Full Moon January 2023

Full Moon January 2023January of 2023 presents us with planetary movements, a Full Moon, planets going direct and challenges. We are reminded that the planets can raise us up, they can pull us down. It all boils down to maintaining steadiness and managing the mind, even when the mind is presented with external – and internal – challenges.
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Venus and Human Values: Appreciation

Planet Venus as Hindu God

Gayatri Mantra for Venus

Om Aswadhwajaaya Vidmahe
Dhanur hastaaya dheemahi
Tanno Shukra prachodayaat

Translation: “Om, Let me meditate on him who has horse in his flag,
Oh, He who has a bow in his hand, give me higher intellect,
And let Shukra illuminate my mind.”

Venus is a graceful planet who takes delight in those artisan activities of humankind: the arts, song, dance, music, film-making, painting, poetry, gardening, theatre, walking and communing with nature. These are activities, events, wherein we both experience and express appreciation. Here, we look to appreciation as one of the human values.

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December 2022 Full Moon

December 2022 Full MoonThe December Full Moon occurs on 8 December, so a little more than two weeks away from the (Summer) Solstice. This Full Moon is immediately conjunct Mars – in fact only 4 minutes away from Mars in Rohini nakshatra. This is the favourite nakshatra of the Moon; Mars’ presence here highlights this Full Moon with fulsome energy – as Mars is retrograde, and will be in occultation with the Moon.

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Saturn and Forbearance

Human Values and Astrology
Value: Peace Sub-value: Forbearance

Shani - Planetary Deity for Saturn

Oh Lord Saturn! The mysterious one,

Thy mother is the shadow and thy father is the Sun,
You are considered, only maelific, by some,
Others know you as the benevolent one.

God gave you the task to purify each one
Through all types of experiences under the Sun.
Bless us and remove our shackles, one by one.

Saturn is a disposer of universal energy in the form of light and magnetism, for all energy comes from the Central Sun of all Universes, to our galaxy, to our solar system and flows to Sol, the Sun. From our Sun, the seven rays are directed to the seven planets and two nodes, Rahu and Ketu; thence the planets and nodes combine and recombine tlight and magnetism and reflect these as cosmic force into the field of birth. The field of right action is the field of the human body. Saturn directs measures of light and magnetism to our janma (birth) for cosmic purpose.

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October 2022 Full Moon

huntersThe October full Moon – while a good time for care of animals and travel – is also a full moon that brings challenges in its wake. It is a time of due diligence to our own selves (this is not selfishness, we cannot be of service to others nor the Divine if we do not take care of our own selves) and a time of a particular awareness of what is seen, what is in our time, and what is beyond time. Perhaps timelessness is a significator of the 5th dimension, perhaps timelessness is also a significator of a greater awareness of the Self.
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Mars and Fortitude

Human Values and Astrology
Value: Peace Sub-value: Fortitude
Planet: Mars (Kuja, Mangal)

Deity Mars - Kuja

Angaraka stotram
(Prayer to planet Mars)

Angaraka shakthidaro lohithango darasutha,
Kumaro mangalo bhoumo maha kayo dana pradha.

He who is like an ember, who holds a shakti,
He who has red limbs, He who is the son of Earth,
He who is young, he who does good,
He who has a gross body, He who gives wealth,

Runahartha drushti kartha roga kruth roga nasana,
Vidhyuth prabho vrunakara kamadho dana hruth kuja.

He who removes debts, he who looks at you,
He who causes disease, He who destroys diseases,
He who is as powerful as a current, He who causes wounds,
He who fulfils desires, He who gives money and is Kuja,

Samagana priyo raktha vasthrorakthayathekshana,
Lohitho raktha varnamcha sarva karmava bodhaka.

He who likes to hear Sama, he who wears red clothes,
He who has blood red eyes, he who is reddish,
He who is of the colour of blood,
He who teaches us all duties,

Rakthamalyadaro hemakundali gruha nayaka,
Namanyethani bhoumasya ya padeth sathatham nara.

He who wears a red garland, he who wears golden ear studs,
He who is the lord of the planets,
For him who reads all these names of the son of Earth,

Runam thasya cha dourbhagyam daridryam cha vinasyathi,
Danam prapnothi vipulam sthriyam chaiva manoramam.

Would get rid of all his debts, bad luck, poverty,
Would get wealth, get many wives who are pretty,

Vamsodhyothakaram puthram labhathe nathra samsaya,

And without any doubt beget sons,
Who would improve the stature of the family.

Yea archyedahni bhoumasya Mangalam bahu pushpakai,
Sarva nasyathi peeda cha thasya gruhakrutha druvam.

To those who worship with great many flowers,
Mars the do-gooder and the son of Goddess Earth,
All problems created by that planet will surely vanish.

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Full Moon September 2022

Full MoonThis Full Moon precedes the departure of a well-known sovereign, who committed to serve humanity her whole life long. There is a faint hint of her departure in the Navamsa, at this Full Moon. It is a Moon that brings its challenges, and opportunities to put something down and pick up a new project, a new initiative, a new path forward. What some call liquid mental energy that takes three months to change, a Full Moon can offer the opportunity to hit the ground running with change: the energies are always strong at Full Moon.
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Full Moon August 2022

Full MoonThe last month of winter is here in the southern hemisphere and with it brings another lunar event: the sturgeon supermoon on 12 August 2022. There is a strong influence of Mars at this time of Full Moon, and there are challenges in managing the mind, managing thoughts, managing behaviour – particularly to those close to us, and those who form our social capital. It is a good time for mantra siddhi.

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June 2022 Full Moon and Kabir Jayanti

June 2022 Full MoonSant Kabir Jayanti is observed on the Purnima or full moon day in the month of Jyeshta (May – June) as per traditional calendar. In 2022, the date of Sant Kabir Jayanti is June 14. This month’s Full Moon is in a somewhat precarious position, gandanta, the boundary between water and fire signs. This occurrence frequently presents somewhat knotty problems.

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The Full Moon of April 2022

MoonThe Full Moon after the vernal equinox is the occasion for many religious festivals in the world’s faiths. It is also a time of many planets changing signs. It is a time when planets that are sandi – on border between signs – do not give full energy nor aspect. It is a time that presents some opportunity to respond to challenges.

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Astrology notes: Planets in Pisces ~ Varuna Peyarchi

Lord VarunaFrom late March 2022 up to the next full moon (Easter day) there are a number of astrological events occurring to which we seek to draw your attention. The New Moon in Pisces is Lunar New Year; when the Sun enters Aries, it will be Solar New Year. In that time (and after) several planets change signs including the outer planet Neptune, who will be in step with Jupiter for their ingress to Pisces.

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The Holi Full Moon – March 2022

The Holi Full Moon - February 2022The Full Moon in February brings Spring in its wake for the northern hemisphere, and the Holi celebration. As we emerge from Covid-19, there is need to shake the dust off ourselves, spruce up, and celebrate. After a brief look at the Navamsa, we look to the situation in Ukraine.

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