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Hue-man, the one who is filled with many hues of light

The Grand Sextile is an event wherein the consciousness of all life-forms on our planet will be raised further into the fourth dimension. There will be grounding of the 4th dimension energy into the depths of the Earth, an “earthing“, one might say. This grounding of the 4th dimensional energies — the grand sextile — bringing the planets into the form of the Star of David — signifies the raising of vibrations and rise of consciousness in the hue-man, the one who is filled with different hues of light. What is consciousness and how does it rise?

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A grand sextile – a new cornucopia

Green Cornucopia

From time to time, it behooves Vedic Astrology to pay some attention to the cousins; those who practice and follow western (tropical) astrology. It is sometimes of benefit to check horoscopes cast for confirmation; it is also important, as many minds cast their attention to this form of astrology, and hence, it has a certain validity. We take our point of departure from Leonard French's teachings on self-fulfilling prophecy. As so many westerners only know this form of astrology, attention must be given, if only to explain certain phenomena.

On July 29, classical tropical astrology advises that many planets will form a disposition known as the "Grand Sextile". This event has a subtle spiritual significance far beyond the considerations and interpretations of astrology and astronomy. It indicates – albeit on a subtle level – the rise and rise of energies which will result in a rise in mass consciousness.

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Cassini and Saturn

Cassini and Saturn

NASA - Wave at Saturn

One of the most exciting NASA Spacecraft Cassini events in 2013 will be the unusual opportunity on July 19 to image the whole Saturn system as it is backlit by the sun. With Saturn covering the harsh light of the sun, we will be gathering unique ring science and also catching a glimpse of our very own home planet.

Earth from Saturn

NASA’s Cassini Spacecraft took this photo on December 19, 2012

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Vata dosha, Air signs, Vata Planets and Compassion …

Vata, Vata, Vata

Vata is one of the three doshas, or constitutions of Ayurveda. Vata means airy or wind, and this applies to to planets. The Vata planets are Sun, Mercury, Rahu, the Air signs are Mithuna (Gemini) Tula (Libra) and Kumbh (Aquarius). Right now, we have a situation where an air sign is full of planets and is being aspected by Vata planets.

Gemini planets

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