A President is Elected

fullmoonIn the matter of Trump getting elected, some astrologers in conversation are identifying a moment of transformation and shaking up of the establishment, similar to the effect of the Brexit vote. We do bring some significant news by way of astrology and President-elect Trump. His chart is out there for all to see and there are changes coming for Trump, very soon. These changes may be a coordinated incidence with the forthcoming full moon, a Super Moon.


A Letter to an Astrologer

My Dear,

On the other side of the Ocean I am sitting back and observing – with the rest of my nation, Australia – looking at the outcome for us, for Asia Pacific region, for the Trans-Pacific-Partnership, for example. Big changes are expected given campaign comments. The only person to hit the ground running with the result was the Foreign Minister (who functions like your Secretary of State) who said, “Work with what you have got, get the best outcome, speak the language they understand and resonate with.”

For myself, I am waiting for the swearing in chart. That’s when he gets to work. I wrote somewhere else that Brexit was like a psychic clearing out, a psychic “Battle of Britain” to wrest the control of the minds of the UK leadership and the destiny of the UK away from that of the EU and the hidden puppeteers pulling the strings. I sense that Trump has a similar task to do, to well and truly shake the establishment, open the broom closet, grab a straw broom and begin sweeping. Some psychic clearing out is needed and there is an aspect in your acceptance speech chart which would point to this.

One of the oddest things on the other side of the ocean is to observe how your nation treats your President; you do not follow the leader. Sandy Hook can happen again. I was shocked at sequestration (and how it repeated itself) and that the national legislature literally slaps your President in the face, time and time again. The desecration of Obamacare has the rest of the world sitting back and watching what your legislature does to your very own poor. And yes, I watch the State of the Union address (or read it if I miss the actual event. Time zones prevail.)

I am sure there are many other sins of the fathers and I am not here to air any such sins. You don’t follow your leader, and I suspect as your good self and that wonderful financial astrologer shared with us, you have got the President you deserve and you will have to Follow The Leader. I started reading a book some time back written by one of the architects of the New Deal – you know, you have a unique graciousness in your history as a nation. I do hope you can all find this and bring it out again.

I like what you have written, it is a straight up astrology piece identifying and evaluating the strengths of the Kelleher chart, along with a clear, objective analysis of Trump’s Jupiter return and mahadasa. You are right to say that the Kelleher chart is the Karma Chart and this is the President that karma delivers as all action generates a reaction. Now is the time to take the long view of history, for this acceptance chart has the moon inside the Kaal Sarp Yoga, which is on a 6/12 axis. The 6th house is called Ripu, hinting that Trump may focus on the sad-ripus, what is done in the past that has to be faced in the present, in the 12th house, naasi, loss.





Coda in (somewhat plain) English

I was speaking to an astrologer when I penned the material above. Let me take the confusion out of this for you. Here I am talking about Donald Trump’s birth chart. All the astrologers say that Trump is coming into a heck of a lot of power on 14 November. (I have his chart, and this is so.) This is his time, this is the President that had to be. The astrologers are all saying that we have to think that all the crazy fame-mongering-energy of the past years will dissipate. The Rahu (driver of fraudulent claims and carelessness in speech) Mars (Rahu behaves like Mars, MD-AD rules) bhukti is over on 14 November 2016. That’s four days time. Some common sense and a little balance will come forth.




President-elect Donald Trump starts a Jupiter-Jupiter period in four days time, and Jupiter is in his second house, house of wealth, the second is Virgo, sign of challenges, watch your health and service to the community. Jupiter was also with the ascendant during the time of President-Elect Trump’s acceptance speech. Jupiter is largesse, Jupiter is learning, acumen, insight and para vidya, the higher wisdom.

The astrologers say, “keep calm”. For those of you anxious and unsettled, we have to assume that The Source of Creation of All has a plan and that the power of a Jupiter period for Trump and the message of his acceptance speech may reveal a man and leadership that we have underestimated. Trump will be a good president for the USA. He may not be a good president for the rest of the world as it appears his task is to fix up the ills that beset the United States of America.




We point out that on 14 November, there will be a full moon. This occasion of Full Moon is a Super Moon. It is the largest and brightest moon since 1948, having a distance of 356,590 kilometres from the Earth.

The term super moon has made its way into pop culture over the past few years to describe a full moon that appears larger and brighter than normal. This occurs when the full moon falls on the same day as perigee, the point in the moon’s orbit when it is closest to the Earth, according to NASA.

While Nov. 14’s super moon will be one of three to close out 2016, it will stand out from the rest as the largest one since 1948. It will appear 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than a full moon that falls on apogee, the point in the moon’s orbit when it is farthest away from the Earth.

It may be hard to detect the difference in size, but if you see the moon when it is near the horizon, an illusion will occur that makes it look unusually larger.




Trump using Mudras

There have been plenty of videos of Trump in the past and obviously, will be in future. Look at President-elect Trump’s hands when he talks. Oftimes, he closes his thumb and forefinger. This is a mudra gesture, a sacred gesture or symbol.




Jnana means wisdom. Chin means consciousness, so a wisdom consciousness is with him. A wisdom consciousness of one kind or another is definitely with him.






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