The Opposites of the Now: mid-late May 2017

Planetary positions during mid-to-late-May 2017 suggest some may be experiencing tiredness, susceptibility to ailments, fatigue, and the common cold or similar ill. One is generally flat of energy, waking up tired. These are times of Ascension and the emergent 5th Dimension. In this reflection we look to the effects of the planets (they disperse energy and light), the darknesses experienced by some and the characteristics of the 5th Dimension. Inner self discipline is recommended to pass through this time of opposites and challenges.


Looking at the planets for mid-May-late-May 2017 we commence this review at 07:13:49 on 20 May and look in the first house, Taurus, which is earth element, and fixed in nature. Taurus makes people progress slowly, methodically and according to what is safe and sure. We find the Sun is in Krittika nakshatra, which can be a bit energetic, but works well in Taurus for its nature is dharma – right behaviour, right conduct, conduct engaging reflection and righteousness before action. This is good in Taurus, despite Sun having pitta, the fire element. There is another fire planet in the first house: in the third drekkana, we find Mars.

Mars is positioned late in Taurus, it is neutral and of infant status, declining quickly. It will soon be deprived of all energy, weary, lethargic, and of a tamasic (indolent, slothful) nature. So this depletion of energy with Mars will have people waking up tired, generally flat of energy, in a fixed mode which not a lot will change until Mars changes signs to Gemini, which is air element and Mars will transit Gemini with much more energy to spend. We look to the second house and find there is 0% aspect of Mars present.

The second house is a house of learning, for what is learned here is the skills needed for our career in the workplace. This is relevant to the 10th house, the house of workplace and career. Mars is needed here for energy to apply ourselves to the matter at hand with due diligence. So some spill-over from the 1st House, where Mars is flat. Energy for work, energy for understanding and comprehension related to work requirements will be flat. The Lord of the second house – Mercury – is in 12th house, indicating loss, confinement, restrictions and lack of energy to spend on 2nd house matters. The next house, the third, lorded by Moon in the 10th house, is empty.

The third house is unaspected by any planet and resides in shad-ashtaka, 6/8 relation to its Lord, indicating possible sudden change or transformation in its affairs. The third house represents commerce, communications-media, busyness and frequent short travels. If we look to the Lord of the 3rd house, Moon, we find it is conjunct Ketu in 10 house. There is also the influence of Rahu on the 10th house. We look to the significations of 3rd Lord Moon in 10 house.

The Moon is the presiding deity of the Mind; Chandramaa manaso jaathah – “Out of the mind of the purusha (Godhead), the Moon was born.” There is a close affinity between the manas (mind) and the Moon; both are subject to decline and progress. The waning of the Moon is the symbol for the waning of the mind.

The 10th house is the place were we work, earn our daily bread, pursue our career and apply our learning to our labours. Here the Moon is malefic in nature and conjunct Ketu who has no head, therefore no outward going vision nor aspirations. Ketu heralds self-introspection, isolation, inner vision and exploration of the depths of the self and the matters under regard. While Ketu is the giver of moksha (liberation, freedom from the cycle of birth and death and birth again), it is also the giver of wealth, inner treasure, pain/grief and hypersensitivity. It is here that Ketu’s energies are noticed really quickly for Ketu in 10th house severs relations with the power source of 10th House, social order. Here, Ketu is influencing Moon through disconnect with social networks and causing an inability to serve the community at work.


 Ketu disconnects from the social order

10th House and Characteristics of the 5th Dimension

We may also find characteristics of the 5th dimension in the 10th house. This house is where we respond to our calling, we make a presence in the world, we give our contribution to life as a whole – all are One, we be alike to everyone. In the 10th House we find activation of higher psychic skills, higher perception, higher flows of energy and this house offers a connectedness Earth with like energies. Here we find ease of astral travel, understanding of communications with star peoples, and sensitivity to energy fluctuations. Here also, as part of 5th dimension work-in-the-world (of 3rd dimensional density) we employ stones, rocks, gems, crystals, presence of water, uses of water (and its purification) enabling continuity of presence in the 5th dimension. Our work is guided by fellow-light-beings with us. 5th dimensional consciousness recognises other forms of consciousness.

It is taught in Vedanta that all things, all objects have consciousness: mineral, plant, insect, animal and human kingdoms. Lower forms of life vibrate very slowly and are mostly space: these (minerals) have unconscious consciousness, as also do plant and insectoid forms of life. Animal and mammalian forms of life have consciousness of a kind that is not attended by the mind that the human has, making it a species apart in consciousness. Homo sapiens sapiens is the name for the anatomically modern human; it also indicates sapienta, wisdom: man is aware that s/he has consciousness. We have the means of communication, and due consciousness existing in all forms of life, we may communicate with those life-forms.

