, great head,
One who has only head, one who torments the Sun.

Roudhro, Rudhra priyo, rudhra, kroora karma, suganda druk,
Palala dhooma sankkhasa, chithra yagnopaveetha druk.

He who is angry, he who likes Shiva, he who is fierce,
He who does cruel deeds, He who is seen by pleasant smell,
One who resembles the smoke of husk, one who is seen wearing sacred thread.

Thara gana vimardhi cha jaimineeyo grahadhipa,
Ganesa dhevo, vignesa, visha rogarthi nasana,

One who troubles star groups, one who belongs to the clan of Jaimini,
One who is the lord of all planets, one who is God Ganesa,
One who is the lord of obstacles, one who destroys disease due to poison,

Pravrujyadho jnanadhascha theertha yathra pravarthaka,
Pancha vimsathi namani kethoryahatham padeth.

One who has forsaken everything, one who is wise,
And one who makes pilgrimages to sacred places happen.

If these twenty five names of Ketu are read,

Thasya Nasyathi badha cha sarva Kethu prasadatha,
Dhana dhanya pasoonaam cha bhaved vrudhir na samsaya.

Due to the grace of Ketu all his troubles will come to an end,
And without doubt his wealth, cereals and animals will increase.

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Shani Jayanti 2018

In year 2018 (1940 Vilambi) Shani Jayanti is marked on Tuesday 15 May 2018. Shani Jayanti is marked as birth anniversary of Lord Shani. Shani Jayanti is also known as Shani Amavasya. Lord Shani is son of Lord Surya and rules planet Saturn and Saturdays. It is believed that Lord Shani believes in fair justice and if appeased blesses His devotee with good luck and fortune. People, who don’t have blessing of Lord Shani, toil for years without getting any reward for their hard work in life. In this message on 2018 day of Shani Jayanti, we reflect on the Thunderbolt Armour of Saturn (Shani Vajra Panjarika Stotram) as remedy for the ills of Saturn.

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Sun and Forbearance

Human Values and Astrology
Value: Love Sub-value: Forbearance
Planet (graha) Sun (Surya)

Salutations to the primeval God,
Please be kind to me, he who creates the morn.
Salutations to you the creator of day,
Salutations to you the creator of light.

My salutations to the Sun God,
Who rides on chariot with seven horses,
Who is the brightest of lights,
Who is the son of Sage Kashyapa,
And who wears the white lotus flower.

My salutations to the Sun God,
Who is reddish brown in colour,
Who rides on a chariot,
Who has created all the worlds,
And who is the god who kills all the sins

My salutations to the Sun God,
Who is blessed with three fold qualities,
Who is a greatest of heroes,
Who has within himself the great trinity.
And who is the god who kills all sins.

My salutations to the Sun God,
Who developed by the sparkling,
Of air, fire and ether,
And who is the lord of all universe.

My salutations to the Sun God,
Who is as red as the hibiscus flower,
Who wears ornaments of garlands and ear rings,
And who is the god who has one great Wheel

My salutations to the Sun God,
Who is the Lord of all universe,
Who created all the universe,
And who is the God who can destroy all sins.

My salutations to the Sun God,
Who is the lord of peace,
Who is the Lord of this world
Who showers on us knowledge, science and salvation,
And who is the God who can destoy all sins.

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