Prajapathi Peyarchi: The Transit of Uranus

UranusOn April 7, 2017, Uranus will enter the constellation of Aries. During 2016, Uranus was in Aries until December 29 when it retrograded into Pisces for four months. It is now in Aries until June 2015. In Vedic Astrology, planets have planetary deities, and the deity for Uranus is Prajapathi, the world creator. So we may speak of the transit (peyarchi) of Uranus (Prajapathi) to the sign of Aries.


World of Transformation

Vedic Astrology does not take any notice of the outer planets, except when they change signs. Uranus – which takes 84 years to go around the zodiac – changed signs on 8 April 2017 when transited from Pisces to Aries. The transit from water to fire sign heralds a significant unconvering of a deep challenge for humanity at large. Uranus is in an important – albeit rare – position in the zodiac called gandanta which presents a challenge for all on the planet, that must be faced together. We reckon due the presence of pitta element in the ruler of Aries (Mars), and that Aries is a fire sign – that this challenge is connected to global warming, glacier ice melt, subsequent loss of species, greenhouse gases locked in the atmosphere, hole in ozone layer causing melanomas and skin cancers, and climate change generally. No matter what we wish to call this, there is a problem with our planet and we are all faced with a challenge. There is a need for world transformation.

Quickening of Light within

When a soul is born, it brings with it the mind from the past, along with certain selected events and energies from the past (prarabdha karma, or sometimes called likitha karma, that which is written upon the brow). What this means is that karma is selected by the soul before birth to be exhausted. The soul also enters into contracts with others to meet and interact with them and take up certain tasks. The soul is a spark of the divinity within; it is self-effulgent and radiant. It is bright at first and new-born babes frequently return to the light, hence they are sleeping often when they leave the womb. The soul has a certain capacity for light, which, upon taking up spiritual exercises, meditation or the practice of truth and discernment in daily life, increases the amount of light within. The soul may – like the incandescent light bulb – increase its wattage, brightness. So the soul can increase from 20 watts, and on up to 80 watts, which is the maximum for the human, the earthling. There is a quickening of light within, more light from the Central Sun of all Universes is available to be taken up within.

Excavation of Truth

(economists don’t have all the answers)

Fruit of the quickening of Light is the spread of light to quarters which do not collaborate with that which leads to true humanness – in the light. There are two forms of knowledge, the higher knowledge (para vidya) and lesser – worldly – knowledge (apara vidya). Those who have para vidya know that the soul, the force, the source of life is within. The goals of life – the purusarthas (dharma, artha, kama, moksha) are known and may be pursued. Those who follow worldly knowledge, apara vidya, look for the source of life and the goals of life outside themselves. They fail to identify their own basic truth as the Soul (light within). That is why they still “seek” it, somewhere outside the truth of their being! Excavation of Truth (sathyam anvesham) means taking up discrimination and detachment within; these skills are functions of the intellect and can be applied to phenomena in the outer world to distinguish truth from falsity, fake news from news grounded in appropriately verifiable facts. The higher wisdom – para vidya – also has self confidence and knowledge of the larger picture of life. Where Economists tell they have all the answers to life, para vidya tells there is more: the four great goals of life are dharma (behaviour reflecting righteousness, right conduct), artha (the proper forms and acquisition of wealth), kama (the satisfaction of wants to the level of needs and not greed nor avarice) and moksha, (seeking the end of life with satisfaction of a life well lived in service of God and others.)

The Central Sun

There are numerous galaxies, containing thousands of Suns and solar systems. The Sun that we have for our solar system is one of the many Suns though there has to be one final Sun who is eternal and carries out the functions of the Sun for all the manifest worlds and universes. The sun is self-effulgent, it radiates light of its own nature. It takes that nature from the Grand Central Sun of all the Worlds. Our Sun, Surya, as representative of the eternal Sun is no different from that eternal Sun itself. The fire, the light within our bodies is but a spark of the eternal Sun within. Since 21 December 2012, the so-called end of the Mayan Calendar (the crossing of the galactic elliptic) great Light is coming from this Grand Central Sun and this is filtering through in a much stronger energy onto planet Earth. It is coming through a core of suns that exist in other universes – in this universe itself and into our solar system. The core of suns are in alignment with the suns that leads to the core of all creation. This is the Central Sun of all the Universes, it is a strong line or link for all upon this planet. That is why it is shaking things up (if you like) or people are feeling the presence and are a little overwhelmed … in many different ways.


there are numerous galaxies, containing thousands of Suns and solar systems …

Prajapathi connection to Central Sun

(the role of Prajapathi in Creation)

