108 Names of the Sun: Surya Ashtottara Shatanamavali #75

Om kamaniyakaraya namaha, Salutations to the Sun who makes one eminently desirable and charming. When we admire the charm, wit and desirability of others, we have a need to exercise discrimination and discernment.



kamaniya mfn. (-ya?-ya-ya?) Pleasing, beautiful, desirable.
kama and aniyar affix of the future participle, to be desired.
1 Loveliness, beauty.
2 Desirableness.
kamaniya Hin. adj. desirable, desired, to be wished for; charming, adorable, beautiful.
chitt, chitta- Hin. m. chitta San. n. the mind (the seat of understanding and awareness, of intellect and will); memory, thought, reflection; the soul, heart. It is the individual consciousness, composed of intelligence and intellect (buddhi),


When we use charming to describe people and their actions, we are saying that we find them fascinating; highly pleasing or delightful to the mind or senses. Children think variety charming. We may say, “The Empress is looking charming.” Then there are the alluring pipes: “To follow freely the charming pipe of him who sounded and proclaimed liberty and relief.” These can be the seductive pipes of Pan, or the pipe of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. To use charm, or to say another is charming, may require of us that we use discernment and discrimination.

Devotion to the Divine, to one’s protector, to one’s atmakaraka (planet signifying the soul) is the keystone to what makes a person lovely and charming. We are desirous of their company, their satsang, their illuminating speech.

The world loves only good men, endowed with good qualities; it keeps bad men at a distance. Exterior charm attracts the animal; internal charm, resulting from character, pleases the Lord. Do not be tempted by the low tastes of the world and the cheap regard that people bestow. Strive for the holy Grace and Love of the Lord. The affection that men shower is inconstant; for it depends on their likes and dislikes. But the Love that the Lord bears to you depends on your good qualities alone. It can also give you permanent joy. Those who are enamoured of the external will tumble into disappointment and sorrow every now and then. Beauty consists in character, not in anything else. There is nothing more charming than that.

Devotion removes mental agitations, the sensory reaching out and the emotional urbges of man. It is in this direction that all the details of the worship of the Lord in temples took shape. In the temple, all the various ceremonies from the “Awakening of God in early dawn to the Laying-in-bed’ late at night, are all intended to heighten and promote the devotional trends of the mind. Each incident in its turn helps the sublimation of the appropriate emotion in a peculiarly charming manner. In the sublimity of that experience, the agitation of the lower emotions declines and disappears. This is how we become charming, filled with the dignity of the human state.

So we understand that desirable, desired, to be wished for; charming, are really matters of personal character. Where character is concerned, we are careful. If you want to know the person, we look to their company. If they have bad company, then they cannot be persons of good repute and character. If they have good company, then we feel reassured as to their character. Good character gives human integrity, confidence in the person and their words, actions and attitudes. This is the triple purity, and purity is a sine-qua-non of that which is desirable, desired, to be wished for; charming, else we fall prey to the senses and ahamkara, the I-Me-Mine tyranny of the ego.

Where people are charming and their company desirable, we need to use our intellect, our discrimination else we fall.

Do not keep the mind, intellect and understanding hungry or underfed; then they will run after all kinds of foul food. Give them proper nourishment and they will perform their functions well. Their function is to illumine the Soul within and help you to discover that the Atma (spark of the divine within) is all. Until the auspicious moment, everything will be in disarray; do not worry. Go to a house where a marriage is to take place; it will be in a huge mess; noise, confusion, dust and din. But when the moment of marriage arrives, it is all spick and span, clean and charming. The Grace of the Lord will overwhelm all obstacles and fruit of spiritual effort will be vouchsafed. Once you secure the Grace, you can fulfil all your wishes with it; if you have the cloth, you can have any type of clothes: jacket, coat or pants. It is the Grace that gives value to life, authenticity to the Sastras, authority to the recipient. A piece of white paper has no value at all: but send it to the Security Press and let them convert it into a hundred-rupee note; you value it, though it is printed all over and there is no blank space for writing anything. Become impressed with the stamp of God; carry His Signature; that invests you with value and authority. But first you should become white, tough and strong. Remove all the blemishes that tarnish you.


Om kamaniyakaraya namaha, Salutations to the Sun who makes one eminently desireable and charming.


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