Just as there are horse whisperers, there are also dog whisperers. There are those who communicate with the animal world, and people with the ability to even hear the birth names of different animals. There are those who listen to crystals, and those who hear the trees – through all their senses. Maria Larsen has written of her experience of stones communicating with her. Communication happens through engagement of all our senses. We will develop this a little further.

Returning to the planets, we look back to Ketu who is disconnected from the social order, and seeks freedom of time, movement and restraining rules. Ketu is also in relation to the Sun by degree and number of houses. As the Sun is presenting us with dharma – right order, right behaviour, right conduct, total disconnection from environment is somewhat guided by that which is right to follow: we must fulfil our responsibility and obligations to the communities we are connected to even if Ketu is pushing the boundaries back on the inner dimensions. Just as the Sun rises daily and shines equally upon all, we fulfil duty, task, relations and responsibilities to friends, family, peers and local community. We don’t ignore our neighbours in need, we don’t forsake the downtrodden and homeless. Ketu is perfectly capable of raising the store of inner wealth through community service. Thus is the connection between Sun and Ketu fulfilled. We look to the 4th House.

In the Fourth House we find Rahu, who hates to follow dharma, right conduct. If Rahu can find any other means of achieving a goal, Rahu will take that with reckless abandon, glee and the o’erleaping ambition that Shakespeare spoke of. So in the 4th House of personal space, personal territory, boundaries, we find Rahu has a need to be needed, wants to save the world and over-leaps conventional boundaries of communication. Rahu is also aspecting Ketu and the afflicted Moon (this affliction will not stop Rahu), so will engage with fundamentalist fervour about getting this so-called “message” out of defence of its own space and telling others what is happening in their own inner space. This is not really the task of Rahu in 4th house, for Rahu blocks the passage of light, causing solar eclipses. We return to where we began: Rahu hates the foundation, the basis of order in all the worlds, dharma, that right conduct, right behaviour, right action which supports structure and process. Rahu will not follow this inner truth and needs to learn to exercise self-control, self-respect and self-discipline in order to have anything of benefit to offer humanity and all the forms of consciousness we spoke of earlier. Moving on from Rahu, we look to the 5th House.

In the 5th House we find Jupiter, the guru of philosophy, higher principles, higher learning and higher truths about human life. Jupiter is also the giver of children. We must also see that the Fifth House is the house of progeny and we must ask, which progeny are we speaking of in the times of the 5th Dimension? These are the Indigo Children, the Crystal Children, the Rainbow Children, the Diamond Children and the Hybrid Children, all of whom have the capacity bestowed by Jupiter for use of the higher senses. Let us look at the normal senses:

  • sabda – sound involves the sense of hearing through the ears
  • sparsa – touch involves the sense of touch through the skin
  • rupa – form involves the sense of sight through the eyes
  • rasa – taste involves the sense of taste through the tongue
  • gandha – smell involves the sense of smell through the nose

In these times of the ascension to the 5th Dimension, there are heightened faculties available to the Indigo Children, the Crystal Children, the Rainbow Children, the Diamond Children and the Hybrid Children through the higher senses they possess; the ten senses, which all other humans are being sensitised to in these times of Ascension:


 the next generation children have the ten senses

  • Where sound involves the sense of hearing through the ears, our clairaudient capacity is manifest as inner hearing and listening
  • Just as touch involves the sense of touch through the skin, we obtain feeling and vibration of the higher dimension through our psychic skin
  • As recognition of external phenomena and forms involves the sense of sight through the eyes, so recognition of the higher octaves of light through the third eye
  • The taste involves the sense of taste through the tongue; we taste the higher energies through sound, vibration and essence.
  • The critical olfactory sense of smell involves smell through the nose; we may also smell higher aromas, vapours, incense signalling the presence of spirit guides, Angels, Ascended Masters and spirit beings from the Angelic Realms

We have Jupiter in the 5th house, and the expression of Jupiter’s energies scope to learning and practice of jurisprudence, philosophy, religion, and the higher expression of true humanness, the Vedic principles. Jupiter is the guru of the higher wisdom, para vida; knowledge of that by which is known, all else is known in all the worlds. Here, we have Jupiter malefic for Taurus ascendant, so inertia, obesity, laziness and acquisition of more body fat may be occurring. The 5th House in this instance is a mutable sigh, change is possible to effect, and that easily. Remedies for Jupiter may be sought via wearing of stones, wearing certain colour of clothing (yellow), making puja and offerings to Jupiter on Thursdays, which is his day.

We note the 5th Lord, Mercury, is residing in the 12th house, which is a house of loss, confinement, containment. Here, the losses indicated are relation to intelligence, good karma, laxity of morals, lapse of law abiding behaviour (thus meriting imprisonment), slippage of good habits and general excellence. Inner discipline can be applied with good results: the five D’s of Dedication, Devotion, Discipline, Discrimination and Determination bring the proper results. Inner disciplines bear the fruit of integrity going forward. We now taka a look at Jupiter aspecting Venus in 11th House.

