The Nation’s Karma: The President

The Inauguration of Donald Trump as 45th President of the United States is the commencement of his term of office. We take the inauguration chart, and compare to Trump’s personal chart to see how Trump will lead the nation through the forthcoming four years. Vedic astrology is first an account of time, events and karma being experienced. Here, we look to the karma indicated by houses, planets and signs and make some observations.
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A President is Elected

fullmoonIn the matter of Trump getting elected, some astrologers in conversation are identifying a moment of transformation and shaking up of the establishment, similar to the effect of the Brexit vote. We do bring some significant news by way of astrology and President-elect Trump. His chart is out there for all to see and there are changes coming for Trump, very soon. These changes may be a coordinated incidence with the forthcoming full moon, a Super Moon.

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Leadership and Astrology

leadership, allegedly

Leadership is a multi-dimensional activity, an acquired skill, duty and responsibility. Leaders have followers; if there are no followers, then there is no leader. Leaders embody a vision, and employ their skills to procure the fulfilment of task needs, group needs and individual needs. They may have a range of innate skills, learned skills, and knowledge about themselves, their task, and about the other people they lead. One great teacher of humanity tells that leaders know their people as well as their mothers do, and care for them better.

So we present a question about kundli charts (horoscopes) and leadership and where leadership is discerned> How does astrology address the dimensions of leadership?

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