108 Names of the Sun: Surya Ashtottara Shatanamavali #65

Om haridasvaya namaha, Salutations to the Sun who has the yellow-greenish horses hauling his chariot.


harit f. a female horse of a reddish colour, a bay mare (applied to the horses of soma-, indra-, and tvaṣṭṛ-, and especially to sapta-haritaḥ-,”the 7 horses of the Sun”, thought to symbolize the days of the week)
haridvarṇa mfn. green-coloured, of a yellowish golden colour
haridra m. the yellow sandal tree
haridaśva m. “having fallow horses”, the Sun

harit mfn. (-rit) Green, of a green colour. m. (-t)
1 Green, (the colour.)
2 A swift horse or a horse of the sun.
3 Kidneybean, (Phaseolus mungo.)
4 A lion.
5 The sun.
6 VIṢṆU. mn. (-rit) Grass. f. (-rit).
1 A quarter or region, a point of the compass.
2 Turmeric.


The Sun goes around the zodiac once in twelve months. The Sun as Sun—god rides his huge chariot that moves on a single giant wheel attached on one side to the Dhruva (the Pole Star). Seven green horses are supposed to drive the Sun’s chariot at an immense speed through the skies.

These seven horses are actually the seven metres, viz., Gayatri, Tristup, Jagati, Anustup, Pankti, Brhati, and Usnik.

The Sun~god rides his chariot even as several other celestial beings too accompany him. The huge chariot carries them all around the zodiac. A group of seven celestial beings accompanies the Sun—god each month; the group changes as the month changes. These celestial beings include the gods (or Aadityas), rishis (or hermits), gandharvas, Yakshas, apasaraas (or celestial maids), sarpas (or serpents) and Raakshasas (or demons).

The Aadityas in the chariot of the Sun—god are basically the representatives of the Sun—god during a particular month. The rishis offer worship to the Sun-god as the chariot moves. The Gandharvas sing even as the Apasaraas dance. The Yakshas hold the bridle while the Sarpas run around and also prepare the horses to be yoked. The Raakshasas walk behind the chariot as guards. In addition, the ever devoted Baalkhilyas surround the chariot from all sides and help the chariot to proceed from the point of sunrise to the point of sunset. The above mentioned groups of celestial beings, presenting themselves at their assigned times, result in cold, hot and rainy seasons.



Om haridasvaya namaha, Salutations to the Sun who has the yellow-greenish horses hauling his chariot.


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