Where Jupiter is guru of the higher wisdom (para vidya), Venus is the guru of the lower wisdom (apara vidya), the ways of the world, the binding thews of society and culture, and the role we play therein. There are those who say, “In order to get along, one must go along” … to the extent that our values are not compromised. Some say this is the tension between good and evil, something that is built into the order of a world cloaked in Maya and karmic return. Many ask ‘Why do bad things happen to good people?’, evincing much distress at what appears to be an unjust situation. In this time and place, the balance between the mutual aspects of Jupiter and Venus may open up a path toward understanding and acceptance of the foibles and failings, the injustices and blights of this world we live in. A release or newfound understanding may arise within.

Moving on to the 6th House, we find Venus is the Lord of the 6th, resident in the 11th House in mutual aspect with Jupiter as we shared earlier. Here Venus brings respectful relations, graciousness in exchanges with others, felicity in thoughts about others and refreshing interactions with our peers. Venus is exalted in Pisces, so much energy flows for affection and nurture, the good things in life, graceful homes and entertainments, attractive gardens and welcoming surroundings. Venus extends grace to all aspects of home, relations and friends. This location for Venus is also graceful for making our place in the world and interacting with others in the home, work, relaxation and in celebrating affection and nurturance.

The 7th House is sans residing planet; the 7th Lord is in the 1st House, conjunct the Sun. There can be headstrong ideas and fire in relations with others, partners, family, workplace, business and community. There is also the temptation to take the easy way out, relax and let all the others do the hard work, vis-a-vis the ant and the grasshopper. We note Jupiter has 90% aspect on the first house, enabling application of some of the energy of the 5 D’s referred to in pulling up the socks and tendency to laziness that is possible in the 5th house. Self discipline can be exerted in all our activities and relations in the world, also.

The 8th House has Saturn retrograde and close to the borders of the 8th house; this is the border between fire and water signs; Saturn is retracing steps faced by all several months ago – the internal knot or the perennial shackles we drag with inner issues embedded in the heart. This resurfacing of inner challenges are a kind of vasana, thought that comes with the mind as it accompanies the soul into the new body. This thought-challenge-precipice embedded internally is manifest as behaviour, action, concealment, secret shame, secret Achilles heel or failing. This may be a time of inner secrets being exposed, sexual history and dirty laundry being dragged up for all to see, presence of enemies, or careless occult activities coming back to haunt one. It is a time that has to be faced, and best faced with integrity; this is unity of thought, word and action; the higher integrity is purity of thought, word and action which produces true humanness, regardless of inner challenges, Gordian knots, or any shackles we may drag along.

The 9th House is another empty of planets; its Lord, Saturn, is in the 8th House dragging back the significations of this House. So higher learning, legal acumen, ethics, principles, values, religiosity are all being influenced in an untoward manner by the retrograde path of its Lord in the 8th House. (This is an inner experience, feeling, reaction and not manifest externally.)

We have attended the Moon conjunct Ketu in the 10th House and once again note that its Lord, Saturn, yogakaraka (Lord of both Kendra and Trikona houses) is retrograde – gandanta – in the 8th house and whilst giving rise to gandanta, has no energy nor grasp left for any other expression.

We have addressed Venus’s presence and mutual aspect to Jupiter in the 11th House and the gracefulness Venus bestows here.

The 12th House has Mercury resident – and due the nature of this house, experiencing considerable restraint, loss, confinement, perhaps like hospitalisation or convalescence. Nonetheless this fleet messenger among the planets is placed under severe restraints. Where Mercury is quick, sharing information with speed and alacrity, fast exchange of data with insight and intellect, we have lost quick messaging, quick communications. It is all glue, mud, slowness, drudgery, foot-slogging endeavour to move, to communicate, to spend energy getting ideas across. Frustration and temper may spark at times, and reliability and resilience of Mercury is forgotten. Not a good place for Mercury; we need to have Mercury move quickly out of this house to return to enjoyment of customary fast, quick communications, fast data exchange giving intelligence and understanding.

We have come the full circle of this time of opposites of the now, showing how this may be a time of inertia, challenge, letting things go, affliction to the mind and slowing down of energies, severe fluctuation of energies. The body may show this by way of fatigue, illness, inertia, lack of energy to get up and go. Things may feel a little dark, hopeless. All is not hopeless, for remedies may be applied to your planets! We may engage the planets with gems, colour, clothing, activities offered to the planets, community service, and sacred offerings by way of mantra and puja. While these times are internally challenging for those accessing and living the higher dimensions, time is speeding up. Every request for help from one’s guides, angels, spirit guardians or deities is heard and responded to. All you have to do is ASK.






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