Saturn and Shiva

Sani at Kailash

Saturn is both son of The Sun by his shadow wife Chaaya, and the most powerful of all the planets in that all seek to avoid his gaze, drishti. There is another whom all seek to avoid the gaze of, Lord Shiva, for the dristhi of the third eye of Shiva causes whatever is seen to burnt. Both deities have all properties of creation-preservation-destruction, in addition to unavoidable energy that has power, shakti, over all that exists. None can avoid the sade-sati of Lord Saturn; None can avoid Lord Shiva, the receiver of all things.

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The Protection of Mars


Mars is a planet and a planetary deity. Remedies for Mars may include mantras, asktakam, gayatri mantra, and other prayers, such as Ashtottara Shatanamavali - 108 names. One of the 108 Names of Mars is Om sharanagata poshanaya namaha. We surrender to and seek the protection, the fostering of Mars. What protection does Mars offer, and why would one seek that protection and surrender?

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The Sun as Embodiment of Love

smiley sun

The Sun is superior among all the planets, and he becomes pleased with whoever reveres him consistently. Among the planets, he is God incarnate in solar form. Those who regularly and devotedly remember the Sun lose all their worries, disease and poverty, for unwavering worship of the Sun destroys all obstructions and fulfils all cherished desires. The Sun is the embodiment of Divine Love.

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