The Grand Central Sun with his rays illumines all beings in the ten regions. The Grand Central Sun – the deity by name Surya is the very Self of Prajapathi, and hence, all beings – both in the regions so illumined – become the very “self” of Prajapathi. The word “prana” therefore refers to Aditya itself, for Aditya (the Sun) gives prana (the vital essence). Since all beings are able to live by consumption of food etc., the Sun is also known as Viswanara. The whole Universe is of His Nature and so He is also known as Viswarupa. Samvatsara or the year, is an indicator of Time, according to the position of the Sun. Time is but a series of days and nights, and these are phases caused by the Sun. The rotation of the Moon causes Tithis or stages in fullness. The twin Forces, the Sun and the Moon, are the products of Prajapathi and so, Time, which is marked out by the tropics, the seasons, the months etc., is also of the same essence. Prajapathi has the Northern and the Southern cycles also. The contemplation and worship of Prajapathi in this universal aspect is referred to as para vidya – wisdom – itself. He who is endowed with this para vidya or wisdom and who has mastery over the senses as well as faith in the Vedas, can easily convince himself that he is the very Soul itself (atma); pursuing the Uttaramarga or the Northern Path, he reaches the spiritual stage known as Suryaloka. That Loka is the refuge of all living beings. Only those who worshipfully engage themselves in their daily duties, without any desire for the fruits thereof, can enter that Loka.

Quickening of Rainbow Children, Indigo Children

Rainbow Children, Diamond Children, Indigo and Blue Children are open to and receive the full spectrum of light frequency. Light is more verdant in the 4th and 5th dimensions, it has higher tonal signatures, vibration and frequency than what is experienced in 3 dimensional time and space. The transit of Uranus heralds the activation of fire within, a quickening. Part of this quickening is the capacity to recognise the signatures, the energies of events that remain embedded in the lower dimensions. Some events are joyous and uplifting, other events are depressing and debilitating to the the spirit. Energy once created remains so forever, it can never be destroyed. However, energies may be transmuted, transformed and raised to higher levels. The capacity of rainbow and diamond, indigo and blue children to recognise and transform signatures into higher octaves of energy will arise and come forth; their time has come, the inner fire may now be utilised in service of humankind on this planet.

End of Fossil Fuels, Geothermal conduction of energy

Uranus is transiting to Aries. Aries is ruled by fire, it is a movable sign, its ruler, Mars has pitta (fire, heat) nature, and resides in places of fire and heat (kitchens, furnaces, smelting works, etc.) and so explosive bursts of energy and action take place. Uranus betokens modern disciplines, technological advancements, scientific progress. It is also pioneering invention. One particular problem – a gnarly knot – is digging of holes in our planet for fuel; fossil fuels, gases and oil products are all non-renewable forms of energy. Once consumed they are exhausted forever. The digging of holes has hidden deleterious impacts on Earth with the disturbance of energy flows on our planet, and on other worlds. Every action has a reaction somewhere else in the worlds. Keep in mind that the Fall of Atlantis occasioned the closure of the stargates to prevent the negative energies going out from the Earth to other stars, other galaxies. Now, with the opening of the stargates, the harm done to Earth is also being transmitted to the stars. The transit of Uranus beckons the end of fossil fuel and excavation of coal, yellowcake, gases and oils from the Earth and the take-up of renewal energies, such as energies utilised in the Earth in times before the Fall of Atlantis. There were conduits of free electricity in the ground. The Earth also offers other forms of energy: Geothermal systems occur where circulating groundwater is heated as it rises as a column of hot water to the surface. This also is a form of energy that may be utilised.


A well known example of geothermal energy …

Arrival of sentient life from the stars

All planets have presiding deities. The Moon is the presiding deity of the Mind; Saturn actually has divinity embedded within its name: saneshwaraya (Easwara, divine). Prajapathi is the presiding deity of Uranus, and Prajapathi is the progenitor of the Universes. There are universes that support life as we know it, and there are universes incapable of supporting life as we know it. In this universe, human life is supported on this planet and other planets surrounding stars in local galaxies. Human life – which has humanoid form – is called human because it has sath and chitta, being and consciousness, and the capacity to use the inner instruments to discern action. In other words, there is self-awareness. These elements make up human life, and are not present in animals, plants nor minerals. Life on the stars will become known on Earth due Uranus representing surprise factor in life, and the presiding deity, Prajapathi, is the progenitor of all life in the stars.

Spiritual But Not Religious

Uranus has many significations: it is independent, rebellious, inventive, shocking, inventive, sudden unexpected transformation. With the transit of Uranus to Aries we may expect things to be moving quickly, and the rise of individualism, and the collapse of authorities and institutions which no longer serve the needs they were created for. Humanity is witnessing a slow decline in the formal, external practice of religious observances. In many countries, baptism or sacred naming of children is replaced with ‘naming ceremonies’; births, marriages and death which were formally witnessed (and recorded) by religious authorities are now recorded and witnessed by the State. We have the emergence of the Spiritual But Not Religious Archetype wherein peoples seek to have their own spiritual relationship with the divine and not a mediated relationship through a religious body with dogmatism and boundaries. Free flowing communities arise celebrating the presence of spirit and divinity in many new forms and rituals are exploding across our planet as spirituality is now freed from the shackles of strictures and scriptures. Prajapathi (the ruler of all beings born) is also denoted as Prana-pathi. This Prajapathi is credited with the achievement of first churning sparks of the fire and making fire manifest. Thus the fire of the free spirits claiming they are “spiritual but not religious” is accelerated by the transit of Uranus to Aries, the planet of sudden transformation into the sparks and fires of Aries.


the spark of the divine is expressed in new ways: spiritual but not religious …




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